At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015

Chapter 2
Mind made up

Chapter Description: Ben's Aunt has had enough of letting her nephew take advantage of her.

I woke up to my cousin Sam sleeping next to me in just his undies with little frogs on them. I had always thought that my cousins were very cute looking kids. Sam was 6 and had blonde hair and blue eyes, and a very pale body. I nudged Sam and asked "What are you doing in my bed?"

Sam responded "I had a nightmare and came in here"

"you can’t sleep in here every time you have a bad dream"

"I’m sowwy"

"it’s okay Sam."

Aunt Carol opened the door and said "Oh there you are Sam, Go get some clothes on, breakfast is ready."

Aunt Carol left and so did Sam.

I got up and went to my dresser and took out some clothes for the day. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. After getting dressed I went downstairs and drank some coffee. Sam and James were at the table eating pancakes. I took some coffee and went to the living room. Aunt carol was sitting in the rocking chair with Becky on her lap.

I said "Hi," and sat on the couch. I turned on the TV and flipped to the weather channel.

His aunt asked "why are you watching the weather channel?"

"Me and some friends are planning on going to the beach today, just making sure its not going to rain today."

"Oh okay. Want me to get you another cup of coffee?"

"Yeah sure."

Aunt Carol got up and left the room with my coffee cup. She returned and handed me the coffee. I was still watching the news waiting for the weather to come. Aunt Carol sat back down on the rocking chair with Becky on her lap. She lifted up her shirt and let Becky eat.

"Aw do you to do that in the living room?" I asked.

"It is perfectly natural, I know your mother never breastfed you. She said that you would never latch. It will be different next time around."

I stopped listening to aunt thinking she was rambling on. I saw the news report was good weather all day, so I called my friends and told them that I needed a ride to the beach. I got picked up and had a good day at the beach.

I got home at 10 at night. I came through the front door and went to my room. I laid down slowly because I was in a lot of pain. Aunt Carol came in and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked at me and said "Man , did you wear any sunblock?"


"Here lets get those clothes off"

I was in to much pain to do much, so I let Aunt Carol take my shirt off, besides that, all I had on was a bathing suit. Aunt Carol left the room and came back with some lotion. She rubbed the lotion all over my front and then had me flip and rubbed the cream on my backside. fell asleep with his bathing suit on.



End Chapter 2

At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015


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