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by: Voltaire Last updated Feb 27, 2014

[Chapter 3] Updated 2/27 Three teenagers are accepted at a prestigious school, only to find out what they are really there to do, and what they are about to become. Tell me what you think!

A Slow Descent

by: Voltaire Last updated Mar 7, 2012

STORY FINISHED (Added Chapters 9, 10, Epilogue) -Mar 7th Brandon Fredricks isn't a bad kid, but is just caught doing bad things. Soon, his parents get sick of it, and his Guidence counselor suggests a new and unique way of dealing with his problem. Now, he is very slowly losing his maturity, and his life.

Leap Day

by: Voltaire Last updated Apr 17, 2012

A boy is born on February 29th ------ A very short story written by me. Just a quick treat for all of you, or if you hated it, a quick waste of Time. Enjoy.

Never Ending

by: Voltaire Last updated Apr 18, 2012

Sequel to "A SLOW DECENT" (Strongly Suggested that you read "A Slow Descent" before this story for it to make a bit more sence)

One last Trip

by: Voltaire Last updated Sep 13, 2012

FINISHED!! Two brothers are going on one last camping trip before their family is broken apart... Or will it be their first?

Shifting Reality

by: Voltaire Last updated Jul 10, 2012

A teenager finds his friend as a little kid, and soon realizes he is about to incure the same fate.

Treats and Tricks(FINISHED)

by: Voltaire Last updated Nov 19, 2012

Mike is too old, and cool to enjoy Halloween with his annoying little brother. But his mother has big plans for HIS Halloween. He may be younge enough to enjoy them for years to come.

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