That Goth Chick

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Chapter 3
Missing Musketeer

Chapter Description: One of the three is curiously missing.

Chapter 3: Missing Musketeer

“Hey, where’s Cindy?” Becky asked Samantha on the day they returned from spring break.

“Like, how should I know? She usually gets a ride from Kevin to school doesn’t she?” responded Samantha as she blew a large pink bubblegum bubble.

“WTF?” Becky said to Cindy. “I, like, texted her seven times today she hasn’t gotten back. She never has her phone off.”

Samantha stopped blowing mid-bubble. She looked fearful. “Maybe,” she said as though she was uncovering some dark government secret, “Maybe her ‘rents like totally found out about last night.” She gasped a large girlish gasp, “Maybe they like found out about the part at Frank’s and they took her phone away. Maybe at the party Frank got her pregnant and now she’s all embarrassed and shit. If so we should totally bust on her for being so stupid.”

Friendship between girls like this only extends so far.

“Nooooo,” said Becky, “Couldn’t be. Cindy said Frank totally pulled out early enough.”

A wave of relief washed over Samantha’s face. “Oh good. So then she doesn’t have to worry about that then.”

Spring break had come and gone, and Becky had once again spent it with her troupe of followers and cronies. The night before the resuming of classes, Frank, a well-known basketball player in the school, had thrown a party to celebrate the end of spring break. Becky, Samantha, and Cindy had all gone and of course partook in all of the usual things that college girls do at spring break parties: getting drunk, getting high, dancing, and having lots and lots of sex.

Cindy, or “Sin-D”, as she was nicknamed by the boys of the school, had a very wild time at the party with Becky and Samantha. Becky (while intoxicated) drove her home that night, telling her that she would pick her up in the morning. “Sin-D” slurred a murmur of drunken agreement, claimed that “rabbits make the best pets!!”, and vomited on the lawn of her house as they snuck her into her own home.

But on the morning which they had to return to classes, when Becky had pulled up in her BMW and texted Cindy for her to come out and go to school, Becky received no reply. After reluctantly getting out of the car to actually walk to the front door of Cindy’s house and knock, she found that there were no lights on inside. She had looked in through the window of the garage. Cindy’s car was there. She tried the front door. It was locked. This was unprecedented.

So Becky went to school that day texting Cindy every hour asking her where she was.

But Cindy didn’t text back that day. Nor the day after. Becky and Samantha had boiled down to the conclusion that Cindy’s parents must have seen the state that Cindy was in the following day and cut her cell-phone, car, and computer use. But it was unlike them to not let her go to school.

Three days after classes started again, Becky’s phone buzzed halfway through Psychology 101. It was a text from Cindy. She excitedly texted Samantha, who was down the hall in Modern Sculpture, to meet her in the bathroom on that floor.

“Did you get Cindy’s text?” Becky said while standing in front of the sink.

“No. She texted you and not me too? As if.”

Becky passed her phone to Samantha who took it and read it.

“Hey grl. Sry ive been sick. Come over after school lets out. Want some company. Front doors unlocked. Luv ya. L8r <33”

Samantha read it twice. “Why wouldn’t she text us earlier?”

“She must be really sick. Want to visit her after school.”

Samantha scoffed. “Duh, you fucking hipster!”

And the two girls left to return to their classes.



End Chapter 3

That Goth Chick

by: magicgirldiapers | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 22, 2011


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