At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015

Chapter 3
Changes: day 1

Chapter Description: Ben woke up to unexpected changes

I woke up feeling great. wow that cream really made the sun burn go away. I pushed the blankets off and to my horror i was wearing little kid undies, they’re flyless white underwear with a blue lining. I jumped out of bed and noticed that the floor was much further down than i thought. I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see to my horror that i was a kid, only about 9 years old. I went to my aunt’s room to see if she was there. she wasn’t there. i then ran downstairs to find James and Sam sitting at the table eating some cereal. Aunt carol was in the kitchen not paying any attention to me, so i yelled "What happened to me"

She turned around smiling saying "what do you mean sweety?"

"I look like a kid"

"Well of course you do. your my little Benny."

I was starting to freak out and asked "How is this even possible?"

"I went online and bought this cream that said it would make whoever it was being applied to younger. speaking of which i should have worn gloves, I got some on my hands when i was putting it on you and I’ve lost a few years, or gained...depends on how you look at it."

"Why did you do this?" I asked.

"Because, you have been nothing but trouble since you have started living here. I know that you have lost a mother so i decided to give you another mother, Me."


"But nothing, you are to call me mom from now on, if you don’t call me mom then i will have to give you a spanking, young man. This cream can only make you younger, the only way to reverse its effects is to grow up. I didn’t know how young i wanted my new son, so i am going to leave that up to you. If you behave yourself and accept and act your age then you will get to stay that age and grow up as my son from there, But if you act out or don’t do as your told, then i will make you younger."

"How could you do this aunt Carol?" i asked feeling angry.

Without any hesitation aunt Carol grabbed me by the neck and sat down on a chair from the table and bent me over her knee. She pulled down my kid undies and spanked my butt. I cried out in pain as she started saying while spanking me "I did this because i love you and want you to have a new life with a new family that loves you. you were going down a bad path and this will give you a chance to do it all over again."

She gave my butt a good 15 whacks and pulled up my underwear. She took my by the hand saying "Come on, lets get you some clothes."

She brought me upstairs to my room. She told me about how when i was at the beach she bought me entirely new clothes, from age 1-10."

Aunt Carol, i mean mom was married to a wealthy man who divorced her to live in Europe with another woman, but left her with enough money so she would never need to work another day in her life and made a killing in interest from the money he left. She went to the dresser and took out a pair of denim shorts and a short sleeve shirt with the superman logo on it. She handed me the clothes and told me "Go take a shower and put those on, we are going to go to the park today for a picnic."

I went into the bathroom and took off my undies and saw what was left of my dignity. I felt my once decent sized member for a little bit until i realized that it probably looked like i was some little kid playing with himself. I took a rather quick shower because I was sick of looking at my small hairless body. I dried off and changed into the clothes i was given. I headed downstairs to find James and Sam still eating at the table talking about what they were going to do today at the park. Aunt Carol gave me a bowl of cereal and told me to eat up. She also poured me a glass of orange juice. while I was eating my aunt was making lunches for all of us and packing a diaper bag for Becky. When i was done eating My aunt handed me some sandals and said that she didn’t have any shoes for me to wear because she did not know what size my feet would be.

When we got out to the car I tried to sit up front but James told me that is where the big kids sits and that little kids are suppose to sit in the back. I sat in the back with Becky and Sam not wanting to argue.

When we got to the park Sam and James immediately bolted over to a group of kids who were playing and joined them. Aunt Carol, Becky, and I went over to a tree and set up the blanket. Aunt Carol told me that i better start acting like a kid and play with my brothers, So i did. I played some games with the group of kids for about 2 hours. then aunt Carol called us over and gave us each a sandwich. I had a ham and cheese sandwich. I felt like i had to go pee badly after I was done eating. Well i had to go when i was playing but i kind of got caught up in the game of tag we were having. I got up and started to head to the bathroom when Sam ran over and stopped me saying that we needed to wait for James to take us. I told him that their was no way i was going to have James take me to the bathroom and that i did not need help going the bathroom. Sam said that we needed someone with us just in case. I turned back and confronted aunt Carol who told me that she wanted James to go with me and Sam to the bathroom because she didn’t want someone to kid nap us. I decided against the bathroom even thought i really had to go because i wasted to be spared the humiliation of having my once younger cousin taking me. James and Sam went off to the bathroom while i stayed behind and squirmed. After about 5 minutes the pressure was too much and i ask aunt Carol if she could go to the bathroom with me. She told me that she couldn’t with Becky, so i would have to wait for James to get back and that he could take me or he could watch Becky while she took me, but that it would probably look less babyish if my big brother went in with me. I couldn’t hold it any longer and just let go wetting my pants. Aunt Carol immediately noticed and said that she didn’t bring me a change of clothes so we would go home when Sam and James return.

They came back shortly after i wet my pants and started laughing at my condition. We went home and aunt Carol took Becky upstairs for her nap telling me to wait in the kitchen for her. When she got back she had a towel with her and she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down in the middle of the kitchen. She told me that as punishment for wetting my pants that i would have to wear my pee stained underwear for the rest of the afternoon. She had me sit on the couch in just my undies on top of a towel. She didn’t want me ruining her couch. I sat for hours watching TV in just my kid undies. When it was time for bed aunt Carol took me upstairs and told me to lie on the bed. I had a bad rash from wearing the wet underwear for so long so she peeled them off me and told me to just lay there. She left the room and returned a few minutes later wearing gloves. She took some cream and rubbed my privates down saying that I clearly wasn’t ready to be such a big boy. when she was done she went over to the dresser and took out a pair of goodnite bed wetting pants. They looked like underwear, but much thicker and made out of a cloth like material. she had me stand up as she slipped my legs into them and pulled them firmly up to my waist. She kissed me on the forehead as she tucked me in and said "Goodnight, little one."



End Chapter 3

At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015


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