At my Aunts for many more years to come

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Chapter 5
Day 2: afternoon at Sherry's

Chapter Description: Ben spends the afternoon at a daycare.

Becky and I got out of the car with aunt Carol. Aunt Carol took us by hand and led us up the walkway to the front door. I knew that the ladies name was Sherry and ran a daycare business from her home. Sherry was a single woman who had a pretty big house. Ben was aware that she took care of about 10 different kids a day. She had an assistant who was some teenage girl looking to make some cash.

Aunt Carol rang the doorbell and a few moments later Sherry opened the door. Sherry took Becky from Aunt carol and then aunt Carol proceeded to tell Sherry that she wanted her to watch me for the day as well. She told her about how i was in the middle of being potty trained and how i still dribbled in my pull ups. She then handed Sherry the diaper bag that she packed saying their was pull ups in the bag for me. Sherry has seen me as my 17 year old self before and knew that i wasn’t suppose to be a toddler, but she seemed to just accept everything my mother was telling her about me. When aunt Carol left sherry took me and Becky inside the house. Sherry told me about how she was the one who recommended the lotion to Carol when she was told about how much trouble i had been for her. Sherry told me about how she would help me accept my new life. I followed Sherry into her living room. Some kids ranging from 3-5 were sitting around the TV watching cartoons. The room had 2 long couches on either side, a recliner chair, a little kid play table, and some little plastic chairs around the table. I walked in the room and sat on the couch just thinking i could get away with watching TV and being left alone for the time that i was here.

After a little while of watching TV a teenage girl came around checking all the kids that had diapers. She would feel the front of kids diapers and then peek in the back. While she was going around she came over to me and asked if i wore pull ups or a diaper. I responded kind of nervous "no", but she didn’t seem to believe me and put her hand on my bottom and squeezing saying it felt like i had one on. She undid the straps on m overalls and pulled them off leaving me in just a white T-shirt and a pull up. She felt the front of the diaper giving it a squeeze saying that it didn’t feel too wet and then leaned in and looked down the back of it saying i didn’t have any poppies. She asked me if i needed to go potty. I told her no even though i did have to pee a little bit, but didn’t want to have to sit on a potty chair in front of this semi attractive teen. She said okay and put my cargo overalls back on. My pull up was a little wet from the dribbling i kept doing in them, but was not soaked, only a little damp. The girl took the kids that needed a change or to go potty one at a time to either change them or sit them on the potty. After about 20 minutes i felt myself peeing in my pull up a lot without really trying. I guess i will only feel i have to go, but not that i am about to actually go. The pull ups now felt very warm and heavy. I looked down at my crouch and could see that it looked puffy around my crouch under the overalls. I just sat there for awhile assuming the caretaker or the girl would not be around to check pull ups and diapers for awhile. Some of the kids who got bored of TV where playing on the rug with some toys that were there. I didn’t want to get up because i knew that my pull ups would sag too much and look obvious that i wet myself. The kid that was sitting next to me on the couch left to play on the floor so i had room to lay sideways on the couch propping my head up with my hand watching the TV wishing i could go home. I kept feeling the front of the pull up with my hand while watching TV, it felt neat to have it squishing around. I wasn’t too fond of the damp feeling the pull up had as the pee became cold and around me wee wee felt clammy. Sherry came around and asked who wanted some juice. I was thirsty so i asked for some. Sherry came back with some cups and sippy cups full of juice. I was handed a sippy cup while some of the older kids were given cups of juice. i drank my juice and put the sippy cup on the table that was next to the couch. After 30 minutes the juice had made its way through me and i felt myself peeing into the already full pull ups. The pulls ups couldn’t hold the pee and i felt pee trickling down my legs . I inspected the overalls and found that the pee showed all down may legs and wet spots could be seen easily on the edge of my crouch and bottom. When the teenage girl was coming around to collect all the cups and sippy cups from the kids she saw my current state. She took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen where Sherry was making lunch for all the kids. Sherry told the girl to clean me up and put my overalls in the washer machine. I was taken over to another room by the girl. I asked the girl what her name was; trying to pay it off that i was actually some dumb toddler who didn’t know any better. She told me her name was Sarah and asked me what mine was. I told her my name while she pulled me into a room with a changing table and a lot of changing supplies. The girl took off my overalls to reveal my saggy pull up which was barely still on my waist. She ripped the sides of the pull up to have it *plonk* to the floor. I stood there with my little boyhood exposed to Sarah. She didn’t seem to mind the least bit. She placed her hands under my hairless armpits and lifted me up onto the changing table. She pushed my chest with one hand and forced me to lay on my back. She grabbed some baby wipes. She then grasped my ankles and pulled them up to my chest so she could wipe down my privates. I felt so vulnerable to have this girl wiping me down with a wet wipe. When she was done she took out a pull up from the bag my aunt left Sherry. She threaded my feet into the leg whole of the pull up and pulled them up to my knees. She then took me by the armpits and stood me flat on the floor. She grasped the sides of the pull up and pulled them firmly up my waist. Sarah told me that i could go back in play. She said that when me pants were finished being washed i could wear them again, but for now what i had on would do.

I walked out into the living room not wanting to draw too much attention to the fact that i didn’t have any pants on. Only one other kid had his diapers in plain site and he looked to be only 2. I went back to my spot on the couch to see that their was a wet spot where i had been sitting. I sat on the other side of the couch and tried to not draw attention to myself. Sarah came in with some cleaning supplies and cleaned up the wet spot on the couch. This drew the attention of all the kids in the room. Everyone was looking at Sarah cleaning the spot and clearly saw that i no longer had any pants on. One of the kids asked why she was cleaning the spot, Sarah plainly said that Benny had a little accident and she was just cleaning it up. When she was done she walked out of the room to put the cleaning supplies back. She came back moments later and did another diaper check, she didn’t bother even checking my pull up. She just asked if i needed to go to the potty. I actually did have to go. I felt a cramp in my stomach that told me i needed to go number 2. She took me to the bathroom and placed a potty chair on the toilet, it made it so i could sit on the big person potty, and it had a splash protector. Sarah stripped off my pull ups and sat me on the training seat and put a stool under my feet. Sarah stood in the doorway and watched me. I still was not quite use to being naked in front of people, never mind going the bathroom in front of them. I’t took me a little bit, but i must have really had to go because I didn’t really have to push it out, it just kinda came out. I peed a little too. When i was done Sarah asked me if i was all set. I told her i was, so she got some wet wipes and had me lean forward so she could clean my bum. It was a weird feeling to have someone else wipe my butt. I had my head pushed into her chest while she was leaned over my back pulling me forward so she could get to my bottom. When she was done wiping me she took me off the potty and pulled the pull ups back up. I went back into the living room while Sarah got everyone else who needed to go to the bathroom handled.

Sherry called for all the kids to come into the kitchen for some lunch. Everyone go up and went to the kitchen. She let the big kids take their food to the living room while she got the younger ones (Me) in booster seats and high chairs around the table. She made us mac and cheese with some hot dogs cut up in it. I had a bib tied around my neck and so did a lot of the younger kids. I was also given a sippy cup with apple juice in it. I drank and ate me meal.

When everyone was done she told us that it was nap time for the little kids. She made the big kids go outside and play while she set up mats in the living room. She told us that 2 people could have the couch while the other 4 could sleep on the mats. She told us that she would be right back with pillows and blankets, saying she had to first put the babies to sleep in the nursery. I picked the couch that i had been sitting on for most of the day. Sherry came back with some blankets and pillows handing us all a pillow and a light blanket. Before we could go to sleep her and Sarah went around and took off all of our clothes except diapers,pull ups, and undies. I only had to have my shirt removed. I laid down on the couch, The shades were shut and the lights were turned off. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I woke up to the sounds of kids playing outside. I looked around and noticed that everyone else was gone, probably outside now playing. Sherry came in about 5 minutes later and saw that i was awake. She put my T-Shirt on saying that i could play outside with the rest of the kids till my mom came to pick me and Becky up. I went outside and saw that some of the kids were playing tag while others were drawing with chalk on the driveway. I decided to just sit in the shade on the porch. I sat there for only about 30 minutes before my aunt pulled up. Aunt carol came up to me asking what happened to my overalls. I told her that i had an accident, and she just smiled saying it’s okay. Sherry gave aunt Carol the overalls that were now clean as well as her diaper bag and Becky. We all got into the car were James and Sam were waiting. Sam told me that i would be so excited to see all the stuff they got me. With that we headed home.



End Chapter 5

At my Aunts for many more years to come

by: JohnS52 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 9, 2015


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