Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

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Chapter 6

Chapter Description: Stacy and Deedee have breakfast with Abigail and make plans for the day.

And so for the next couple hours, Stacy poured her heart out to Abigail, whom she was now calling Abbie, and told her about her messy divorce and what led up to it, the uncertainty with her now ex-husband, visitation, her loss of her job and finding one out of state, and her other misfortunes. Stacy even told her about the feelings she had with the wooden and leather dolls in the museum, and Abbie smiled at her.

“Oh Stacy, there is no need to be embarrassed. My doll museum is for children of all ages, even if that means they are grown ups in their 30’s and 40’s! I have a lot of fans of my wooden and leather dolls and their unique design. Besides after your divorce, it sounds like you could use a little R&R for stress relief. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Abbie. I really would, but I am anxious to get home to my new place. The movers will probably be there by now.”

“I understand dearie, but the important thing is in all this, is that the divorce is final and you got out of that situation and now its just Deedee and you. I don’t think Deedee would want her Mommy to be sad would she?”

“No I don’t think so either Abbie. You’re right. So other than your lovely museum, what else is there to do around here?”

“Well there’s a few things. Freesburg might be a small place, but we get by pretty well. We have a mall about 10 minutes away, a little movie theatre, a candy store, and a park. The park has a playground, and also has an antique carousel, which I think Deedee might really like and you might too if you let yourself go a bit. I also have a large tv and a blu-ray player to watch movies on if you two don‘t feel like going out to do anything, and all the tv channels you could ever want, lots for the little ones to watch. I also have plenty of dolls and other toys for visiting little ones to play with, and also books to read. There are plenty of things to do here.” and Abbie smiled a friendly smile.

“Oh that sounds like it might be fun to go to the park soon, but I am really not feeling much to going anywhere right now, I’m still a little tired and I feel kind of funny, like my balance is off or something.”

“Oh that’s too bad sweetie. Let me check your temperature and make sure you’re not coming down with a cold or something.” and with that Abigail pressed her right index and middle fingers together to Stacy’s forehead.

“Do I feel warm to you?”

“No dear, you are okay. It’s probably because you are still tired yet, I would try seeing if you can rest a bit longer. I’ll let you get back to sleep.”

“Okay Abbie. Thanks a lot.” Stacy smiled at Abigail while worried about a thing or two.

Abbie turned and left the room and closed the door behind her, and Stacy thought to herself what was happening, and was confused and dizzy a little bit. She swore her pajamas were fitting a little looser, but she tugged on them and they seemed to still be the same size, and she shrugged it off and turned over and went back to sleep, and dreamt peaceful dreams during her extended slumber.

A couple hours later, Stacy awoke from her restful sleep and stretched under the covers, which still seemed liked there was more than there was before and noticed her pajamas felt a little looser than they had before, even after she adjusted them when Abigail had awoken her before and she adjusted them. They seemed to be pooling over her hands a bit and feel really loose over her waist and legs. She couldn’t quite explain it but in her mind she decided that maybe she really didn’t realize the pajamas were initially much larger than she did now. All was well until Stacy got out of bed and examined herself in the mirror.

Once Stacy stepped out of bed and stretched, she then walked over to the mirror that was hanging on the wall in her guestroom, and when she finally saw her reflection, she realized that she had apparently changed. She saw a startling lack of lines around her mouth and her face looked a bit smoother, it was a face that she hadn’t seen in a little while. She unbuttoned her pajama top and let her loose fitting pajama bottoms drop to the floor and stood there in just her bra and panties and saw that her generous 40C breasts had lifted just a little, and only noticed this because she was looking for anything different, otherwise it would not have been obvious. She remembers how lucky she got with gravity not meeting her chest after being pregnant with Deedee, but she still noticed they had lifted a little and it made her smile. She pulled down her panties and say her modest strip of pubic hair was also still present and nothing was out of order any place else in this area. It looked as it always did.

After looking things over, she discovered it was about a physical loss of about 5 years so she was around 28 now. She was also perturbed by the apparent reverse aging but she could not be certain to what exactly caused it. Maybe it was the house, or maybe it was the dolls she got from the gift shop? Or could it even be Abbie behind it? These are questions she needed answers to, but first and foremost was to check on Deedee to see if she was okay. However, the regression seemed so far to be limited to physical, she was not failing to remember anything or otherwise forgetting anything in recent or her long-term memory so she was good there. Stacy then quickly pulled up her panties and pajama bottoms and pulled the waistband cord and tied it over so they wouldn’t fall down. She buttoned her pajama shirt back up and walked over to Deedee’s door to check on her, but Deedee was not there. Abbie must have heard her traipsing about because she called Stacy to come and have breakfast down the hall. Stacy responded with a quick okay and headed down the hall to the kitchen next to the café and saw where Deedee had ended up and was sitting in a high chair, looking cute as ever waiting for breakfast to be served. Deedee looked the same, and not a thing about her was different or out of order.

“Good morning Mommy!” shouted an excited little girl.

“Morning baby! How are you? Did you sleep okay?” Stacy replied.

“Yes Mommy. I am good! I sleep good too! Granny Abbie said so!”

“Granny Abbie?”

“Mmmhmm. She said I should call her Granny because we are like family. I want to call her Granny. She reminds me of Grandma. She’s nice.”

“Yes baby. She sure is.”

Stacy smiled, but was slightly worried that Deedee was growing too attached to Abbie too soon, especially when they would probably be leaving soon, even more so with the confusing things that had so far happened between last night and this morning. It wasn’t yet a growing concern, but it was getting there. But so far, nothing Abbie had done had been with an apparent malicious intent, and she certainly showed more kindness to Stacy and Deedee than anyone had in quite some time. This of course made Stacy feel guilty about having these nagging thoughts that something was amiss , and she did the best she could to silence them while sitting down to a delicious and hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, and grits, finished off with orange juice. Stacy noticed that Abbie had taken the liberty of cutting up Deedee’s breakfast for her.

“Thanks for doing that Abbie. Deedee’s been struggling a bit there and its easier for her to eat with everything cut up. I appreciate it.”

“No problem sweetie. I was happy to do it for her. I can cut yours up too if you would like?”

“Oh no thanks. I am fine, but I appreciate it.” and Stacy was now even more confused by the treatment she was receiving but again silenced the doubts in her mind and would wait to address them at a later time.

“Would the two of you like a drive around Freesburg later? I can show you all the neat places in town I told you about earlier Stacy and maybe we can stop and see a movie or something? Or would you rather see a movie here?”

“Sure. That sounds ok Abbie. Let me finish breakfast and get dressed and I can decide then. That ok with you Deedee?”

“Yes Mommy! I wanna go see a movie!”

“Okay baby. That’s what we’ll do.”

“So it’s settled then. We’ll drive around and go to the movies today and if you are feeling up to it Stacy, you can be on your way with plenty of daylight.”

“Sounds good to me Abbie.”

“One more thing Stacy, I realize you only have the one day change of clothes, so I would like to mention, there are plenty of clothes for you in the dresser and the closet of your room to choose from. I’ll find something for Deedee in hers if that’s ok with you?”

“Sure Abbie. That would be fine.”

“Can I wear a pretty dress Granny?”

“You sure can sweetheart. I have lots of pretty dresses for good little girls like you.”




End Chapter 6

Old Lady Abigail's Doll Museum

by: bribri666 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2014


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