Vacations End.

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 27, 2010

Chapter 3
Disasters Happen

Chapter 3

From two cars back, Daniel saw the entire accident.

Instead of driving at full speed, he got out of his vehicle

as fast as he could and ran at break neck speed to where

he had seen the vehicle go over the railing. Gasping for

breath as he reached the side he peered over and saw the

vehicle still but smoking and with no signs of life. He

jumped over what was left of the railing and while trying

not to fall, he made his way down to the wreckage. Daniel

looked inside the care only to find Christopher hanging

upside down, strapped in by his seatbelt, unconscious or

dead, he was not sure which. Andrea, on the other hand

was nowhere to be seen. Daniel reached into the wreckage

and unstrapped Daniel carefully while trying to hold his

body weight with his free hand so that he would not obtain

further injury from falling; he then pulled him from the

broken car window and laid him on the ground. Daniel

proceeded to check for a pulse, and once he was sure that

he had found it, he left Christopher’s side to find Andrea.

He searched all around the wreckage and even ran almost

a half mile’s perimeter farther with no sign of her

anywhere. Unfortunately, with it being almost 10p.m. at

night now, it was too dark for Daniel to see anything. For

the moment, all he could do was call for help and then

return to Christopher so as to ensure he was alright.

Daniel ran back to find that Christopher was beginning to

come out of unconsciousness. As he opened his eyes, he

looked up and saw Daniel looking down at him with a look

of fear and anxiety. It was at that very moment that

everything that had happened came flooding back to him.

Christopher immediately sat up, only to encounter a rush

of nausea and dizziness, commanding him to lie back

down just as quickly.

“Where is she? Is she ok?” Daniel inquired trembling

with fear of the answer. Christopher replied that he was

unsure because she was not near the wreckage and it was

too dark to see anywhere else. “What!!! You haven’t found

her; we have to go look for her!” Daniel screamed and

with that he got up ignoring the second wave of nausea

and dizziness. He dug into the wreckage in the backseat

of his car and found his emergency kit, which luckily

contained two flashlights, one for each of them. Handing

one to Daniel, Christopher set off looking for Andrea, not

even noticing that the vials of serum were broken and

spilled all over the debris.



End Chapter 3

Vacations End.

by: Andie | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 27, 2010


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