That Goth Chick

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Chapter 5
Making Preparations

Chapter Description: The time has almost come

Chapter 5: Making Preparations

Something moved nearby. With her eyes closed, Becky heard someone or something moving somewhere near her. She woke up slowly and kept her eyes shut, trying to gather some kind of information about what was happening by listening as hard as she could. The silence around her combined with the ominous sounds of something moving nearby told sparked her into nervousness and her breath quickened slightly.

Her head was pounding and the sounds around her sounded muffled and melting. There was a buzzing in her ears. She struggled to remember what had happened. The last thing she could remember was falling onto the floor of Cindy’s kitchen. Her eyes went dark just as she saw someone standing above her.

She tried to move slightly and found that she was sitting on some kind of chair. Her arms were extended over the arms of the chair and she felt the tight pressure of bindings around her wrists. She tried to move other parts of her body and found that her ankles and head were also tied to the chair on which she sat.

Becky’s unnerve quickly turned to full-fledged fear as she opened her eyes to a slit.

The room was dimly lit by a single light above her head. The sound of her heartbeat was beginning to pound against the inside of her ears and she fought to control her breathing. Her eyes darted back and forth and she tried to acquire as much detail about the room as she could.

From what she could make out with the dim light, she was sitting in some underground room. There were no windows that she could see. The walls were made of brick, and the floor, though carpeted, was icy cold beneath her bare feet.

With her fear spiking at every heartbeat, she tried to move again, a little more forcefully. She tried to rotate her head, but the strap around her forehead was tight and she couldn’t move it an inch. She strained against the pressure of the bindings and she whimpered in fear and pain as it refused to budge.

Then a distorted voice came from somewhere in the room.

“Oh you’re awake, aren’t you little one?”

Becky’s heart skipped a beat in terror. Where did she know that voice? It was hard to tell with her ears still ringing. The person sounded far away as if they were speaking through a wall of cotton.

Becky, throwing caution to the wind, started to pull and fight as hard as her frail form would allow her. She closed her eyes and started to scream and pull.

Suddenly she felt her bottom jaw being pulled open. Her eyes snapped open in time so see a hand shove something large and round into her mouth. It was so big that Becky’s jaw was pressed open on its own accord. She struggled to spit it out, but she couldn’t. She screamed against it, only to hear herself be muffled against its cloth fabric

“Aww is wittle Becky afwaid??” mocked the voice. Becky’s ears were clearing and she wracked her mind to find out who it was. “Don’t worry,” the voice which Becky now identified as female continued, “mama will make it all better.”

Mama? Though Becky for a moment. This person, whoever it was, was surely crazy. She continued to struggle and scream. “Ah ah ah!” taunted the woman, “Little babies have to be good when they get their medicine”.

Becky opened her eyes again and froze as she saw a large syringe lowered into her view from above her head. Tears instantly welled up in her eyes and she struggled as hard as she could. The large cloth obstruction in her mouth was now getting wet with moisture, and she struggled to not choke on her own saliva.

“Now now, Becky Wecky,” said the voice. It was sweet to the point of sickening, “We can’t be screaming and moving while we get our shots, can we. If we do, that can make the needle weedle make an owie.”

Becky’s mascara was now bleeding down her cheeks and dripping onto her shoulders but she didn’t stop struggling.

Suddenly she felt a strong pain fire through her face as an unseen hand landed in a slap across her cheek. Her ears rang out in pain once more. With her face throbbing and shocked by this whole situation she slowed her struggling to a stop. “Good girl,” said a voice that was almost recognizable. Her eyes tracked the needle of the syringe as it fell out of sight and traveled down to her arm. Alcohol was rubbed onto the back of her hand and she winced in pain and fear as the needle was pressed into her skin. As the plunger was pressed slowly she could have sworn she heard a sickeningly sadistic chuckle echo around the room.

Almost immediately Becky felt her wrist become weak and slightly numb around the area of the needle. The feeling spread through her veins until she was lying almost completely limp in the chair. But she remained conscious, trapped inside her own body. Her heart pumped loudly and overtly in her chest, making the numbing cocktail spread quickly into every area of her body. She put every ounce of strength into struggling against it, but she could only move a small amount, making her efforts feeble and minute. She felt her spine give way and lessen to the injection

“There we go…” the eerie voice cooed again, “Widdle Becky is all nice and relaxed isn’t she?”

“hmmmmphh rrrymmmm,” Becky muffled as best she could against the gag. Even her voice sounded tired and weak.

“What’s that dearie?” asked the voice?

“Hhhrroo rrrr yrrooo?”

“Aww is my little girl twying to tawk wike a big girl?”

Becky inhaled again. “Hhhrroo rrrr yrrooo?”

The woman walked around in front of Becky. Becky tried to focus on the woman’s hidden face which was hidden under a hood, barely illumined by the solitary light above. “That’s it baby girl. Say it with me. Ready? ‘Whooo’…”

“Hhhrroo rrrr yrrooo!?!?!?!”


Becky gathered all of her breath and screamed against the gag. “WHHRRROOOO RRRRHHHH YYRRHHHHOOOOO?!?!?!?!?”


Becky’s tears continued to flow like a waterfall in frustration. Why was this crazy woman talking to her like she was an infant?

“That’s ok. Pretty soon you won’t be able to do much more than try anyway. I’m truly surprised you don’t recognize me. After all…” The stranger leaned forward, pulling away her hood to reveal a very familiar face, “I’m just a creepy crybaby.”



End Chapter 5

That Goth Chick

by: magicgirldiapers | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 22, 2011


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