Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

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Chapter 10
The Carousel

Chapter Description: Riding a carousel is so much fun, no matter what age you are.

Stacy walked with her Granny and her sister Deedee to the carousel, and was excited to ride it and put the stress of the day behind her. She tried to remember what made her so confused and angry and she thought it was because she was running away from something, but she couldn’t remember why. She thought she was supposed to go somewhere, but she couldn’t remember. All she knew was, Granny was there to take care of her, and for some reason, though she felt taller and older than Deedee, she knew Deedee would help Granny take care of her too. Stacy smiled and relished the thought of having these two wonderful people in her life to love and care for her with every ounce of their being and knew she had nothing to be afraid of. She even felt a tickling sensation in her crotch and a tingling in her bowels as if to go to the bathroom, but she decided she would be a big girl and hold it, because she was excited to ride the carousel.

“Alright girls. We are here!” An lively antique carousel stood before them marveling all 3 people with its grandeur and design. The carousel had been painstakingly restored and all the animals were colored vibrantly and almost life like, as if they really could detach themselves and run or graze away. “Now I am going to ask if anyone has to use the potty with Granny and if you don’t, that’s ok, but you will then have to hold it until we get home. Deedee, do you need to go?”

“Yes Granny. I need to go potty.”

“Stacy, do you need to go potty?”

“No Granny, I don’t need to go. I can hold it.” ‘Potty, that’s silly,’ Stacy thought. ‘I only thought little tiny kids called it the potty. I guess if that’s what it is then it is. Potty’ Stacy giggled at the thought and felt a sensation that she probably should go now but she wanted to be a big girl for Granny and hold it.

Granny took Deedee by the hand and Stacy in the other and took both of the girls into the women’s restrooms, and asked Stacy to wait outside the stall while she and Deedee used the bathroom. Stacy waited and was about to start doing the peepee dance until Granny came out with Deedee and they all washed their hands and dried them off and exited the restrooms and headed to the ticket booth for the carousel. Stacy could feel the urgency of her bladder and bowels building but she didn’t care, she wanted to ride the ride, and nothing was going to stop her, not even needing to pee or poop. Abbie bought tickets for the 3 of them and they all entered the ride area and had to wait for the previous ride to finish. Stacy grew impatient and uptight and stomped her feet. She heard the music, which was a combination of childhood nursery rhymes set to pipe organs and recognized ‘Now I know my ABC’s, Pop Goes The Weasel, Old McDonald, Three Blind Mice, and became immediately entranced in them, but it stopped, and the previous riders got off the ride.

As Granny directed the girls to step on the ride, Stacy’s need for relief for her bladder and bowels grew, and she started to regret testing her big girl status. It was a moot point though, at finding a teddy bear to ride on the carousel, which Abbie got a kick out of, and Abbie sat down on a decorated bench next to the teddy bear, and Deedee sat next to her since she was too little to ride an animal, but she didn’t show Abbie any fuss, being on the carousel was enough for her.

Shortly after, the carousel’s medley of pipe organ nursery rhymes started up again and Stacy found herself singing along. Granny watched her every move and sang along too, and Deedee joined in as well. Granny could also see Stacy fidgeting on the teddy bear, and rocking back and forth a little, and surmised that Stacy had fibbed to her about not needing to use the potty when she asked. Stacy was completely oblivious to Abbie watching her and she didn’t see Abbie pull the pocket watch out of her pocket near the end of the ride. The ride came to an end and Abbie opened the pocket watch in anticipation of what was going to happen and saw Stacy hop off the teddy bear mount and run toward the exit.



End Chapter 10

Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

by: bribri666 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2014


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