Carl and the questionable video palace

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Chapter 3
Carl watches a controversial movie

Chapter Description: It's movie time! Carl screens his first controversial film.

Carl awoke feeling wet. He'd slept so hard that he couldn't respond when his body told him it was time to go. His pull-up, not meant for the punishment he'd inflicted on it while asleep, soggily squished beneath his butt.

His urine-soaked bedding and sheets were the first thing he did upon getting up. Finding that the top of the mattress was only marginally damp, he thanked his lucky stars and took the bundle of sheets and blankets to his laundry room. After starting the wash, he felt the cold clamminess of his abused pull-up and took it off.

He took another shower and marveled at how high the ceiling and shower head were above him. He felt as if he'd stumbled into a land of giants.

Exiting the shower, he took a little time to examine the naked, pubescent child he had regressed into in the mirror. After tiring of making faces and silly poses, he went back to his bedroom, popped another Rejoov-U pill, and put on another pull-up. He regretted they couldn't hold much more than one "accident" and resolved to get some thick diapers for the next time.

Wearing one of his t-shirts that looked like a tent on his small, bony shoulders, Carl put the baby Chatterley DVD in his player and sat back cross-legged on the floor with his sippy cup in front of the TV set to watch.

In the movie, a young girl of 11 portrayed Lady Chatterley, the child-bride of Lord Chatterley. He appeared in name only, and any reference to him was a painting that hung in the main hallway of the mansion. A young man of 15 portrayed Oliver Mellors, the brutish, uneducated, and callous gamekeeper.

As they were the only two people in the movie, obviously for budget constraints, all the acting fell upon the two as Oliver discovers Lady Chatterley's secret stash of cloth linen diapers. The first scene involved his rooting through her room for a missing hunter's horn, that he suspected she'd hidden from him out of spite for his brutish disregard for her.

In the second scene, he confronts her about her fetish and forces her to strip. "I'm gonna be yer da, missy!" he proclaims and diapers her amid her feeble protests to the contrary.

The two have several scenes together after he slowly becomes civilized and bottle feeds her with an old-fashioned glass and rubber baby bottle. He slowly becomes more gentle and caring for his baby girl as she slips more and more into her delusion that she's a baby being tended to by her daddy.

After 24 minutes of back and forth, diaper changes, warm baths, and baby play, the movie ended with news that the Lord would soon return. The pair go their own ways and life at the mansion returns to normal.

Carl felt that while the cinematography was good, the plot was a little wooden, and the acting left much to be desired. He felt disappointed and cheated that he had been told what he watched was kiddy porn when it turned out to be only grade "B" minus schlock.

As far as illicit porn went, while the quick flashes of naked flesh during the diaper and bath scenes thrilled him a little, he soon grew tired of it.

"Surely, there's more than that!" he thought. He wondered just how far the producers of these films could go before the authorities considered it illegal.

He still had one pill left and took it ten minutes early, ignoring the instructions to not take over one dose at a time.



End Chapter 3

Carl and the questionable video palace

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 12, 2022


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