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by: Personalias Last updated Oct 16, 2021

A sequel to Middle Management. A tale of a diaper loving Amazon who becomes a Nanny to a most unusual family, even by Diaper Dimension Standards.

Heroine Addiction

by: Personalias Last updated Oct 27, 2021

In a world of superheroes, an infantilist puts himself in a dangerous position to get rescued by the woman in tights of his dreams

In For A Penny

by: Personalias Last updated May 7, 2023

A pair of young women toss a penny into a tourist trap wishing well that is also the fountain of youth. Predictably padded and pampered results ensue.


by: Personalias Last updated Aug 13, 2021

Two New roommates go out for a night on the town. When they wake up the next morning they each have a very strange looking tattoo.

It's Not A Competition

by: Personalias Last updated Jun 26, 2021 Three best buds take a shortcut to buying baby gifts and each get a pack of diapers. Imagine their confusion when they end up wearing those diapers.

Life is Weird

by: Personalias Last updated Sep 24, 2022

Kelly saves her best friend's life when she magically rewinds times. But something more than a few precious seconds are turned back when she does. Her friend's body is intact, but her mind...?

Melissa and Doug

by: Personalias Last updated Jul 18, 2021

A man is put in his place by some very "old fashioned" yet "innovative" punishments.

Middle Management

by: Personalias Last updated Sep 21, 2021

Sequel to "Fair is Fair" and "Special". Set in the Diaper Dimension. A Tweener is caught up in the crazed drama of an Amazon woman and her babified employee.

Mischief Night

by: Personalias Last updated Nov 2, 2022

In search of an urban legend, a group of Sorority girls find more than they bargained for.

Not Okay, Cupid

by: Personalias Last updated Mar 10, 2023

A neglectful boyfriend makes a deal with a love god to keep from getting dumped. Too bad, he forgot that there's more than one kind of love.

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