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Retirement (A Diaper Dimension Story)

by: Personalias Last updated Aug 5, 2021

Set in the Diaper Dimension where Littles are often brainwashed into becoming permanent babies, Margo is one half of a detective team that infiltrates daycares to find proof of foul play. One last mission is all she needs before she can get out of this frankly dangerous line of work.


by: Personalias Last updated Aug 15, 2021

A second-person point of view one-shot. You are minding your own business at daycare when a familiar face of an old friend joins you. You've long since learned that you're a baby. You're friend? Looks like they've got a lot to learn. Note: To support my writing and read even more content, please subscribe to my patreon.

Siren's Swan Song

by: Personalias Last updated Mar 10, 2023

A past her prime supervillain tries to make a comeback, but instead she's captured by a young hero who has interesting and innovative ideas to "rehabilitate" her.


by: Personalias Last updated Sep 9, 2021

A Sequel to Fair is Fair. Marion is enjoying her new baby girl, but then her own meddling mother gets involved.

Sydney's Wish

by: Personalias Last updated Nov 20, 2022

Sydney doesn't feel like a girl, but doesn't feel like a boy either. How can one feel like themselves when the rest of the world is trying to put them in a box and they don't have the words to express who they are? Maybe a silly wish at an amusement park's fortune telling machine will have the answer.

Synced Up

by: Personalias Last updated Mar 23, 2022

Elizabeth is fed up with her roommate. Jericho is brilliant but a lazy slob. Then she stumbles onto a magical Tamagotchi-like babysitting game and realizes that Jericho's behavior and the digital baby avatar's are linked. A digital voo doo doll? Nice!

Takayama's Nanny Dragon

by: Personalias Last updated Mar 19, 2023

Inspired by Miyazaki anime where the mystical and mundane often live side by side. Takayama thinks he's going to die when he falls off that mountain. Fortunately a dragon spirit saves him. Unfortunately, the dragon's understanding of human development and social norms is...lacking.

Tantalus Redux

by: Personalias Last updated Jan 27, 2023

A nastier look at an age regression afterlife, wherein a lost soul is kept in the body of an infant and vague promises of growing up if only she can get some big girl clothes on.

The Demand of Supply

by: Personalias Last updated Mar 21, 2023

Daniel thought running a kink dungeon would be easy. Turns out, not so much. So when a strange man comes with an addictive new product, Daniel decides to change his business model.

The Diaper Bag

by: Personalias Last updated Jun 22, 2021 A professional babysitter in a quiet little town comes across a bottomless diaper bag that can make supplies for any size. ANY size. What's the worst that could go wrong?

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