The Test Class

by: RegressedJanitor | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 6, 2022

The senior class of William R. Schoenburg High School is failing, their futures are in danger and there's nowhere to turn. The parents, fearful of the future of their children don't know what to do. That is until AgeCo solutions comes to the school and offers them a solution and the parents agree. However this comes at the autonomy of the students, who are subject to the horrors of the solution AgeCo is offering. Trapped with no escape; Sam, Mandy, & Jimmy try to survive the year using anything they can. But with the strictness of the rules imposed upon them by AgeCo, the three have to make tough choices to survive their final year of school and keep their bodies intact. Will they pass, or will they be held back?

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - Assembly

Chapter Description: AgeCo gives a presentation.

Abigail pulled into the parking lot, the sky was gray and there was a light fog surrounding everything. She looked into the rear view mirror to check her appearance, Abigail took extensive care of herself for a 46 year old, at home the bathroom connected to her master bathroom was littered with skin care products with a combined cost of $200. Her make up was laser focused and her hair obsessively maintained into a curly shoulder length bob that never went past her chin to frame her face. She turned the key in the ignition to turn the motor off, grabbed her purse, and exited the car. She walked to the large brick building in front of her, a sign on the front read “William R. Schoenburg High School”. She entered the large double doors in front of her into a long hallway, cinderblocks comprising the walls, with various posters and cork boards hung up. At the end of the halls was a group of parents discussing something among each other, as she made it to the group she saw they were standing in front of the double doors to an assembly hall. 

One of the other mother’s noticed her and smiled, holding her arms out to hug her. “Abigail!” she rang out, “It’s so nice to see you!”.

Abigail smiled before embracing the woman, “Oh Lindsay, it’s been forever hasn’t it.”

Lindsay nodded as the two women let go of each other, “So do you have any clue what this is all about.”

Abigail shook her head, “None, but if test scores are as bad as they’re saying they are then I’m willing to hear them out. If Sam doesn’t get into college I have no clue what I’ll do.”

“I feel the same, I mean I don’t want Jimmy to spend the next year lounging around my house.” Lindsay replied with a scoff. “Besides whatever it is, I’m sure its….” Lindsay trailed off as she looked toward the double doors at the end of the hall. 

Abigail turned around to notice an older woman with a walker struggling with the door, recognizing her Abigail began to trot over to the doors to assist. She pushed open the double doors to let the older woman into the school, “Thank you.” the old woman replied, “It’s nice to know someone has manners.” She said, glaring at the rest of the adults talking.

“You’re Esther, right? Mandy’s grandmother?” Abigail asked with her hand on Esther’s shoulder.

“That’s right.” The woman replied.

Abigail smiled, “Right.” she reached her hand out to shake the woman’s hand, “I’m Abigail, Sam’s mother.”

“Oh” the woman paused, “Right. Your daughter visited Mandy a few days ago.”

Abigail continued to smile, “It’s nice to meet you. Please, come with me and I’ll find you a seat.” And began to walk toward the group. 

Lindsay looked down and gestured toward the two, signaling that the presentation was about to begin.

As the adults filed into the auditorium, they noticed that many of the parents of the seniors were present for the presentation, of course there were some who couldn’t make it but the majority of parents of seniors were present. One by one they filed into the remaining auditorium seats that were available for them, and waited for someone to come on stage. After a few minutes the Principal of the school stepped on stage from behind a curtain and approached the mic that was front and center of the stage.

He cleared his throat and then spoke, “Thank you all for being here, I know your schedules are busy and with families to raise I can’t imagine how hectic your lives are. I know mine is.” He said with a slight chuckle, and a few parents joined in. He cleared his throat again, “Now, the test scores for the senior class have been remarkably low and this puts a lot of students in danger of being unable to find their ways into Universities or other colleges. Which is why we’ve been in contact with AgeCo Solutions, a Genetic and Medical research and development company that may have a solution for our problem. What they’re offering is a way for students to be able to redo some of their tests and grades up to this point, and we feel that it would be beneficial to hear them out, and maybe cast a vote to decide if we want to take part in their services. And with that I want to introduce Ms. Maria Lagenstrom, head of public relations at AgeCo.” He then gestured toward the side of the stage and a woman walked out from behind.

The woman’s presentation shocked and awed parents, half of them walking out while the rest stayed. Abigail, Esther, and Lindsay stayed firmly planted in their seats for the entire presentation, and at the end the votes were cast. For the remaining parents, 75% of them voted yes.

The vote was cast and so was the fate of the students whose parents voted yes. These students; Sam, Jimmy, and Mandy, their fate was sealed. They had no clue what they would be walking into the next morning, or how the rest of the school year would develop for them.



End Chapter 1

The Test Class

by: RegressedJanitor | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 6, 2022


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vended · Sep 8, 2022

Good start once again. I'm eager to see what you thought of. :] Keep the great work!

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Ambrose · Sep 8, 2022

Interesting start! Nice that not all adults are with it.

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