At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015

Ever since Ben has lost his mom in a car accident he has resided at his aunt's house. His aunt has plans for Ben that he could never have imagined

Chapter 1
A rough start

Chapter Description: Ben has lost his mother and is taken in by his mother's younger sister. Instead of being grateful for his aunts hospitality he is acting out.

My name is Ben. My mother died 5 months ago and now i am currently living at my aunts place. She has 3 kids of her own, Becky, her one year old daughter. Sam, her 6 year old son, and James, her 12 year old son. I am currently 17 years old and going into my senior year of high school. I still have a month left of summer vacation. My aunt is mad at me because i stay out late and have yet to have a job, she tells me that i have to stop using my mother’s death as an excuse for my laziness.

I came in the house at 2:30 in the mourning. I was out with some of my friends drinking at their place. As i crept up the stairs in the darkness i heard a door open and some footsteps heading for the stairs. Before i could reach the top my aunt was standing there with her arms crossed

"Where have you been?"

"Out with some friends."

"How come you didn’t answer any of my calls?"

"Because my phone is dead"

"Why didn’t you borrow one of your friends phones and let me know where you were?"

"Because i didn’t think you had to know my location all the time."

Aunt Carol shook her head at me and said "I was worried sick and have been up waiting for you, and is that beer i smell?"

"No, i mean i had a few, what does it matter."

Aunt carol looked frustrated as she said "Because you’re underage and i let you borrow my car, and you of all people should know not to drive drunk, do you want to make another child motherless with your bad decisions."

"Leave me alone." I moved past my aunt and went to the guest room that was now my room. I didn’t bother even getting undressed, i just laid and bed and let sleep overcome me.



End Chapter 1

At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015


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