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Bed Wetter

by: RegressedJanitor Last updated Jan 10, 2023

Jordan has been wetting the bed for the past year. His mother, sick of it takes him to have some tests done. But a therapist recommendation sends Jordan and his mother down a strange path.

Erika's Revenge

by: RegressedJanitor Last updated Oct 26, 2022

Rob's life is turned upside down when his sister decides to get revenge after he flexes his age against her, matters are only made worse with his domineering and infantilizing mother.

The Test Class

by: RegressedJanitor Last updated Sep 6, 2022

The senior class of William R. Schoenburg High School is failing, their futures are in danger and there's nowhere to turn. The parents, fearful of the future of their children don't know what to do. That is until AgeCo solutions comes to the school and offers them a solution and the parents agree. However this comes at the autonomy of the students, who are subject to the horrors of the solution AgeCo is offering. Trapped with no escape; Sam, Mandy, & Jimmy try to survive the year using anything they can. But with the strictness of the rules imposed upon them by AgeCo, the three have to make tough choices to survive their final year of school and keep their bodies intact. Will they pass, or will they be held back?

The Road Trip

by: RegressedJanitor Last updated Sep 4, 2022

Excited to see his cousin Erik; Mark goes on a road trip with his Mom, his 12 year old brother Jeff, and his 3 year old brother Lucas. However as the trip goes on, Mark begins to change. Now, trapped in a car with his age dwindling and reality shifting around him, Mark struggles to find a way to escape whatever fate awaits him at the end of the car ride.

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On story: Erika's Revenge - chapter 5
RegressedJanitor Jan 12, 2023

Well the outline was this: Rob's regression would have continued unhindered until it was time for the final step, which would have put Rob from ...

On story: Bed Wetter - chapter 1

RegressedJanitor Jan 12, 2023

I thought I was being clever when I put Lindsay asking "so he wants to be a baby girl?" In there but in all honesty I didn't actually build it u ...

On story: Bed Wetter - chapter 1

RegressedJanitor Jan 10, 2023

It's finished now, sorry I accidentally published the first chapter early a few times. But it's done.


On story: Erika's Revenge - chapter 5
RegressedJanitor Jan 10, 2023

New chapters are not coming. For reason's ive given in another comment I wasn't able to bring this story to a conclusion I wanted to sit down an ...

I'm sorry.

On story: Erika's Revenge - chapter 5
RegressedJanitor Jan 10, 2023

I'm going to tentatively apologize for this one. When I was writing this I was in a big of an artistic spree where I was focusing on every form ...


On story: Jodie Delight - Adult Baby & Sissy Author (Amazon eBooks) - chapter 1
RegressedJanitor Nov 26, 2022


On story: The Test Class - chapter 1

RegressedJanitor Sep 10, 2022

yeah sorry it's taking awhile, been dealing with some personal stuff that's taken me away from getting any work done on it.

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