That Goth Chick

by: magicgirldiapers | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 22, 2011

Chapter 4

Chapter Description: things get serious

Chapter 4: Spiked

“Hello? Cindy?!”Becky and Samantha called as they opened the front door or Cindy’s house. Her parents weren’t home.

Cindy’s voice called from the bathroom on the main floor. “Hey! I’m in the bathroom. Just hang out for a second.” This was punctuated by the unmistakable sound of someone vomiting into a toilet behind a closed door.

Becky and Samantha entered the house. “You ok babe?” They walked into the kitchen towards the bathroom. There were two sodas on the table.

“I’m fine,” Cindy called again from the bathroom. “I put some drinks out for you guys. Help yourself I just have to clear up my stomach.” And she vomited again.

Samantha caught Becky’s eye. “She really sounds bad. Do you think there might have been something in those drinks at the party?”

Becky and Samantha each sat at the kitchen table, grabbed a soda, and started to sip. “Couldn’t have been” Becky said, “We were drinking the same things she was. Why wouldn’t we get sick too?”

The two girls continued to drink as they listened to the contents of Cindy’s stomach repeatedly hitting the toilet. Becky and Samantha continued to chitchat and express their concerns for Cindy. After a while Samantha and Becky looked at each other. Becky finally leaned towards the bathroom and called, “Cindy? Are you arrrihh… Alright?” Becky said, slurring the last word. Her eyes were feeling very heavy.

“Are you ok?” Samantha asked.

Becky shook herself. “Yeah I’m ok. Just a little tired.”

“You need some help?” Samantha asked Cindy loudly.

There was no answer.

Samantha stood up to go to the door but she only got a few steps before stumbling warily and grabbing onto the table.

“Sam? Whassamatter?” Becky asked tiredly, reaching to grab her.

“I dunno… I’m tired too. I can’t stnndup…” Samantha said through slurred teeth. And she suddenly fell to the floor, snoring loudly in a deep sleep.

“Sam!” Becky yelled, attempting to pick her up. But soon, she too crumpled under the weight of her own body and fell onto the floor. She rolled onto her back and tried to call out, “Cindy! Help us!!," but all that came was a weak and exhausted, "Cinnndd... Hlllppsss...."

The last thing she saw as she lay on her back next to a snoring Samantha was a shadowy figure walking towards her. The person’s face was silhouetted against the bright windows of the kitchen. To Becky, the person looked familiar, but before she could fully see who it was, her eyes faded into blackness and she fell fast asleep.



End Chapter 4

That Goth Chick

by: magicgirldiapers | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 22, 2011


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