At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015

Chapter 4
Changes: day 2, just the mourning

Chapter Description: Ben has to adjust to his new status at his aunt's house.

I woke up feeling some wetness around me. I reached my hand under my covers to discover that my goodnite was extremely wet and had even leaked. Upon further interrogation I realized that my goodnite had leaked because i had grown too small to fit into it properly. I got out of my wet bed and the goodnites immediately fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and walked over to the door. Before i could reach the door it opened and my aunt came in the room. She saw me standing their in front of the soaked goodnite with no clothes on. She said "Aw, look how cute you are, lets get you in a fresh pull up."

My aunt went over to the dresser and opened it pulling out a bag of pull up training pants saying "You are about 4 now so i think it would be best if you wear one of these, I will give you a chance to prove that you can still make it to the potty."

She pulled out one of the pull ups from the package, it had cars from Disney on it, and held them out for me to step into. I stood in the pull ups as she pulled them up to my waist saying that I didn’t need any other clothes while home, because she wanted to be able to see if i had any accidents. before i knew what was happening aunt Carol picked me up with her hand under m butt, and carried me out into the kitchen were James and Sam both got to see me in just a pull up. I was taken over to a booster seat that was now at the table and placed in it. Aunt Carol went and got me a bowl of cheerios with a big plastic spoon. She also got me a sippy cup full of orange juice and placed it next to the bowl of cereal. Before i could even pick up the spoon my vision was blocked out for a second while my aunt put a bib over my head ans around my neck. I sat their mortified by all that was happening to me. I took some cereal and tried to eat it but either the spoon was too big or my coordination was gone because cereal and milk kept ending up on the bib. I hated drinking from the sippy cup, but man was i thirsty so i did anyway. When i was done with everything i asked if i could be let our of the chair because i had to go to the bathroom. Aunt Carol lifted me out of the chair and placed me feet flat on the tile floor of the kitchen. She told me to wait right there. She left the kitchen and came back with a plastic potty chair. While aunt Carol was gone i dribbled a little bit into the training pants. I felt some pee just kind of come out, it wasn’t a lot though. Aunty pulled down my pull ups and sat me on the potty chair. I was mortified to be naked in front of my 2 cousins who were still eating at the table. At least i was now somewhat covered up by the pee guard. I didn’t want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the kitchen in front of my cousins, but aunty said that i could come off the potty when i made a tinkle. i sat their for a little bit and without really feeling it i began to pee in the potty. The pee hitting the potty made a loud sound so everyone even Becky, who was in her highchair, was looking at me. When i stopped peeing aunty told me what a good boy i was and pulled me off the potty and then pulled my pull ups up to my waist. She told me that i could go watch some TV in the living room while she cleaned out the potty chair. I walked into the living room and turned on the TV. I had the news on for what ever reason. I sat on the couch and watched TV for a little bit. Sam came in the living room saying that he wanted to watch cartoons. I said no but all he did was call out for mom and she yelled from the kitchen that we should watch some cartoons for a little while. I handed Sam the remote thinking how babyish it was for him to want to watch cartoons. Then i realized he was the one at least in underwear even if they were kid undies, while i was sitting in a slightly damp pull up. I kept feeling myself dibble pee into the pull up, but their was nothing i could o to really stop it. After a while of watching cartoon the pull up felt pretty wet. I looked and could see that the car design on the front looked pretty faded, indicating that the pull up had been used. Aunty Carol came in a little bit later with a fresh pull up and the plastic potty. She set the potty on the floor and said that its okay that i wet my pull up, little boys tend to dribble without knowing. She had me stand up and pulled off my damp pull up and told me to sit on the potty for a little bit. I sat their in the living room exposed as she told Sam to get on some clothes, because he was still in just his undies. Aunty let me sit on the potty for about 5 minutes before she let me stand up and put on a fresh pair of pull ups. She told me that I would be going to a daycare today with Becky while her, James, and Sam would be out shopping. I was carried upstairs to my room and set down on the bed. Aunty went through my dresser and pulled out some cargo overalls and a plain white T-shirt. We all got in the car and i found that i had a car seat for me now. It was right next to Becky’s baby carrier. We headed off to the daycare. I knew that Becky went to a daycare at some ladies house sometime, but I only had to drop her off there before, I’ve never thought i would be going with her.



End Chapter 4

At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015


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