Carl and the questionable video palace

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Chapter 4
A "little" surprise.

Chapter Description: Carl knows it's best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, but sometimes...

Carl felt the third tablet as it dissolved in his stomach and hit his circulatory system. The drug's rendered molecules swam uninhibited by his immune system's defenses freely from his head down to his toes. He felt a peculiar warmth in his private areas as they reacted vigorously to the drug's influence.

Up in his brain, massive amounts of DHA and DHEA surged, flipping through his chronologic processes, making them reverse. He felt hot and sweaty as it triggered rapid regression in his body, making him get younger than his current prepubescent state. The process stopped when he hit age three because of a buffered chemical included as a safeguard to prevent people from becoming unborn with massive overdoses. 

A very frightened Carl got up on unsteady legs to toddle to the nearest mirror to examine himself.

In his prepubescent state, the house looked enormous with its tall ceilings. To his toddler state, it now looked cavernous! The doorknobs were above his head and he could see minor details at floor level that he missed as an adult. He passed by his kitchen table and marveled at the underside that he'd never seen before.

He finally toddled the distance to his bathroom and looked at the small child, only slightly taller than a baby in it. That was him! He was the baby! While it shocked him at first, he felt happiness swell inside him that came out as a babyish chortle, like a belly laugh.

"I'm going to get more of those pills. This is great!" he said out loud. The high-pitched sound of his voice made for even more merriment as the little boy capered and played in front of the mirror.

"I need to get diapers!" he thought and regretted that he hadn't picked some up when he'd bought the pull-ups. "Next time for sure!" he told himself.

The second pill wore off at that point, causing Carl to feel dizzy as he grew back to his prepubescent age. He ran to his kitchen to see what time it was and figured he could return the DVD and get more of the pills before the video store closed.

With a goal in mind and his desires fully fueled, he impatiently waited for the third pill to wear off. It thrilled him he could play as a diapered baby again! 



End Chapter 4

Carl and the questionable video palace

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 12, 2022


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