That Goth Chick

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Chapter 8
One Life Ends, One Life Begins

Chapter Description: The final installment of the story of Becky, Cindy, Samantha, and that creepy Goth chick.

Chapter 8: One Life Ends, One Life Begins

Something was floating in front of her. She wanted to reach out and take it but her arms were so heavy. It was round and flat and hung steadily in the air, not moving. She tried to move towards it but her legs felt like lead. She forced herself to move causing her to fall forwards. Her arms snapped into life and she swung them forwards so not to fall on her face. It was like her feet were stuck in syrup or cement.

She tried to pull herself up from the floor but not her hands felt heavy and cumbersome. So she crawled as well as she could on all fours towards the hanging object. She wanted to know what it was. For some reason she felt like she had to.

Slowly she made her way to where it hung two feet off the ground. Fighting against the heavy iron feeling of her arms, she lifted her right hand to grab it. It was so close…

Her finger nicked the side of it as her strength gave out, making her hand fall to the ground. The Smooth round object started to rotate slowly from her touch. It lowered itself. It turned. It floated downward until it was at her eye level. She looked at it, wanting to touch it again. It was shiny and clear. There was a person inside of it. She looked into the flat object and saw a teenage girl being reflected back at her. She was drooling from one corner of her mouth.

Her reflection stared back at her. She didn’t like it. Something was wrong. She suddenly felt very sick and sad. She watched as her reflection started to cry, and she felt hot tears drip down her cheeks and mix with the spittle hanging from her chin.

Then she felt something else. Something warm was spreading down her legs. It was wet and warm. She didn’t like it. She heard herself start to cry out loud, but the voice which left her was that of a baby girl’s. Then everything went black.

Slowly the world faded into view. The mobile above her head was stationary and unmoving. The top rim of the crib hung in her field of vision as Becky laid on her back. Someone was crying near her.

With a resounding crash of disappointment, she realized that this wasn’t all some crazy dream. She was still a baby.

She rolled her head over and looked around. AS far as she could tell she was in the same room and the same crib she had been in before. Twisting herself to look around further she realized that she had some control over her body now even though her movements were unrefined and infantile.

She saw next to her the two cribs, each of which contained another baby. Samantha and Cindy. The one closest to her was crying wildly.

“Ahmmrphma… Nnndmmm,” she said. She looked down and saw that her own thumb was sticking out of her mouth. She apparently had been sucking her thumb in her sleep. It felt like a prune against her tongue. She pulled it out with disgust and asked as best she could, “Samantha? Cindy?” It again came out as formless baby babble.

But to her surprise, the crying baby in the crib next to her immediately stopped crying and looked at her with wide eyes. “What? Who are you?!” the baby said. When it spoke Becky heard the gurgles and coos of baby speech but she found that she could actually understand it.

“Samantha? Are you Samantha?” she said, again hearing her own voice translated into baby speech.

“What? No I’m Cindy!” the baby said back. Becky was astounded that she could understand what the baby was saying.

“Cindy?! It’s me, Becky!”

Cindy’s face fell. “Becky?! Oh no. That maniac got you too!” She rolled over and grabbed onto the bars of the crib like an inmate talking to another across the hallway.

“This is insane.” Becky said, mimicking Cindy. They stood in their diapers at the bars of their cribs, looking at each other, each not wanting to believe what they were seeing. “I can’t believe this. We’re babies. We’re actually babies. She fucking turned us into babies!”

Cindy started to tear up. “I know. I’ve been like this for a while. I wake up every day crying and wishing this is all fake. I thought you guys would come and save me.”

“She tricked us into coming to your house. Then she drugged us and brought us here. When she did it to me, you two were already here. That is Samantha right?”

Cindy looked at the sleeping baby in the last crib. “Yeah she was here yesterday. Or at least I think it’s yesterday. I don’t even know how long it’s been. We’ve been trying to find out a way we can get out and fix this.”

“Even if we could explain this, I don’t think anyone would believe it. Why can I understand you?”

“I don’t know. I guess babies understand each other. God, that sounds terrible to say. I’m scared Becky. I want to go home. I want to be a big girl again. I want to wear tanktops and thongs and miniskirts again. This is a nightmare!”

Becky struggled to keep her voice calm. “I know, babe, I know. She has to get tired of this sometime though right? I mean how can she get away with turning us into babies? Somebody must come snooping around eventually.”

Then the baby in the last crib stirred. Samantha had been sucking her thumb too, and it apparently was sufficient enough to keep her asleep through Cindy’s crying. Becky Immediately called out to her. “Samantha?”

Samantha looked up and popped her thumb from her mouth. “Becky? Oh no.”

Becky moved along the wall of the crib to get a better look at her. As she did, she felt something cold on her body. “Samantha, I’m sorry. This is all crazy.”

“It’s not your fault. It’s that crazy bitch in the other room. She used her weird Satan powers to do this to us.” And Samantha got up and stood at her crib as well.

Becky saw the surreal image of her two best friends standing in front of her in baby bodies, all clad in diapers. She gritted her teeth in anger. “Just wait until she--”

She trailed off. The cold feeling against her body was becoming more and more prominent. She looked down and saw the disposable diaper wrapped around her body. It was supposed to be white. But it wasn’t. She frowned and whimpered as she realized that she had wet her diaper when she was asleep.

“Oh no. This can’t be happening.” She said.

“It did,” said Cindy. “I’ve wet my diapers a bunch of times. We may be able to think like adults, but these bodies aren’t that mature. I’ve tried turning the lock on the crib but my fingers just don’t work anymore.” And she popped her thumb in her mouth without thinking about it.

Becky looked at her. “What are you doing! Stop that!”

Cindy removed it with some great difficulty. “I try. It’s just our instincts now.”

Just then the door creaked itself open and in walked Jaime. She clicked the light on. “Awww… all three of my little girls are already up?”

As she walked into the room, the three babies simultaneously released their grips on the bars of their cribs and dropped back onto their behinds. Cindy started to cry and Becky fell onto her back and kicked her legs in the air. Samantha simply sat back and sucked on her toes. What was happening?” Becky thought

“Aww aren’t you all so cute? I bet you were all talking about what was going on weren’t you?” And Jaime walked over to Cindy, picked up the crying baby and held her in her arms, rocking Cindy back and forth until her cries subsided into child-like whimpers of pleasure.

“Get your disgusting freak hands off her,” Becky thought, “Come on, Cindy. Bite her. Hit her! Do something!”

“Does baby Cindy need a diaper change?” Jaime pulled her diaper aside and stuck a black fingernail into it. “Nope, you’re dry. Such a big girl you are! Yes you are!”

Jaime nuzzled Cindy’s nose with her own. Cindy giggles, and Becky was doubtless that she was really screaming inside. After replacing Cindy back in her crib Jaime then moved over to Becky’s crib and swooped her up. She stuck her finger into Becky’s diaper and her eyes lit up. “Oooh looks like Baby wet her first diapee! Let’s get you changed.”

Becky’s mind reeled in fury as Jaime once again brought her to the changing table and proceeded to change her diaper. AS she did, she spoke to the room.

“I bet you’re wondering what is going on Becky. Thanks to my strong belief in Wicca I’ve successfully transformed into what you all truly are inside. And I supposed by now you’ve figured out that you can understand each other.” Jaime taped the last diaper tape into place and carried Becky back to her crib. “Since the three of you are the subjects of this spell, when you are near one another you’ll be able to understand each other. But if you’re alone you’ll hear yourself as a baby. If any adults are around your bodies will revert to baby abilities and you’ll hear yourself as a baby. If any other babies are around you’ll talk and function just like they do. So talk it up while you can, little ones. Cause once you are out of each other’s sight, you may as well say bye-bye to big girl speak.”

“Oh and don’t worry about people coming to find you. Those hairs I yanked from your little heads before you changed? Will let’s just say I’ve been using those to my advantage.”

Suddenly, to Becky’s, Samantha’s, and Cindy’s horror, they saw Jaime suddenly turn into Becky. Her whole body transformed into the spitting image of Becky, down to every last hair.

“I can now change into each and every one of you…” she said in Becky’s voice. Then she morphed into Samantha, “Whenever I chose…” and then turned into Cindy, “And I’m going to destroy your lives.” Still in the body of Cindy, she twirled her hair and adopted the voice of a Valley Girl as she said with a smile, “It’s gonna, like, so totally rock.”

It was so accurate and believable that Becky knew there would be no hope in ever saving herself. Jaime was going to live out their lives and wear their faces.

Becky heard Samantha’s coos and she looked over to see Samantha with her arms up, her hands grasping at Jaime who was now Cindy.

“Aww I think baby wants her breakfast.” Said Jaime, and she lifted Samantha up into her arms. She slid her shirt down, exposing Cindy’s perfectly sculpted nipple. Samantha’s baby body instinctively snapped onto it and started to suckle hungrily. “That’s it baby girl. See that Cindy? Never mind boys. Even your friends can’t resist getting a taste of you!”

After Samantha had her fill and Becky was sure that Samantha was trying her hardest not to think about what she had just done, Jaime looked addressed the three of them again. “Well babies, it’s almost time for your new lives to begin. Let’s get you dressed.”

One by one, Jaime popped each baby into childish clothes. Cindy was dressed in a babyish t-shirt and denim diaper cover, Samantha sat snuggly in a onesie, and Becky’s fresh and fluffy diaper was fully exposed under a yellow sun dress. While they were getting dressed, those whose turn it was not was given a pacifier or rattle which they would suck on or jingle instinctively.

Becky dreaded every second and her mind seemed to not stop crying silently, trapped behind the confines of a baby’s absent-minded giggle.

Becky watched as the trees zipped by outside. They were now each sitting in three carseats in the backseat of what looked like a cathedral of a car. Jaime had brought them out and, after packing a large diaper bag full of fresh diapers and baby supplies, loaded the car with strollers.

Becky’s baby eyes stared out the window, hoping beyond hope that someone would stop Jaime. She wanted a cop to pull her over and somehow recognize them. But she knew that would never happen and they were driving further and further away from their town.

She wanted to turn to her friends and talk to them. She wanted to know that they were still there, still coherent and thinking inside their baby minds. Becky’s leg jerked and she felt the diaper against her bare leg remind her of how real it was.

As the car pulled into the lot of an unfamiliar recreational park, Becky’s thumb pulled itself into her mouth. Unable to control her body in the presence of an adult, she felt herself mindlessly sucking on it, turning it prune-like and pale.

The car stopped. The three girls were extracted from their carseats and placed in a stroller. Samantha and Cindy were snuggled in a two-child stroller while Becky was by herself in her own stroller.

They were pushed along the paved walkway into the park until Jaime stopped at an unoccupied bench. She sat there with the three babies and, making sure nobody was watching, turned into Samantha.

Jaime and the girls waited. Minutes melted off of the clock. After a while of Jaime checking their diapers and changing anyone who needed to be changed, Becky heard footsteps coming closer.

“Are you Samantha?” said a voice with a slightly Asian-American accent.

“Yes, and you must be the woman who contacted me.” Jaime said in Samantha’s voice.

“Yes I am very excited. Which one is it?”

The woman walked into Becky’s view. She was a small, beautiful woman with definite traces of asian genes etched on her face. She looked sweet and loving.

“Her,” said Jaime, pointing to Samantha. The woman then moved close to Samantha and looked her closely in the face.

“Awww she is so adorable. And you say she will not age?”

Jaime smiled behind the woman’s back. “No,” she said in a mock sadness voice, “these girls have a genetic deformity which doesn’t let them age. They’ll be babies for the rest of their lives.”

The woman’s face was unreadable. “That is very sad. But don’t worry. I am unable to have children after accident. I’ve always wanted a baby girl of my own. I would rather have baby girl forever than worry about her growing up.”

Then to Becky’s horror she saw the woman scoop Samantha out of her stroller, take a few diapers from the diaper bag, shake Jaime’s hand and slip a very large envelope of money into the stroller before walking off. Becky heard Samantha’s babyish whimper as the woman carried her out of sight.

Behind Becky’s thumb, she was crying to herself. A random woman had just come and taken her friend away to be treated like a baby forever. And she knew that she and Cindy would go the same way.

Once again they waited as Jaime transformed herself into Cindy. As they waited, Cindy wet her diaper and Jaime found great pleasure as she knew the baby she was changing was disgusted to see her own body changing herself into a fresh diaper.

Then a second pair of feet walked up and another woman greeted herself to Jaime disguised as Cindy. Again Jaime greeted the woman and explained how the baby Cindy would not age, and again Becky felt the sinking feeling of seeing another friend being taken away to who knows where. She would never see her friends again, and she was all alone, trapped as a baby.

She felt her diaper become warm again and though she cried out against it, all her baby body did was giggle and kick her legs. Her baby body started drooling and Jaime wiped it away with a cloth.

“Well you’re the last one, Becky. I hope you enjoyed your short time as a grown-up. You’re going to be wetting your diapers for a very, very, VERY long time.”

Becky’s baby form started to whimper and look around. She knew that her baby self was missing something. She could feel the emotions of her baby self bubbling up to the surface.

“Aww does baby want to be happy again?” said Jaime, “I have an idea. How about we play peek-a-boo! That sound fun!”

Jaime positioned herself in front of Becky’s stroller and covered her own face with her hands. “Where’s mama?” she asked behind her hands. She pulled them open and said, “There she is!” She repeated. “Where’s mama? ... There she is! Where’s Becky?” and as she pulled her hands aside, Becky suddenly saw her own adult face staring back at her. “Here I am!”

Becky’s hands reached out and tried to grab at Jaime’s new face. She was giggling against her will. Then she heard the last pair of footsteps creeping up from the world around her.

“Are you Becky?”

“Yes. Are you the one who contacted me?”

“Yes. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this. I’ve been looking for a child that I can keep as my own. I’ve never liked the idea of raising a child. When you said that your daughters don’t age, I was relieved beyond relief!”

“Yes I know. I can’t raise my girls myself. It’s better that they find loving homes instead of suffering under a parent like myself.”

“I’m sure you would have done great, but I can’t deny my dream of wanting a little baby of my own. May I hold her?”

Jaime smiled Becky’s wide smile. “Of course.”

The woman crouched into Becky’s view. She then reached slowly under Becky’s sun-dressed armpits and pulled her up out of the stroller. Becky felt her legs dangle, separated by the thick diaper between them. The woman looked beautiful but Becky wanted to be home. She wanted to wear her own clothes. She wanted to have sex again. She wanted to go to the mall again. She wanted to use the toilet again. Again she reminded herself of the soggy wet feeling pressed against her legs and crotch.

“She’s beautiful.” The woman said.

Jaime smiled. “Yes she is. She’s so pure. But she likes to squish around in her wet diapers.”

The woman giggled, “Well if that’s what she likes I’ll be sure to give her what she wants. She’ll get her little diaper changed just before she gets a rash, won’t she?” and the woman snuggled Becky close to her. Becky felt the woman’s heartbeat thumping inside her breasts as large as bean-bag chairs. She saw the woman place a large envelope of money into the stroller and grab a handful of baby diapers from the diaper bag. Then the woman took Becky’s baby hand waved it up and down for her at Jaime. “Say bye-bye to mama, sweetheart!”

Jaime waved back at the pathetic baby in the woman’s arms and said, “Bye-bye baby girl. Remember, don’t be a creepy crybaby!”

And Jaime and the woman chuckled before parting ways. This was it. The start of her new life. She was going to be the baby of a random woman, stuck in a crib and playpen and playing with baby toys for the rest of her life. Becky hoped that she, Samantha, and Cindy would be well taken care of in their new lives, as horrible as they would be.

Becky watched as Jaime shrank in the distance, gathering up the money and packing up the strollers. And she thought she could vaguely make out the sight of her own familiar body transforming back into Jaime. She wished she had never messed with that creepy goth girl she once knew.




End Chapter 8

That Goth Chick

by: magicgirldiapers | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 22, 2011


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