Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

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Chapter 11

Chapter Description: It's amazing what happens when things change, even when they are expected.

As Stacy ran toward the exit, she now had her hand on her crotch trying to prevent disaster as she was desperate to relieve herself and was going to apologize to Abbie for not telling her she needed to use the potty but then as she started to shrink, she felt the damn burst, and pee trickled out into her training panties and at first, the thick absorbent crotch caught the wetness, but it became saturated, and a steady stream of urine ran down Stacy’s legs. She started to cry and shrink and as she cried, the pitch of her crying steadily got louder as she got smaller, until it turned into a baby’s wailing. As Stacy passed from 8 to 4 years old, and the same height as Deedee, she felt a rumbling in her tummy, and she felt a soft brown log pass out of her rear end and into the seat of her enlarging training pants. As the mess came out, Stacy lost her balance and ending up sitting in her own mess of feces and urine and smooshed it, squishing nicely against her bum. She wailed even louder as she shrank further and got smaller in size and Deedee became taller and truly the older sister, now there were no doubts. The toddler pleaded for Granny to save her.


“There there sweet baby! Granny’s here! Let’s get you changed out of those messy clothes ok? Deedee, be a dear and grab the duffle bag and we’re going to take your baby sister home and change her ok?”

“Yes Granny.” Deedee did as she was told.

Abbie comforted the child and Baby Stacy was sucking on her thumb while placed cleaned up and a cloth diaper was pinned over her until she could be gotten home and changed and . Abbie drove home and told Deedee to head to the bathroom and run some bath water for her baby sister. Deedee did as instructed and Abbie placed Stacy into the bath, and Deedee giggled at seeing her baby sister naked, and watched with curiosity as Abbie soaped her up and cleaned her, and Stacy stared in awe at how much bigger everything was now, including Abbie and Deedee and she was now the smallest one. Stacy was cleaned up and dried off and taken to the change room, and Deedee left for the playroom, and Abbie talked to Stacy.

“Oh you silly baby! Shame on you to fib with Grannie about not needing to use the potty before the ride! You’d still be a big girl if you did, but now look at you.”

“I’s sowwy Gwanny. Me no mean too. Me wanted tuh wide the wide and wait tuh use duh poddie!”

“It’s okay sweetie, but this means you are going to be in diapers now. Do you understand?”

“No Gwanny. Me no wanna be in didees! Me wanna twaining pants!”

“I’m sorry baby. That’s just not going to happen. Granny needs to be able to keep an eye on your pants and I can’t have you going to the bathroom over everything just because you don’t want to wear diapers! I think it’s time we had another little talk.” Abbie then grabbed her pocket watch out of her pocket and opened it and spoke to Stacy.

“Okay Stacy. Can you understand me?”

“Yeth Gwanny.”

“Okay Stacy. Now I want you to know this is the last time I will be talking to you like this. So I need to make this a good one.”

“Okay Gwanny.”

“I want you to repeat after me and say everything that I say after this sentence okay?”

“Yeth Gwanny.”

“You are Stacy and you are a baby.”

“Me Stacee and Me a babeee.”

“I am a baby who does oopsies like peepees and poopies in her pants.”

“Me babee who ooopsies wif peepees and poopies in my didees.”

“I love Granny and my big sister Deedee.”

“Me wuv Gwanny and Deedee.”

“I will tell Granny when I am hungry and when I do oopsies in my didees.”

“Me tell Gwanny me hungry and about oopsies!”

“Ok baby girl, you will also not touch your diaper unless me or Deedee is going to change you, or you will not walk unless you are holding my or Deedee’s hand, you will crawl. You will play with your toys or watch a movie I put on and you will eat the food that is given to you. You will also cry whenever you get ouches and immediately after doing oopsies in your pants and before telling me. And most importantly, Granny and Deedee love you very much and will care for you until you grow up, and that is all that you will remember. Is that clear Baby?”

“Yeth Gwanny.”

“Good baby.” Abbie then changed Stacy into her first diaper. She grabbed a thick cloth diaper and powdered Stacy’s crotch, and folded it over and pinned it in place with safety pins. Abbie left her in the diaper only and set her on the floor. Abbie started to crawl in the direction of the play room and began to realize that things were changing. Not only was the house now gigantic, but everything even seemed so much bigger on top of that.



End Chapter 11

Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

by: bribri666 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2014


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