Carl and the questionable video palace

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 12, 2022

Carl finds a video store that sells controversial products.

Chapter 1
Carl discovers a new way to look at old things anew

Chapter Description: Carl gets involved in some bad acting at a video store.

On a brightly lit, sunny day with cool breezes, Carl took a walk into a part of town that he never noticed before.

Strange! It’s like it appeared overnight. That can’t be! Maybe I just never noticed it before?”

There were Adult-themed stores here. The first display he stopped at with its gaudy facade, the usual porn videos of various genres for sale or rent, while a small placard placed inconspicuously in the corner grabbed his eye and demanded his attention.

The notice looked like it came from a certificate generator:

That can’t be right,” thought Carl, “It's considered kiddy porn to publish an age-regression video! The lines are too fine for acceptance in any society."

He had a glimmer of hope that he'd be able to see one legally, though; he stepped into the shabby establishment with his heart pounding heavily in his chest.

He stepped over to a counter made of metal and heavy glass that was worse for wear. One pane supported multiple layers of tape to cover a crack that spanned its entire length, while an adjacent one, heavily scratched, obscured the contents it displayed.

"Hello!" said the proprietor with a warm smile. "How may we serve your needs today?"

"The AR videos. Can you legally sell them? Would the police arrest me for possessing child porn?"

"Oh, yes, I can, sir! They're perfectly legal and made with adult actors. We just regress them for the filming, and none of the videos have anything that portrays kiddy porn."

"But, even if they're adults regressed to children, wouldn't I, as an adult, be breaking the law by watching them?"

"No, sir! Not at all!" smiled the proprietor. "Not if you're a person regressed to their age, that is!"

Carl did a double take as he processed the proprietor's dubious claim.

"You'd regress me to their age? How?" he asked with his heart pounding even harder in his chest as his excitement grew. If what the proprietor said was true, he could live out his fantasies as a child! He felt light-headed.

"Through the use of the same drug we used on the actors, sir. The effect lasts for only a few hours and isn't habit forming, I assure you!"

"Hmm. The first one's free, right? Does that include a dose of the drug?"

"Yes, sir! But you must return it on time, as our late fees are quite atrocious!"

"Okay, I'll try one! Any recommendations for a first-timer?"

"I recommend this one, sir. It's a love story based on Lady Chatterley's Lover, a favorite of mine!" pulled out a brown paper sack and put a DVD entitled "Baby Chatterley's Daddy" in it. He then pulled out a plastic bag with three pink pills in it. The lettering on the plastic bag read "Rejoov-U". Carl accepted the paper bag and went home.



End Chapter 1

Carl and the questionable video palace

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 12, 2022


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