Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

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Chapter 7
Getting Dressed

Chapter Description: Stacy is a grown woman and therefore shouldn't need help getting dressed, should she?

And with that from Deedee, they all finished eating breakfast and Stacy helped Abbie clear the table and put the uneaten food in the garbage and dishes in the sink, which would be washed later. Abbie then went to pick Deedee up from the playroom, and Stacy went back to her room to change into a new set of clothes. Little did she know, they would be a different type of clothes than she was expecting.

Stacy got into her room and closed the door, and opened the dresser drawers and was greeted by the site, not of underwire and pushup bras as she was used to, but what appeared to be thick pairs of white cotton panties with pinkish and purple frills and pastel flowered designs along the waist and leg bands and cotton bras with no padding or very little support that matched similar designs of the panties. Some weren’t even bras but merely just camisoles. They were all certainly big enough to fit Stacy, but they all looked like things a very naughty grown up or preteen going through puberty would wear. Stacy blushed and grabbed one of the thick panties from the drawer and noticed there was a padding in between the stitching and the front fabric panels of the panties and that the back had a similar thing happening, and she recognized these to be not unlike the training panties she had been buying for Deedee lately. She searched the drawer for other pairs of thinner panties but they were all this minimal thickness or much thicker, almost resembling pullups. She decided on the first pair and went for the camisoles and bras.

She pulled one of these out of the drawer and examined it closer and it had very little support or padding in the cups, but it was better than a camisole only if to avoid any protruding nipple issues later. The bra also on closer examination looked like it would fit without question. She was afraid to try either piece on for fear of regressing further or even wondering what else might happen, but then she decided that she couldn’t go out around in pajamas all day and didn’t want to disappoint Deedee any by wearing pajamas all day and refusing the offer of a clean change of clothes. However, starting to wonder what Abbie’s real motives were after all, if there was any, especially now that Deedee was calling Abbie “Granny.”

Stacy went into the closet to see what type of clothes were there, and was still shocked to see that inside the closet wasn’t that much different. A couple of dresses were in the closet, but they were very girly pink and almost looked like princess costumes and mostly what else was present were tshirts and denim skirts of shorts and those were all in flower hem designs or had cutesy or cartoony looking animals or a Sanrio character, or something else that threatened to make her appear much younger than she actually was, maybe even an older twin for Deedee rather than a mother to her. She felt herself get a little light-headed and fell off balance and onto the floor. She didn’t pass out but she came very close to doing so.

Stacy steadied herself and sat upright on the floor and realized her head was still spinning and she was completely disoriented. She was about to get up, but at the rate she felt her head was spinning, she decided against it and sat there for a bit. All rational thought was not present right now, and Stacy felt like she was floating there on the hardwood floor like it was going to detach from the room and break right through the wall and fly away. Even though that didn’t happen, Stacy felt very foggy in her head and if she could have seen her reflection, she would have appeared glassy-eyed and not entirely there. Then there was a knock on the door of her bedroom, almost as if scripted in a rough draft of a Hollywood screenplay.

“Stacy, are you okay?” Abbie muttered from the other side of the door.

“Huh? Wuh?” mumbled Stacy, not cognizant of the source of the voice.

“Stacy, it’s Abbie. Can I come in? I heard you fall and I wanted to see if you were okay.”

“Yeah, Imma……okaaay. Come innnn…….” Stacy slurred her speech as she drifted in and out of coherency.

“Okay, I am coming in.” Abbie said and opened the door and entered the room and immediately saw what the issue was. “Oh dear, it seems I have a confused Mommy on my hands. Let me help you up. Hands up?” and Abbie reached out her hands to Stacy.

“Uppies?” Stacy put her hands up almost immediately.

“Yes dear, that’s right. Uppies! And what do we say for picking you up and helping you?” and Abbie picked the girl up immediately, enough to help her back on her feet.

“Thankies Granny! I feel dizzy! I dun no why?” Stacy blabbed out as she put her hands out to each side to maintain her balance and narrowly avoided falling over, not noticing that she was now calling Abbie ‘Granny’ just like Deedee was and also in the same tone of voice, but there was no shame about her lisp.

“Well I am certainly happy you are calling me Granny! That makes me feel all nicey wice inside. How about you?”

“Yeth Granny.” Stacy replied and she feel much happier all of a sudden, for a reason she couldn’t explain why and she giggled.

“I’ll also bet you probably aren’t used to seeing your clothes like this before and you weren’t sure what to wear. Does that sound about right?”

“Yeth Granny! Me no wanna wear these baby clothes! Dey too young for me! Imma adult and wanna wear gwown up clothes!” Stacy huffed and crossed her arms, almost again falling over but maintaining her balance this time. She shifted her feet to avoid doing so.

“Oh Stacy, these aren’t baby clothes! These are clothes for adults! They might be different from what your used to, but I can assure you they are not for babies. But you promised Granny to be a good girl, and so you will have to wear some of these. But don’t worry we’ll find something you’ll like, I’m sure of it. Just grab my hand and I’ll help you pick some of them out. Does that sound ok to you?”

“Yeth Granny. Me hewp.”

“That’s a good girl.” Abbie then picked up the adult training bra and training panties that Stacy had pulled out of the drawer before entering her stupor and placed them on Stacy’s bed and walked back over to the closet and chose a pink shirt with a puppy on it and purple collar and cuffs on the sleeves and a denim skirt to match. “Let’s get dressed Stacy!” She then prepared to remove Stacy’s clothes but Stacy let go of her hand and stepped back.

“No Granny. Me get dwessed by myself! Me a big gwown up giwl!” Stacy became upset and stamped her feet and seemed to be a little less foggy but still dazed.

“Oh it’s okay sweetie. Granny promises that it will be fun! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Deedee let me dress her with no fuss and she’s a much smaller girl than you. Will you please let Granny dress you Stacy?”

“No, me dwess myself!” Stacy seemed insistent and wanted to dress herself like the adult she was, despite feeling foggy at the sight of the clothes and unsure of anything, at the very least she knew she could dress herself, and even though she knew she was MUCH older than Deedee, Deedee’s Mommy even, she sure didn’t feel sure of that fact. So much it was so, that even thinking about being Deedee’s Mommy seemed like a foreign concept to her.

“Oh but sweetie, Deedee is but a much younger girl than you and she didn’t make this much of a fuss. Please don’t make this any more difficult than it has to be. If you don’t be good, then maybe you aren’t such a grown up after all, maybe Deedee is the big girl and Stacy really is the little one. Maybe Stacy is a baby?” Granny started talking down to Stacy as if she really was a little girl, or even a baby.

“No! Me no babee! Me big giwl! Me get dwessed myself!” The more Stacy put up a fight, the less sure of herself she was. Stacy began to feel really dizzy and foggy again and landed on her butt. But it wasn’t a hard fall, and she still felt like crying for some reason and put the tip of her thumb in her mouth to think as Granny started talking to her as if she WAS a baby.

“Oh Stacy. You really aren’t acting like such a big girl after all. You can’t even stand up without help from Granny! I think it’s time we helped you see how things really were and helped you be what you really feel. Because it seems to me like you are just a lost little baby girl after all. You don’t feel like a Mommy do you?”

This confused Stacy. She wasn’t expecting such a big deal to be made out of her not wanting to change into the clothes Granny had stuffed into the closet for her, but she didn’t want to wear the babyish clothes. However, the more Granny talked to her, as if she really was a baby, the less confident she felt about being an adult. She felt more like she was a lost little girl. Certainly not a baby, but a little girl indeed. She sure didn’t feel like a Mommy anymore, that was certain. Maybe Deedee would be ok with a sister instead of a Mommy? She shook her head and came out of the fog as if that was a silly idea, but somehow Deedee being a sister stayed in the back of her mind.

“No I feel like a Mommy Abbie, but I’m just confused. I don’t know why all of these girlish clothes are the only ones in the closet.”

“Oh dear! It’s simple really! I mainly have a lot of Mommies and caretakers and little ones visit me at the Museum and sometimes they stay with me and they donate clothes to show thanks. A lot of the Mommies that stay with me are younger and dressed like their daughters. It’s kind of cute really.” Abbie also noticed Stacy wasn’t calling her Granny anymore, and that she looked more lucid and alert. “But these clothes are also all I have so I apologize that they look a little younger and more childish than you are used to. So will you please reconsider? I promise you and Deedee won’t be dressed alike, if that will calm you down.”

“Okay sure Abbie. That’s fine. I promised to be good and I meant it, I just didn’t think the clothes would look like this. Can I at least get dressed myself?”

“Sure you can. I just thought because of your dazed look that you were out of it and I was going to help you. I can see that won’t be an issue now. I’ll leave you to get dressed, and I’ll make sure Deedee has gone potty and is dressed and ready to go to a movie.”

“Okay, that sounds lovely. I look forward to seeing what Freesburg has to offer.”

“Okay then. I’ll see you shortly.”

With that, Abbie left the room and closed the door behind her, and once the door was closed, she pulled an antique pocket watch out of her pocket, opened it for a few minutes and then closed it and sought to check on Deedee and get her ready.

In the room, Stacy stared at herself in the mirror for a moment, then undressed and grabbed the training panties off her bed and slipped them on. She did the same with the training bra, and as soon as they were both on, she instantly loved how comfortable and breathable both items were and wasted no time in putting on the puppy shirt and slipping on the denim skirt and she immediately noticed that the panties just barely peeked out under the hem of the skirt and would show if she bent over or moved around. She took a long look at herself in the mirror and gazed at her child like adult outfit and the longer she looked at herself, the better she felt.

She didn’t notice that she was getting smaller as she looked but it was subtle. She lost about 8 years and shrank about 3 or 4 inches and now looked as she did when she was about 20. Her chest receded a bit and her breasts rose a little more on her chest and were partially made smaller by the training bra’s appearance. The changes stopped shortly and Stacy did her hair and put it into a ponytail, and this put a smile on her face and she no longer felt self-conscious about her clothes but rather smiled and felt secure knowing Abbie was helping her as much as she could.



End Chapter 7

Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

by: bribri666 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2014


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