Carl and the questionable video palace

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Chapter 2
Carl visits his "little" side.

Chapter Description: With Rejoov-U and pull-ups in hand, Carl gives in to a childish desire.

On his way home, Carl had an idea. His heart pounded at the thought of him regressing to a child and he desired to wear a pull-up at that age. He stopped off at a grocery store, happily purchasing the pull-ups, a sippy cup, and various baby products.

He felt a hot flash of embarrassment as he presented his credit card to the cashier and felt that everyone in the store had a judgemental eye on him. This wasn't true, of course, no one in the store cared about his purchases.

He hurried home, with a pounding heart, looking forward to his pretending to be a baby. His excitement at physically regressing made it even more desirable, as he couldn't wait to try it out.

Stripping naked, he popped one of the Reejoov-U pills and drank a glass of water. He filled his sippy cup with apple juice, setting it aside for later as he took a shower.

By the time he'd stepped out of the shower, the effects of the pill were showing. He marveled at the college-aged face that greeted him in the mirror. With great excitement, he walked over to his bedroom and tore open the pack of pull-ups.

He put on one with Racer McQueen on its front. While it was tight-fitting at first, threatening to split at the easy-tear seams, his rapidly diminishing physical age and body soon fit comfortably in it. He admired the small boy in the mirror, making a big show of how his pubic hairs had vanished by donning a magic pull-up.

"I'm still getting younger!" He exclaimed to the empty room as he imagined himself shrinking to baby-size. The excitement of his regression combined with his play-acting in little space caused him to use the pull-up for an unintended purpose.

"It's all good!" he murmured as the adrenaline surge died down, leaving him exhausted and happy. He fell asleep sucking his thumb while lying on his bed.



End Chapter 2

Carl and the questionable video palace

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 12, 2022


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