That Goth Chick

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Chapter 7
What You Are Inside

Chapter Description: Taking the form of what you are

Chapter 7: What you are Inside

The light of the candles danced quietly against the walls of the room. Becky, with her head resting limp at one side, heard the flipping of pages and occasional flicker of flame from somewhere near her.

Jaime thumbed through a large leather-bound book which was stretched over her cross-legged lap. “You’ve often made fun of me being Wiccan, Becky” she said. “Now I’m about to show you how real it can be.” She continued to flick pages of the book until, with a sinister, she stopped and cleared her throat.

“O veiled spirits. Beings of unearthed power and will. I call upon you to work your power once more on this night...

Before you, offered one foul of heart.

Crept forth from seeds of hate

Let hatred brought be hatred returned

In form of that brought so fiercely

Upon one of pain and good will.”

Jaime stopped for a moment, not making a sound.

Nothing happened.

Then Becky heard the rumble of a candle’s flame blowing in wind trying to stay lit. The sound grew as Jaime continued on.

“Blacked heart presented before ye

For you to shape in countered form.

That which was brought onto me

May take form in evil’s heart.

Let guise on me become form on her

So that wicked may yet be purged from this world.”

Jaime stopped again, falling silent once more, allowing her words to echo around in Becky’s skull. Becky’s eyes traveled the walls of the room. She heard something. Something was buzzing in her ears. The flames of the candles were now rolling back and forth, struggling against a wind that wasn’t there. There sound was loud in Becky’s ears. She tried to call out, whimper, move, anything. But Jaime pressed on, her voice louder and more forceful with determination than it had been.

“Ancient spirits of unseen depth and power

I ask you now to work your force on this creature.

This vile child of hate and cruelty

Form her in shape of that which she uses to torment

Craft her in body of that which she uses to harm and destroy

I call on thee, O spirits of power and justice

To make she here in life what she is in spirit

That which she presses on others.”

Becky fought against the insanity of this situation. She fought against the crazy idea that this was really happening. She fought against the bitter notion that She could have stopped this all from happening somehow.

She fought against the vibrating humming sensation which was now creeping though her body.

As if every cell within her was electrically charged, Becky now felt a distinct vibration, a pulsating heartbeat of numb energy flowing through her. She closed her eyes tightly, not wanting to feel it, not wanting to hear the candle flames which were now roaring back and forth somewhere near. She whimpered as the sensation grew and grew until she felt her teeth and fingernails humming along.

Becky’s tears again began to fall from her eyes onto the floor beneath her. Her body was no longer limp and tangible. She couldn’t feel her body at all, and the sense of gravity pinning her to the floor was lifted as she lost all feeling.

Jaime looked down at Becky through the roaring flames of the candle-lit star. Then, she spoke out in the room loudly in a voice that wasn’t hers. Her eyes were glowing brightly with green and yellow light. Becky heard Jaime’s distorted voice from a million miles away. It was beautiful and disgusting at the same time.

Then Becky felt her body tumbling end over end through space. She tried to scream out, but her voice was tight and her throat wouldn’t move. She was tumbling… tumbling through blackness… completely unaware of what was happening to her.

The numb feeling was starting to fade, and the world seemed to stop spinning. Silence slowly crept into the room as the flames of the candles relaxed and Jaime’s heavy breathing subsided into a soft pattern.

Becky kept her eyes tightly glued shut.

She did not want to know what just happened. All she knew, as the dark world around her slowed to a halt, was that she was lying under something very large, like a gigantic blanket that was most definitely not there before.

Involuntarily one of her legs jerked. She felt the heavy fabric of the blanket slide over bare skin… skin that was most definitely covered with clothing not too long ago.

Then she realized it! Her body! It was moving again!

She didn’t dare open her eyes, but she tried to move her limbs and extremities. With some effort she was able to break through the barriers of the muscle-relaxing toxins in her system. She was moving again. Slightly, feebly, but controlling her actions nonetheless.

She opened her eyes. She was lying under layers of fabric. They were large and soft and made of different materials. In the darkness, she tried to reach her hand up to pull it away, but it was so large that she felt lost in it. Becky continued to try to claw at it and her hands slipped over satin… then cloth… then satin again.

Then she felt the fabrics being torn away suddenly, pulled up into the air. Suddenly her eyes were blinded by the now radiant light within the room. Closing her eyes quickly in pain she let out a little yelp.

And the noise that escaped her lips did not sound like her own at all.

She gasped as she slowly opened her eyes again, letting them adjust to the light above her. Very slowly, Jaime’s face came into view. But Jaime was towering over Becky, and the sight of the gigantic Jaime semi-silhouetted against the light terrified Becky.

Jaime was holding a tank-top and a bra in her hand. The exact same shades as the ones Becky had been wearing. Upon seeing this, Becky let out a little unfamiliar yelp again and tried to reach for her clothes to cover her naked form. But as Becky’s hands came into view, she went white with shock.

They weren’t her hands. They were small and pudgy like an infant’s.

“No, no, no little baby.” Said Jaime. “You won’t be needing these icky big girl clothes anymore.”

Becky’s heart began to race. What was going on? There had to be a way out of this!

Then Jaime stooped down over Becky and placed a hand under each arm. Easily, she hoisted Becky up into the air, and Becky felt the ground drop away from her, falling for miles and miles until she felt herself stop, hanging in midair. She looked down and saw the floor like a city block viewed from the top of a skyscraper. Then she saw her naked body. It was not curvy or voluptuous or busty as it was. It was pudgy and somehow deformed. Her legs were kicking out in front of her instinctively.

She looked straight ahead and saw Jaime’s massive face smiling back at her. Her expression was almost motherly.

“Now now, little one. Doesn’t Becky Wecky want to see herself?”

Becky tried to shout back but all that came out was a weak baby’s gurgle and coo. Before she could even register how much of a shock to receive, she felt herself being taken across the room and turned in midair.

Her jaw dropped to see full-length mirror and a naked baby being held out in mid-air by a smiling Jaime in it’s reflection. Her clothes were empty and lifeless on the floor behind her. She was a baby.

Becky gathered as much air as she could and tried to scream a blood-curdling scream. She wanted to scream loud enough that someone around the world could hear her and rescue her. But all that was heard was the high-pitched terrified cry of a newborn infant.

This couldn’t be real. It couldn’t be. She was a grown woman! She was in college! She had friends! She was popular! She wasn’t a baby!

Jaime’s reflection spoke out to Becky. “Aww is my widdle sweetums cold? Does she want her baba? Let’s take you to the nursery to get you dressed up nice.”

Then Becky saw the room start spinning as Jaime swooped Becky down into a motherly carrying position and walked out of a door in the room. Becky’s eyes were now stinging with tears, and her hands groped for something. She didn’t know why. Then she smelled the sweet scent of baby powder and the singing of two baby’s mobiles from somewhere. She was too terrified to look.

Then she felt herself being placed down onto something soft and cold. Her back shivered as it touched the chilly rubber. She looked up to see Jaime producing a soft baby’s diaper and a bottle of baby powder. Becky wimpered and tried to crawl away, but her body wasn’t cooperating. She was moving her legs and arms, but she had no control over them. Desperate signals from her brain were being translated into pathetically infantile movements. “Aww. Here’s something that might make baby feel better.” And she felt something large and rubbery being pressed into her mouth. She opened her eyes and saw Jaime holding a large finger to her mouth, holding the pacifier in place with a single finger. “There we go baby girl, suck on the nice binky for mama”

Becky immediately tried to spit it out the pacifier, but her mouth simply flickered feebly against the rubber nub which was almost filling her mouth. She tried to bite down on it, but her horror multiplied as she felt that she had no teeth. Even worse was the now very real sensation that she was rhythmically sucking on the nub, unable to stop no matter how hard she tried.

She felt the tension in her body lessen. “No! Stop!” she screamed at herself, but her jerking movements subsided anyway.

“There we go. Good baby,” said Jaime, now smiling widely. And Becky saw Jaime’s hands sprinkle baby powder onto Becky’s body. Each particle felt like a crash of bitter realization onto Becky’s skin. She sweet scent of baby powder filled her nostrils. Jaime’s hands then rubbed the powder into Becky’s entire groin and pelvis. Becky tried to spit out the pacifier and scream at her for touching her body like that, but instead Becky heard a giggle of tickled pleasure escape her own lips.

Her mind shot into full panic. “What?!” she screamed to herself “I’m not giggling! I’m screaming! This is disgusting!” But as Jaime slid the soft diaper under Becky’s bottom and pulled it into place, Becky heard a coo of babyish agreement and contentment sound out from her own mouth. She wasn’t controlling her body anymore. Her body was controlling itself

She was trapped in the body of an infant, completely aware of how terrible and frightening it was. But her baby body was acting and reacting by itself.

“Good girl!” Jaime said, “You’re adjusting quite nicely”. And Becky felt the tapes of the diaper being pulled and fastened into place sealing the grim finalization of her diapering.

It wasn’t until Jaime said, “All better?” and Becky tried to reply angrily that she realized she was still sucking on the pacifier. She had forgotten about it completely. It didn’t feel nice. It felt strange and foreign. But it made her body relax and she hated knowing it.

Then Jaime picked her up again and swooped her again into that tight motherly embrace. “Now then Becky Wecky, don’t you want to say hi to your widdle friends?”

Jaime turned her body so that Becky could look at the room. It was a perfectly adorable and pink baby’s nursery, blown up and huge in Becky’s eyes. There were three cribs in the room and each had a mobile at its head. Two of the three mobiles were spinning. Becky looked at the two cribs to see two babies sleeping carelessly under soft blankets. Samantha and Cindy.

In her mind, Becky’s sadness reached its peak. Her friends were here too. They were babies too. They probably went through the same process she had. And worst of all, she knew that nobody could save her now. Because nobody knew this was happening or would believe that it was real.

Jaime then carried Becky across the room to the empty crib.

“You see Baby Becky,” she said as she placed Becky on the cloud-like mattress and laid her down, “You were the real crybaby here. You’ve behaved like a child for so long that I figured I would let you be what you seem to want to act like. So I turned you and your little friends into babies.” Jaime pulled a teddy bear from nearby and nestled it into Becky’s arm, which closed immediately against her will around it. Becky looked up at Jaime with frightened eyes, but still sucking absent-mindedly on the pacifier. “Cindy was the first one I had to test it on. She had already become the baby that she is now by the time I lured you two to her house. That was me in the bathroom pretending to be her. Then I drugged you and Samantha and brought you both back here. Samantha was the next one to go. And now you.”

Becky felt her legs give a little jerk, and the diaper felt all too real as it slid over her skin. Her behind and hairless vagina pressed against the inside of the diaper with an almost sickening reality. She wanted her breasts back. She wanted her teeth and her long hair and her sexy bra and underwear. She wanted to be an adult again. This had to be all just one bad dream.

“But don’t worry baby girl. Pretty soon you and your little baby friends will be living out your lives the way you truly were meant to… as babies... pacifier sucking, crying, cooing, diaper wetting, teddy-bear hugging, bottle drinking babies.” And Jaime leaned forward and kissed Becky’s head. Becky wanted to reach out and punch her. But all she could do was raise her arms and clutch her fingers like a baby reaching for it’s mommy.

Jaime held her face within Becky’s reach. Becky’s hand clumsily grasped over Jaime’s and Becky felt anger surge up again and her baby’s mouth curled into a smile and giggled again.

Jaime smiled and giggled to herself. “I bet your just crying your eyes out in there,” she said looking directly into Becky’s wide eyes. “I bet you want to just tear my head off and run for your life and scream. But you can’t Becky Wecky. You’re trapped in this body forever. So get used to it.” And she reached up and clicked the mobile hanging above the crib to ON. It slowly rotated and started to play a quiet lullaby. Then Jaime said, “Tomorrow your new life begins.” And Jaime blew a kiss to Becky as she shut the light of the nursery and walked away, shutting an unseen door behind her.

Becky looked up at the mobile. She was terrified, scared, and confused. But she couldn’t take her eyes off the mobile. Her arms drifted lazily up toward it and she wanted to pull them back down to her. But they continued to clutch at the spinning figures. Her ears filled with the sound of the lullaby which soon became distant and faint. And before she could stop herself, her jaw tightened on the pacifier, and she suckled herself into a deep sleep.

To Be Concluded



End Chapter 7

That Goth Chick

by: magicgirldiapers | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 22, 2011


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