One last Trip

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 13, 2012

FINISHED!! Two brothers are going on one last camping trip before their family is broken apart... Or will it be their first?

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Two brothers are guilted into going on one last camping trip.. Or will it be their first?


"Mom, I’m not going on your stupid camping trip."

Mother gave me that same hurt look she always gives. "Please?" she said in her singsongy voice. "Just come with us one last time, and then we’ll let you live your life."

It was a week after my eighteenth birthday. I had come home to gather my things. I spent the last 18 years with my overbearing parents in the small town of Welch, North Carolina. It is the most boring place in the world.

The last time I saw my parents was a screaming match, after I announced my plan to move out and live in New York City. I was sick of living with them, with their constant embarrassment and treating me like a kid. Dad hasn’t spoken to me since that night, so I was surprised when mom invited me on the trip.

"I’m done with you people." I said coldly. "I’m off to live my own life, and going camping with you isn’t a part of it."

Mom looked like she was going to cry. "You won’t go?"

"No." I picked up my bag.

"Even for your brother?" Alex, my thirteen-year-old brother, was someone I felt sorry for. While I was finally free of this hellhole, he still had five more years.

I thought of him, being babied and condescended by our parents.

"Fine." I said. "But after that, I’m done."




End Chapter 1

One last Trip

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 13, 2012


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