That Goth Chick

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Chapter 6
The Board Is Set

Chapter Description: Almost time now

Chapter 6: The Board is Set

If there hadn’t been a cloth gag almost completely filling Becky’s mouth, the scream of anger, fear, and confusion that she had let out would have been deafening. The look of puzzlement on Becky’s face quickly turned to fear as she noticed the devilishly complacent look on Jaime’s face. Jamie was standing there in front of a helpless Becky, arms crossed and smirking at the girl’s utter horror.

Jaime leaned forward and moved her face close to Becky’s which was now trickling with sweat and blackened tears. Jaime could see the fear in Becky’s eyes as she struggled against the substance which her one-time friend injected her with. Jaime’s face was in the full light now and Becky could see her own face reflected in the dark blue eyes in front of her.

Jaime moved closer to Becky. They were now almost nose-to-nose. She stared deep into Becky’s eyes and said, “Becky… you are heartless and cruel. You have no business insulting me the way you’ve done these years.”

Becky’s feeble struggles and whimpers subsided slightly. Being addressed directly like this was catching her attention.

“I never asked from anything from you but your friendship,” Jaime continued, “And in the time when I needed your help the most you turned your back on me.” And she slapped Becky hard in the face again. Tears splattered onto Becky’s shoulder. “How dare you treat me the way you have done. You were my best friend. Best friends don’t cut each other up the way you do to me. If you were ever my friend you wouldn’t taunt me and my parents the way you did. You’re nothing but a disgusting little brat.”

Becky began to struggle and yell curses at Jaime again from behind her mouth gag. But Jaime reached behind her back and revealed another syringe which was full of another unknown liquid. She held the needle vertically between their two faces, the tip of it coming dangerously close to Becky’s skin.

Then Jaime grabbed Becky’s jaw and held her head steady. Becky let out a yelp of terror as Jaime aimed the syringe at Becky’s eye. But Jaime instead plunged the metal needle into the exposed cloth gag until the head of it rested in safely in the now-soaked wad of cloth in Becky’s mouth. Slowly, she pressed down on the plunger.

Becky started to shake with fear again. This new liquid was warm and tasted sugary. But as it spread through the cloth gag and seeped out into Becky’s mouth, Becky couldn’t deny the sensation of feeling her entire mouth go numb. Wherever the liquid touched numbed over immediately, and eventually her mouth was so full of the anesthetic that she had no choice but to swallow some for fear of choking on it.

The strange sensation traveled through her throat as she swallowed. A few seconds passed. The syringe was empty and Jaime withdrew it from Becky’s mouth. Then with a sickeningly sadistic grin, she held the top of Becky’s head with one hand and pressed her jaw as far closed as it would go. The liquid in the gag was squeezed from it and into Becky’s mouth, and the sense of numbness was now absolute and unwavering.

After a few seconds and more of Becky’s tears dripping from her eyes, Jaime released the pressure from Becky’s mouth and pulled the cloth gag from Becky’s mouth. “Ah… that should do. Now I’m going prove to you how much of a little child you are. ” She said.

Becky gathered her breath and tried to shout questions and protests at Jaime but all that came out was incoherent babble. She tried again but again all she could manage was, “Gooahbaabaagaaleeaa!!”

“Aww,” said Jaime again in her sweetly mothering voice, “Is the widdle skank twying to tawk wike a big girl? Yes she is! Yes she is!” and she bopped Becky’s nose lightly with her finger, the way a mother would to a newborn child.

Now complete with frustration and the longing to apologize to Jaime, Becky began to cry harder and be as clear as she could with her speech. But it was no use. Her mouth was completely numb and uncontrollable. A trickle of drool spilled from the corner of her mouth.

“Whoopsies!” goaded Jaime as she wiped the trickle of spit from Becky’s chin. “Looks like baby’s getting ahead of herself. Well then… I guess that just means we’ll have to continue on.”

And Jaime moved away from Becky into the shadows behind her.

Suddenly Becky felt the chair she was strapped securely into lean backwards. She thought she was going to fall over and crash onto the floor, but she quickly halted at a 45 degree angle. She saw the light above her click off, and her eyes fell into darkness.

Then she felt herself moving, and she realized that she was in some kind of wheelchair. Jaime was wheeling her somewhere.

Through the darkness, still limp and weakened, mouth still useless and numb, still bound to the chair, Becky felt herself come to a halt. Her eyes were beginning to adjust in the darkness. She saw the rough outline of Jaime moving across her vision in the darkness. She was moving back and forth, placing things on the ground, preparing something. She just wanted to apologize to Jaime for everything she had done, for the way she and her friends had treated her. Maybe if she could convince Jaime that she was sorry then she stop this and let her go home.

She inhaled again and tried to control her mouth as best as she could.

“Gaabaaa! Ahmmb thahhlleee…”

Jaime’s voice came from the darkness. She sounded frighteningly close to her. “You’re not sorry.” Jaime knew that Becky would try this. “You’re not apologizing because you’re sorry. You’re apologizing because for once I have the upper hand. You’re terrified because no matter what you do or try to say, you can’t win anymore. I’m going to make sure of that.”

Then on the ground in front of her she saw a match spring into life and light the exposed wick of a white candle on the floor. The ghostly illumination of Jaime blew out the candle and proceeded to use the lit candle to light another… and then another… and then another.

Very soon, the room was being bathed in dim candlelight. The walls in this room were made of stone too. Becky could see a shape formed on the ground by the candles: a large five-pointed star.

Becky closed her eyes shut. Not wanting to believe that this was real. Not believing in this psychotic situation. Creepy Crybaby Jaime was obviously crazy.

Then she felt the strain on the bands around her feet slacken. Her eyes popped open and she saw Jaime in front of her, cutting the bond with a knife and looking quite unconcerned by this.

This was her chance. She could tackle Jaime. She could find some way out of here. She could go straight to the cops and get this mental case locked up in a padded room forever. One by one she felt her limbs go free. As soon as the band around her head was cut she gathered more strength than she ever did before and tried to punch at Jaime. She tried to get up and run.

But instead, she simply hurled herself onto the floor with a painful crash. She began to sob in anger and hopelessness. The muscle relaxant in her veins was just too strong.

“Tsk tsk tsk,” Jaime sounded, “Little babies shouldn’t try to walk before they’re ready. They fall down, go boom!” And she laughed maliciously.

Becky couldn’t move. She exhausted all of her strength trying to get up. She’d never get away now. She figured she would just let Jaime have her fun. She’ll get her kicks and then let her go. She may even have to endure some kind of public humiliation at school or in town for a while. She just wanted to go home. She wanted to see Samantha and Cindy.

Samantha and Cindy?

Where were they? They had to know about this! They’d come! They’d save her! That’s what friends do! They save each other!

Becky almost expected them to come bursting into the creepy room as she thought it. But the seconds passed. The only thing she heard was Jaime shuffling with something across the room.

“Almost time now!” Jaime said. The candlelight reflected in her eyes was terrifying.

Then Becky felt her limp limbs being pulled in different directions. Jaime scraped her along the carpeted floor and stretched her body out Vitruvian Man style. She was spread eagled on the floor, her feet pointing to the glowing pentacle.

Tears were flowing silently from Becky’s eyes and into her hair as her head fell to one side.

Jaime then grabbed a handful of Becky’s hair and tugged hard. Becky felt the sharp sting of pain as a few oh her hairs were ripped from her scalp. Jaime moved away from her and placed the strands of hair in the direct center of the star. Becky was left to look at a blackened stone wall. Then she heard her captor move to other side of the candlelight star.

Becky heard Jaime give a little chuckle and say, “Now then… Let’s begin.”

To be continued



End Chapter 6

That Goth Chick

by: magicgirldiapers | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 22, 2011


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