Yet Another Sonic AR Story

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Chapter 7
Your mother at your workplace tends to bring embarrassment. (Aleena's no exception)

Chapter Description: If your mother comes to work with you, be prepared to never live it down

The next day, Tails went to work as usual, well as usual as you can arrived after being somewhat mentally regressed and bringing your mother along with you to work. The building was free of the radiation, but certain things still had the risk of being contaminated, like Tails’s work uniform. Even though Tails wasn’t scheduled to do an experiment today, he and Sonic put on their hazard suits. Tails sat down at his workstation, with his mother close by. Sonic was usually in Aleena’s arms, but he occasionally crawled onto the table of Tails’s workstation to see what he was doing.

I’ve figured out the formula for an antidote, Tails thought, but I can’t seem to find a way to make a stable version of it. Think Tails, think! What might make an otherwise unstable compound stable?

Tails’s thought process was interrupted by him wetting himself. He sighed and sniffled. Aleena’s ears perked up when he heard the sniffling of the young fox.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Aleena inquired.

“Me wet,” Tails said with a sniffle.

“Oh,” Aleena replied. She bent over to wipe his tears.

“It’s okay. I’ll change you.” She set Sonic down and picked up Tails. Aleena then carried him to the bathroom. She found a fold-able wall changing table that apparently only the keen eye of a mother could spot. Aleena pulled down the changing table and lied Tails down on it. She then pulled off Tails’s hazard suited and untaped his diaper. The scientists that walked in the bathroom were either confused or they snickered and laughed at Tails. Aleena ignored them and continued changing Tails. Joseph Taylor, the scientist with the receding hairline, walked in and had something interesting to say.

“Huh, if I’d known we had that when I brought Danny up here, I wouldn’t have to use the sink.”

By the time Aleena finished changing and redressing Tails, he was blushing a very dark red. Aleena giggled.

“ Awwww, you’re a shy one aren’t ya?” Aleena giggled.

Tails hugged Aleena, still blushing, but he couldn’t help but smile and giggle a little at Aleena’s remark.

“Thankies mama,” Tails stated with a smile.

“Awwww, you’re welcome,” Aleena replied.

Suddenly, Tails felt slightly smaller by the minute. Aleena could tell as well.

“Oh my...”

Aleena carried Tails back to his workstation. By the time they arrived, Tails shrunk to a two year old.

“Huh?” Tails cooed, “Me got smawwew?”

“Yeah you did,” Aleena said.

Tails’s diaper and hazard suit were clearly oversized now. Aleena asked where Tails could be fitted for a new hazard suit, and they led her to the hazard suit fitting room. The employe working there fitted Tails for a hazard suit, but instead gave him a smaller size of his science uniform.

“This uniform contains a new type of fabric that is resistant to radiation,” The employe said.

The employe handed Aleena Tails’s uniform and a diaper. Aleena carried Tails to the bathroom and got him dressed. She then carried him back to his workstation and sat down at the computer with Tails in her lap.

“Can you reach the keyboard?” Aleena inquired.

Tails tried to reach, but could only reach the top of the desk. He then looked at Aleena.

“No,” Tails replied, “me can’t.”

Aleena then picked up Tails and set him on the desk. Tails could now reach the keyboard, but it was too wide.

“Hands too smaww fow keyboawd.” Tails sniffled. Aleena then picked Tails back up and rocked him.

“Shh, don’t cry,” Aleena replied, “I’ll ask if they have a smaller keyboard, okay?”

“’Kay.” Tails smiled and snuggled Aleena. Aleena walked to one of the scientists

“Excuse me, but do you know where I can find a smaller keyboard?”

“I’ll check the supply closet,” The scientist replied.

Sonic then crawled to Aleena. Aleena looked down at Sonic and smiled.

“Hi baby,” Aleena said as she picked Sonic up.

The scientist came back with a child-size keyboard.

“Do you need help installing it on Mr. Prower’s computer?” The scientist asked.

“Yes, that would be nice,” Aleena replied.

Aleena led the scientist to Tails’s workstation. The scientist carefully unplugged the current keyboard and cautiously plugged in the new child-size one after he sat it on the desk.

“There we go,” The scientist replied, “Have a nice day.”

Aleena placed Tails back on the desk and cradled Sonic in her arms. Tails continued researching ways to make unstable compounds stable. Suddenly he came across a website that talked about ionic bonding.

This must be the solution to the problem of instability in the compound, Tails thought, but the way this site explains it, it seems like a random natural process. I’ve got to find a way to control removing and inserting electrons into an atom, but how?

Bradshaw approached Tails.

“Ah, ionic bonding. Not too sure if we used that when we made the compound,” Bradshaw stated.

Tails ears perked up as he turned to Tails excitedly.

“Do you think if we twied to make the compound H4Ar3 using ionic bonding it wouwd be stabwe?” Tails inquired.

Bradshaw laughed.

“That compound would be stable anyways,” Bradshaw replied.

“Oh,” Tails blushed.

“However, the H4Ar4 compound might become stable if we combine the elements of it using ionic bonding.”

“Can we twy and see?”

“Sure, but why? Why would we need a stable version of the compound that caused your regression?”

“Because Sonic might want to be wegwessed again aftew we cuwe him.” Tails leaned over to Bradshaw.

“Pwus, me wan’ to puww a pwank on Sanfowd once he back to nowmaw,” Tails whispered.

Bradshaw chuckled. Tails leaned back to his sitting positing.

“And thewe couwd be a mawket fow age wegwession pwoducts,” Tails stated.

“As a scientist,” Bradshaw replied, “I normally don’t think about business, but I see what you mean.”

“So, shaww we?”


Bradshaw picked up Tails and carried him to a room with a strange machine in it.



End Chapter 7

Yet Another Sonic AR Story

by: conicteam | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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