Stories by Personalias

Of Cats' Dreams and Coddled Cutie Cohosts

by: Personalias Last updated Sep 19, 2023

An entry into a podcast contest.

Of Ice Cream, Cake, and Fifth Dimensional Travel

by: Personalias Last updated Oct 23, 2022

A brilliant scientist is on the verge of invention time travel within her own personal timeline. The real question is when should she go back to test it? Her first birthday seems just as good as anything else.

Only Child

by: Personalias Last updated Nov 30, 2022

Set in the Diaper Dimension. A powerful Little who was actually raised by Amazons feels like she's on top of the world. But she's not as safe as she thinks from the madness of giants.

Pastel Is The New Black

by: Personalias Last updated Aug 10, 2021

A One-Shot Story about a young woman who ends up in a very unconventional prison.

Pastel Mirror: Patch

by: Personalias Last updated Aug 16, 2021

A New V.R. game is all the rage, but there's some unexpected side effects and a blurring of the lines.

Pastel Mirror: Yesterday

by: Personalias Last updated Aug 17, 2021

Devin's wife is now his Mommy and changes his diapers. Yesterday she wasn't and didn't. How long ago was "Yesterday?"

Rane Rover and the Nega Space Nursery

by: Personalias Last updated Aug 14, 2021

Written in the style of the old radio plays of yesteryear, join our plucky young space heroine as she journeys the cosmos and is captured by a giant with a major case of mistaken identity.


by: Personalias Last updated Jun 2, 2022

Set in the Diaper Dimension, Walter is paranoid of being "Adopted" by Amazons. That is until he happens across a jingling wrist rattle that brings back deep forgotten memories from his childhood.


by: Personalias Last updated Apr 23, 2023

Sequel to "The Virus"

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