At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015

Chapter 7
New way of life.

Chapter Description: Ben learns how humbling he has to be to not lose his mind, although losing his mind might help in his current condition.

I woke up feeling dry. I was use to at least feeling a little damp. I reached down and felt the front of the diaper. I felt that it was wet, I realized that unlike pull ups diapers pull the moisture away from the skin. A cramp in my stomach made me aware that i had to poop. I was about to call out when i realized that Becky was still sleeping. I knew that if i woke Becky she would cry and mommy would be mad with me. I tried to climb over the side of the crib, but found that the rails were too high. While i was still trying to climb out of the crib i felt the mass being pushed into my diaper. I stood up awkwardly on the mattress bending my knees a little. I pushed out all the poo. It wasn’t that solid so it was very easy. When i was done i sat down slowly and felt the mush spread around my butt. I hated the feeling of sitting in my own poo. It felt mushy and gross. I laid in the crib on my back. I pulled one of the small blankets over me and closed my eyes.

I woke up for the second time to Becky crying. Mommy must have herd her crying because she came into the room. She went over to Becky and checked her diaper saying "If it’s not my princess that made a stinky then it must be my little prince." She came over to me and pulled me to my feet and turning my around in the process. She looked down the back of my diaper and commented on the mess i made. I was laid down on the changing table. I looked up at the ceiling not wanting to witness what was about to happen. I herd the familiar *scritch* *scritch* of the tapes being unfastened. My ankles were grabbed and my butt was raised into the air. The clean part of the diaper was used to wipe some of the poo off my bum. I looked down to see my legs in the air and mommy grabbing some wet wipes. My bum was wiped clean of all the poo. The dirty wipes were placed in the dirty diaper and then thrown away. My legs were released and i laid there naked in front of my aunt. Mommy got me a new diaper from under the table and opened it up. She raised my butt off the table and placed it under me. She rubbed cream into my crouch and then put some powder on me. Finally the diaper was pulled snug up through my legs and taped at the front. Mommy then went over to the dresser and pulled out a shirt that said "Mommy’s Boy" and pulled it over my head. I was let down off the table and could see that the shirt only covered the top part of the diaper.

When Becky was done being changed herself, we all went downstairs for some breakfast. I waddled a little bit with the thick diapers between my legs. James and same could be herd in the living room watching cartoons. Becky and I were put in the highchairs. I was given a bowl of cheerios with no milk. Becky was spoon fed some cream of wheat. I noticed that she got a bottle of milk and i didn’t get any drink. I asked mommy if i could have some milk for my cereal, but she said no. I asked if i could have something to drink, what she told me shocked me; i was told that if i wanted something to drink then it would have to come from her breast. I asked why. and she just responded that she knew i would never breastfeed, so i wouldn’t get anything to drink until i decided to drink from her.

I was let out of the highchair when i was done eating my bowl of milk-less cheerios. I went into the living room and Sam and James both burst out laughing when they saw me in diapers. I became so embarrassed that i slouched to the floor and started to cry. James came over to me feeling sorry for making me cry and picked me up and rocked me saying he was sorry. I was taken over to the couch and we all continued to watch cartoons. I sat in James lap realizing how big he was. After so long mommy announced that we were going to the lake to swim. I was out in a pair of jean shorts; kinda funny how my diaper now acts as my underwear. James and Sam got their swim trunks on. we headed out the door and into to car.

The lake was pretty big and was usually packed with kids. When we go to the lake Sam and James ran off to go play. Me and Becky were taken out of the car, and over to the wading pool. Their was a few parents with younger children sitting on the edge of the pool as they watched their little ones splash around. Carol sat next to a lady on the edge of the pool. The lady had her baby sitting in the pool right in front of her. i noticed that the girl didn’t have on any clothes, she was sitting in the pool butt naked. "Forgot to buy the little one a swim diaper." said the lady when mommy sat down next to her.

"Me too, these regular diapers will swell up like balloons if they try to go in them." said mommy in response.

Becky was stripped of her clothes, including her diaper and placed next to the other baby. Mommy then started to take off my T-Shirt, but i pulled away in protest, saying that i would not go naked. Mommy laughed and said that i was foolish and had nothing to hide. She grabbed me tight as i tried to squirm away. My shirt was taken off and then the denim shorts wore pulled off my feet. Lastly was diaper was ripped off me leaving me exposed to the whole world. I was placed in the pool. i sat down immediately because i thought at least under the water you couldn’t see much.



End Chapter 7

At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015


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