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Be Careful What You Don't Wish For

by: Personalias Last updated Apr 23, 2023

Wisely, Allison frees a genie, lest her words get twisted and misinterpreted. Unfortunately, the genie is grateful, doesn't understand the differences between reality and fantasy, and has access to Allison's internet history.

Child Star

by: Personalias Last updated Aug 11, 2021

A first time actress tries her best to break into the industry with a series of unconventional commercials...

Clinical Trial

by: Personalias Last updated Mar 6, 2022

A police detective investigates a new street drug that causes...regression?

Close Enough

by: Personalias Last updated Oct 28, 2022

Set in the diaper dimension: Two brothers are kidnapped and Adopted by an Amazon Daddy. But only one of them is sent to a "special' daycare.

Corporate Espionage

by: Personalias Last updated Jan 30, 2022

Who knew that rivalries between diaper companies could be so cut throat?

Dynamic Switch

by: Personalias Last updated Jan 18, 2023

Set in the Diaper Dimension. A Little's dreams finally come true, when the roles are reversed between Amazon and Little.


by: Personalias Last updated Nov 1, 2022

Set in the Diaper Dimension: A Little girl lets herself be caught in order to document her escape in the latest social media craze that is sure not to backfire on her...

Extended Trial

by: Personalias Last updated Mar 6, 2022

A Sequel to Clinical Trial.

Fair is Fair

by: Personalias Last updated Sep 4, 2021

Set in the Diaper Dimension where Amazons adopt anyone smaller on them on evidence of "immaturity", Gwendolyn (an Amazon) finds herself in a position she never thought she'd be in when she has an accident at work.

Flu Shot

by: Personalias Last updated Aug 12, 2021

An intern at a high tech company get a flu shot and starts developing some interesting side effects.

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