Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

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Chapter 4
Cafe and Old Lady Abigail

Chapter Description: Stacy and Deedee rest after exploring the museum and meet Abigail in person.

The gift shop was a nicely laid out and spacious and was even larger than the last room of the museum. There was a small kitchen attached with a fryer and a little stand to order food from and a few tables in a pleasant and inviting café area to lounge in. As Deedee and Stacy entered, they were greeted by Abigail who was in the middle of wiping off the counters.

“So did you two have a good time? You were in there quite a while!”

“Yes we did. You have quite a collection Abigail!”

“Yeah, the dollies were neat! I liked the big one!”

“I’m so glad you liked it! Deedee dear, you mean the big dolly on the floor in the playroom?”

“Yeah, she was nice! I want one that looks like her!”

“Oh I see sweetheart. Just a moment.”


“Hey Abigail, I was wondering if you have any big dolls for sale that look like that one in the front playroom?”

“Well Stacy, I don’t in that size, and all of the dolls in the museum aren’t for sale, but I have a larger one that looks like her we sell a few of. Let me go get one!”

“Ok. We’ll be right here.”

So Stacy ordered Deedee to sit down at one of the tables and sat down herself earning a much needed break from doing anything other than resting and almost immediately started thinking about the leather wrapped wooden dolls that had gotten her attention so much and imagined herself playing with a couple of them. She was about to ask Deedee if she wanted to play when Abigail returned with one of the large sized patchwork dolls that looked like the one Deedee had grown attached to in the front playroom. Deedee’s eyes perked up.

“Here you go angel. I think Mommy said you wanted this one? She’s not quite as big, but she is every bit the little sister of the big dolly in the front room.”

“Oh thank you! She’s pretty!”

“Thanks Abigail. It’s made her day.”

“Sure thing. Little girls should be rewarded for good behavior. Mommies should too. Did you see anything YOU liked Stacy? I have dollies for all ages in my museum.”

“Well I am kind of embarrassed to admit this, but yes, I liked your wooden and leather dolls with all the different colors. The pink and purple ones were neat looking.”

“Oh we have some of those over here.”

Abigail walked off and grabbed a couple of the wood and leather dolls in pink and purple and they were the same small handheld size that they were in the toybox room. She smiled when she handed them to Stacy as if she knew something Stacy didn’t.

“So is Mommy Stacy going to play with and love her dolls like her little daughter Deedee? Mommy looks like it.”

“You know Abigail, I just might after the day I have had. I still have about another 3 or 4 hours to drive and I didn’t realize we would be so long here. I was planning to have been gone by now. We have a new house to move into.”

“Oh well that’s no trouble at all, I have plenty of space here. You seemed to have enjoyed yourselves and lost track of time. Happens all the time in this place. You can stay with me for the night and I’ll cook dinner and give you a nice warm comfy bed to sleep in for both you and the little one. What do you say?”

“Oh Abigail, that’s sweet of you, but I don’t want to impose.”

“No, I insist, you’ve been wonderful guests and I would hate to see you have to drive so much further in such a state of exhaustion and fatigue. Please stay the night. I think Deedee would like to also, wouldn’t you sweetie?”

“Yeah! Can we please stay Mommy?”

“Okay, sure. Why not?” Stacy resigned, grateful for the reprieve of not only having to drive the rest of the way during dark, but also for not having to pay for a hotel room and staying with someone who seemed fairly friendly and in a neat looking place.

“Okay! Then it’s settled. Let’s get you both something to eat and then I’ll show you to a room.”

So Abigail made them some grilled cheese sandwiches and potato chips and pulled out some juice boxes out of the fridge and cut them open and poured the contents into sippy cups for Deedee and Stacy to drink out of. Stacy didn’t even question the childish presentation or cuisine, she was just grateful for the meal itself, but thought it was odd that even the grilled cheese itself was cut into quarters. She ate with Deedee and Abigail in peace.



End Chapter 4

Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

by: bribri666 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2014


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