Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

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Chapter 9
A Change of Clothes

Chapter Description: Sometimes new clothes are all a girl needs to improve her mood, or so I am told.

Stacy’s tears having dried, Abbie packed the clothes up, let Stacy wear her shirt as a dress, and they exited the theatre and crossed the street to the Freesburg clothing store, where Abbie intended to buy a few things. She carried in her purse and had one girl in either hand and asked the salesperson for some help for clothes for a 12 year old girl and some others. She instructed Deedee to come over and play in the play area and told her to stay put and went with Stacy and the salesperson to pick out some clothes for Stacy. After about 15 minutes, Abbie came back and had Stacy wait with the salesperson while she talked to Deedee alone.

“Ok dearie. Remember how I told you not to say anything to your Mommy before we went to the movie, and during the movie? About your Mommy looking different?”

“Yes Granny. I remember. Mommy has been sad for a long time. Her and Daddy got divorce and that why.”

“And you know Granny is helping Mommy feel better right?”

“Yes Granny. I know.”

“Now I want you to close your eyes and listen to what I say okay?”

“Okay Granny.” Deedee then closed her eyes as instructed.

Abbie pulled out the antique pocket watch and opened in and spoke to Deedee.

“Little Deedee, you have been a patient and big girl and a good girl at that. You are properly potty trained and you have done everything I have asked you to. This is the biggest and most important of all the things is what I am about to ask.”

“Okay Granny.”

“I want you to no longer think of your Mommy as Mommy, since she is sad and needs your help now, not as a daughter, but as a big sister okay?”

“Okay Granny.”

“Can you tell me what I just told you?”

“Yes Granny. Mommy is not my Mommy any more. She is Stacy my little sister.”

“That’s right dearie. She is going to be your baby sister and you will need to help Granny with diaper changes and feeding her. You will also want to bath her if I ask you to and you will help her become a baby so she isn’t sad anymore. Can you do this? Repeat it and let me know sweetie.”

“Yes Granny. I will help my Mommy be my little baby sister Stacy, and help Granny feed her, bathe her, and change her didees if Granny asks me to, because I am a good big sister for Baby Stacy!”

“Good girl! I’m so proud of you!” Abbie then closed the watch, and had Deedee play in the play area some more, while she went back to the fitting rooms with Stacy and a big duffle bag of clothes and supplies over her shoulder.

“Okay sweetie. Let’s get you out of those big clothes okay?”

“Ok Abbie.”

“Oh Stacy, look in the mirror.” Abbie said to Stacy as she helped her remove her shirt, leaving her naked and exposed in front of the old woman. Stacy tried to cover her flat chest and her bare crotch with her hands but Granny stopped her.

“Sweetie, you’ve gotten a lot smaller than you were before and I don’t think we can call you a big girl anymore can we? You look like a very little girl to me now.”

With this, tears welled up in Stacy’s eyes and she began to cry. She sat down on the floor of the fitting room and tears streamed down her face and she let loose, in fact she let loose so much with her crying that she sounded just like a little girl and not a 12 year old or an adult. Abbie hugged the crying child and consoled her, but she just let the tears come down. She had been through so much in the last couple days, and Abbie just let her get it all out.

“There there baby! You just cry out all of those tears!” and she held the child until the tears subsided which was a few minutes later.

“Now there, my child. Something has changed and you can’t possibly be more than 12 years old. I understand that there is a few things that don’t make sense, but since you are twelve now, the most important thing is that you are no longer an adult and you are not on a first name basis with me anymore, and since you promised to be a good girl, there is only one thing that you should call me and that is Granny, just like Deedee does. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes Abb……errr Granny. Yes I can.” Stacy stuttered.

“Good girl, but try it again.”

“Yes Granny. You are Granny now.”

“Good girl.” Abbie then opened the pocket watch and spoke again to the child. “Now there are a couple other things I want you to understand, okay sweetie?”

“Okay Granny. What are they?”

“I want you to know that from here on out, you are no longer Deedee’s Mommy. You are Deedee’s sister and you will treat her, and she will treat you as such. This means she is not calling you Mommy anymore, but she is calling you Stacy now. And you will not call her baby, you will call her Deedee. Do you understand?”

“Yes Granny. Deedee is my sister now.”

“Also, in case anything else happens, I will now be taking care of you, and Deedee is your older sister, and you must do anything she says. Got it?”

“Yes Granny. I understand.”

“You understand what? Repeat back what I said to you.”

“Okay Granny. Sorry. You will take care of me and Deedee is my older sister.” She felt a little fogginess creeping into her head as she said this and she felt dizzy.

“Good girl. Now let Granny dress you in your clothes and we can go to the park and ride the carousel. Would you like that baby?”

“Yes Granny. I wanna ride the carousel! Sounds like fun!”

And with that, Abbie had Stacy dressed in a thicker pair of training pants and only a camisole under her tshirt and a yellow tshirt with a baby chick on it and a matching yellow skirt that showed off the training pants if she wasn’t careful how she moved. Stacy saw her reflection in the mirror and the fog faded and she clapped her hands, feeling much better than she had before and observing that her current state was the correct one.

“I wanna ride the carousel Granny! I wanna ride!” Stacy shouted and giggled afterward. Deedee laughed as well. “Does Deedee wanna ride with her sister?”

“Yeah I wanna ride with my sister!” Deedee giggled with delight too.

“Alright girls! Let’s go ride the carousel.” Abbie stated, and walked the two little girls down the street to the park so they could ride the carousel.



End Chapter 9

Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

by: bribri666 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2014


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