At my Aunts for many more years to come

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Chapter 6
Back to the very basics

Chapter Description: Ben discovers a whole new level of humiliation.

The car pulled up the driveway. When the car came to a stop i unbuckled myself and came down from the car seat. I walked into the house to see that there was another highchair at the kitchen table. I was mad and started shouting at aunt Carol that i wan’t a baby. She laughed saying that if i though the highchair was bad then i would not be happy with the rest of the changes. I was picked up and carried upstairs to my new room. The first thing i noticed was that on the door was the word "Nursery". Aunt Carol let me down to open the door. I opened the door to see my nightmare before me. The room had been repainted baby blue. My bed had been replaced with a wooden crib, there was a changing table stocked with diapers and pulls ups in one corner, in the other corner was a rocking chair next to a bookshelf full of children books. My dresser was no longer white, the top 2 draws where painted pink and the bottom 2 draws were the same color as the walls.The thing that made was confused was Becky’s crib in my room. I asked about the crib ans aunt Carol told me that me and Becky would share a room for now on, she told me that the blue draws had my clothes in it and the pink had Becky’s. Aunt Carol took me to Becky’s old room. It had been remade into a play room. It had a ton of toys in it, as well as a playpen in one corner. It was getting pretty late so aunt Carol said she would start making dinner and i could play in the playroom till she was done. She brought Becky in the room and placed her in the crib. I sat on the floor next to some big blocks and started to build a tower. I wasn’t really interested in playing, but i did anyway to pass the time.

After playing for 20 minutes aunt Carol came in and took Becky out of the playpen and told me to go to the kitchen for dinner. I followed aunt Carol down to the kitchen. She went over to the table and deposited Becky in one of the highchairs. I asked aunt Carol why i needed a highchair and a crib. What she told me was that she was going to make me a little younger, but instead of just making me younger she is going to wean me into some of the stuffs i will use and do when i’m younger. She told me how she thought that making me this young so fast was probably a mistake and she should have slowly gotten me use to being younger, so for now on she is going to do that. I was picked up and placed in the highchair. It felt weird to be confined to this one space and to have my own little tray to eat off of. Aunt carol left the room and came back with Sam and James. She made them some chicken dish and told them they could go eat in the living room. Aunt Carol gave me a plate with some cut up chicken on it and a baby bottle full of milk. I Becky was fed some baby food by Aunt carol. At least i got to eat myself, even if it was finger food. Drinking from the baby bottle was strange at first, but eventually my mouth got the hang of sucking from it. I wet my pull up sitting in the high chair. I didn’t really feel myself having to go, i felt it when i was going though.

We had to sit their while aunt Carol put our plates and bottles in the sink. When she was done with that she took us both out of the highchairs and told me to go to the bathroom and wait for her. She carried Becky up behind me. In the bathroom aunt Carol had me sit on the toilet seat lid while she filled up the tub. Aunt carol took a baby seat out from the closet in the bathroom and placed it in the tub. When it was full enough she took off all of Becky’s clothes and put her in the baby seat. Aunt Carol then turned to me. She grabbed the bottom of my T-Shirt and pulled it over and off my head. Aunt Carol had me stand up and then she pulled the pull ups off my legs. There i was, a once 17 year old in a 4 year old’s body about to be bathed by my aunt who wanted to make me her son. I was lifted up from under my armpits and placed in the tub in front of were Becky’s seat was. Becky was the first to be washed from head to toe. She was shampooed and scrubbed thoroughly while i sat there not believing any of this was actually happening. When Becky was done being washed aunt Carol came over to my side of the tub and began to use the same soapy cloth she used on Becky to clean around my ears and then my chest. My back was then wiped down with the cloth. My tummy was then washed with the cloth. Before i could even say anything aunt Carol plunged the cloth deep into the water and i felt her cleaning my penis. I was mortified to have my aunt touching me down there. My legs were then cleaned and then i felt aunt Carol cleaning my butt with the cloth. After all that i had shampoo put in my hair and then get rinsed out with water. I felt all my dignity go out the window, but at last it was done and i had lived through my first bath by my aunt. I was picked up out of the tun and dried off with a fluffy blue towel. I sat on the toilet lid again with the towel around my whole body while Becky was dried off. When we were both clean aunt Carol brought Becky with me following behind to our room. Becky was placed on the changing table. Aunt Carol took out a diaper and placed it under Becky. then she took some cream and rubbed it all over Becky’s crouch. After that aunt Carol took some powder and dumped it all over Becky’s Crouch and butt. The powder was rubbed in and finally the diaper was tabbed up. aunt Carol placed Becky on the ground. I stood next to the changing table with my towel. Aunt Carol took out another diaper from a different pile under the changing table and placed it on the table. I asked now sounding really like a child "No pull ups?"

Aunt Carol explained to me that since i kept having accidents and was dribbling in my pull ups that she decided i was not mature enough to use the big boy potty. I dropped the towel to the floor as i was picked up by aunt carol and placed on top of the open diaper. I felt cream being rubbed onto my penis and balls as i looked up at the ceiling thinking that i might as well get use to it. then came the powder. My ankles were grabbed by aunt Becky as she lifted my butt off the table to sprinkle some powder on my butt. Then the diaper was pulled up between my legs and the tapes were fastened tightly in place. It was a snug feeling to have the diaper on. I could feel the thickness of it and knew that i wouldn’t be able to put my legs together. Aunt Carol lifted me off the table and placed me on the floor. Becky and I stood there with just our thick diapers on. aunt Carol picked up Becky and brought her over to the rocking chair next to the book shelf. Aunt Carol told me to come over and that she was going to read us a story before we went to bed. I went over to Aunt carol who picked me up and placed her on her right knee. Becky was tugging at Aunt Carol’s Shirt. Aunt Carol took off her shirt and then undid her bra. Becky attacked her nipple with hunger, suckling her fill of milk. I was on Carol’s other knee with my back against her chest. I could feel her nipple touching my back. Aunt Carol took out a book about some bears living in the woods and began to read. After a while Becky switched me over to her other knee so Becky could drink from her other breast. Having my bare back touching Aunt Carol’s chest i could feel her wet nipple touching my back. i didn’t know if i was feeling Becky’s saliva still on her nipple or milk that was still on the tip. After we finished the story and Becky had been fed we were taken over to the cribs. They were directly next to each other with the bars lining up. Mine was further in the corner than Becky’s. We were placed in the cribs and i laid on my side facing the wall thinking about all the things i had been through in one day; I knew that the worst of it was not over, it was all just begging.



End Chapter 6

At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015


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