Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

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Chapter 8
At The Movies

Chapter Description: Stacy, Deedee, and Abigail all go to the movies.

She left the room and wandered down the hall where Abbie and Deedee were waiting for her and ready to go. Deedee immediately upon seeing her Mommy smiled and ran up to give her a great big hug.

“You look pretty Mommy! I like your shirt and your pony tail!” Deedee looked up at her Mommy, and while she loved her a lot, she loved her more than ever now. She thought her Mommy looked a lot like she did, and decided not to say anything, especially after Granny had asked her not too.

“Thanks sweetie! Mommy likes it too! I feel much better than I did before!”

“Are you two ready to go?” Abbie inquired while smiling at the renewed action between mother and daughter that seemed to be even more enamored than before.

“Yes we are!” Both Stacy and Deedee replied in unison, both putting their shoes on which Abbie had given them while they were talking.

“Oh good! I’ll drive then. I know the way and it will make things easier.”

“Okay Abbie. That sounds good. C’mon Deedee, let’s go. I’ll ride in the back with you!”

“Okay Mommy!”

They followed Abbie out the back of the house and she locked the door behind them and Abbie opened the garage and led them to her 1987 Ford Taurus station wagon and even had a car seat in the back for Deedee. Abbie unlocked the doors and Stacy helped Deedee in and snapped her into the car seat in the back and sat down and fastened her seatbelt as well. Abbie pulled out of the garage and pressed a button on the remote in her car and closed the garage door. She then pulled down the road and headed into town. In about 10 minutes, they were at the Freesburg movie theatre. The theatre showed third run movies and only had 3 theatres, one for something current, and the other two for previously released movies. It was not expensive and Abbie paid for the three of them to see the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie Equestria Girls. Stacy really didn’t want to see the movie but she held her tongue, mainly because of before and Deedee was delighted to see the movie.

Abbie bought them all a small drink and a small candy or popcorn. Deedee had popcorn, Abbie had snowcaps, and Stacy had mini cookies, ironically called Grandma’s cookies. Abbie joked that the cookies were hers and Stacy took them. Stacy laughed a little, though she didn’t comprehend why. They all went into the theatre and found some seats and sat back to watch the movie. As they sat down, Abbie pulled the pocket watch out of her pocket, and opened it and left it open for the first half hour of the 90 minute movie and then closed it. As she sat their eating her candy and watching the movie with the girls, she observed Stacy.

Stacy immediately didn’t like the movie at first, but as it wore on, it started to become interesting, particularly when the human versions of the ponies appeared on screen. Stacy fidgeted in her seat for the first bit, but then gradually loosened up and calmed down and started to have fun with Deedee, both of them laughing and having a good time by the end of the movie. Stacy still fidgeted a bit, and noticed that the short sleeves of her tshirt had gotten a bit longer and her skirt and shirt had gotten bigger while she had sat there and watched the movie. She was partially swamped in her clothing and the skirt fell to the floor when she got up at the end of the movie. Her shirt covered past her underwear so she was at least covered. She started to tear up a bit and began to cry when this happened. Abbie smiled and then motioned to Deedee not to say anything. Deedee nodded back in response.

“There there sweetie! Granny Abbie’s here! There’s no need to cry!”

“Waaahh! Abbie! How did my clothes get so big? Why do I feel small?” Stacy looked over herself at the swamped clothes, not crying anymore, but now sniffling and wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Oh sweetie! You had fun! When you have fun, it’s easy to forget what happened before, and sometimes things seem different than they are. I can explain everything once we get you out of these clothes and into some clean ones. Sound good to you?”

“Yes Abbie. That sounds good!” Stacy feeling marginally better but still weird by how much bigger everything seemed, including Abbie and Deedee. Where as Deedee was much shorter than her, there was probably only now about a foot and a half difference between the two.



End Chapter 8

Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

by: bribri666 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2014


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