Carl and the questionable video palace

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Chapter 5
The "non habit-forming" drug

Chapter Description: Carl finds youth is cheap and can be bottled.

Carl barely made it to the video store before it closed. The proprietor turned around from a VHS rack and greeted him.

"Hello, sir! How was the movie? I hope you enjoyed it."

Carl pulled the Baby Chatterley DVD out of its brown paper bag and placed it on the heavily scratched counter.

"I enjoyed certain parts of it and can't say I'm a fan of the genre," Carl replied. "I wonder if I might ask a few questions about the Rejoov-U?"

 "Certainly sir, what would you like to know?"

Carl's voice cracked as he asked, "Does it come in a stronger dose that lasts longer?" and cleared his throat. The voice cracking seemed to be a side-effect of the drug that would probably clear up, eventually.

"Ah! Did you take the drug as recommended, once per hour?"

"Why yes, yes I did," replied Carl glibly.

"Good! Then I'll introduce you to the various strengths of the modern-day miracle called Rejoov-U." said the proprietor. He pulled out several bags with different colored pills in them and placed them on the counter.

Taking up the first bag, he said, "The pink ones you know. They last for an hour."

Picking up the second bag, he said, "This is Rejoov-W. Its effects last for 6 hours. Just like the pink one, isn't habit forming. It's a stronger version of the pink one."

He picked up the third bag, its contents held purple pills that were bigger than the other two.

"And this is the strongest version you can get in non-prescription strength. It's called Rejoov-V, lasts for a full 24 hours and unlike the other two, if taken at twice the dosage, it provides the maximum regression effect. If you do that, you'll need a caretaker and diapers! It's very popular with the overworked crowd when they wish to take a brief vacation from their stressful lives."

Carl tried to focus. All he wanted was to regress, wear a diaper, and suck on a baby bottle of milk. His excitement at getting his fondest wish interfered with his thinking.

"I'll take the 'V' formula. How much is it and how much can I buy?"

"Oh, Rejoov-V isn't very expensive. You could buy several hundred tablets for a few dollars. The company that makes them have a backlog and want to get rid of it."

"Okay, then! I'll take your entire stock. How much?"

The proprietor took out a small box labeled "Rejoov-V, 1200 count" on its side in plain black letters. He broke the seal on it and opened its flaps. Inside were a dozen bottles with 100 pills in each. Enough to keep Carl in diapers for at least the next three years! He nearly fainted at the thought.

Carl paid for the box with his credit card. He then asked the proprietor, "Do any of those AR movies have a Sci-Fi theme?"

"Oh, yes! Here's another one of my favorites: 'Playground wars!' It has Darth Child, Poopy-pants Skywalker, and princess Changeme in it! There are two others in the series if you're interested in a discount if you rent all three."

"Does it have, um, you know, er...?" asked Carl nervously. Seeing the Star Wars gang as children sounded neat, but what if, he wondered...

"Chock full of it. 'Baby Chatterley' is like watching a 'G' movie compared to what's on this DVD!"

"Sounds good! How much for a three-day rental?"

"It's just five dollars for three days, but make certain you return it by the deadline! The late fee is very costly!"

Carl handed over a fiver from his wallet. The proprietor reused his paper bag and handed it and the box of Rejoov-V to him.

Carl thanked him and bolted out the shop's front door. He had several more purchases to make!



End Chapter 5

Carl and the questionable video palace

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 12, 2022


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