One last Trip

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 13, 2012

Chapter 6


As soon as Alex left, I knew something wasn’t right. He wasn’t the big brother. I had memories of doing the same to him, leaving him without playmates. And in those memories, I was much, much older.

I couldn’t quite comprehend it,though. I saw it as a type of De Ja Vu. I swam back over to momma, maybe she could help me figure it out.

When I swam up, she had gone to the bathroom. I saw a pink pamphlet on her chair. I quickly took it. It somehow seemed Important. She was coming back, so I put it behind my back and ran to the lake again. It was the only place I could run.

I stood in the shallow water behind the trees, so she couldn’t see, and I read it. I couldn’t make out a lot of the big words, but I did understand some of it.

"Dear Mrs. Anders.

Your boys seem more than eligible to come here to the lake. Just let them swim, and they’ll be toddlers in no time. Keep in mind that it starts out slow, but speeds up exponentially after a few hours in the lake. As you know, the lake can cover up their old lives, and set up the world for new ones. In case the lake affects your mind as well, remember that their ages are (13 and 18). That number will to change. But, everything else will.

Keep in mind that after Eight years of age, they will quickly regress, about two years a minute."

Wait..... What? I thought. I was thirteen? No way! What is mommy doing??

I looked at the birth certificate below. Under "Matt" it said "July 5th, 2006"

That sounds right... Right? I thought it did, but then it changed to 2007.

I tried to remember my adult life, and I did, vaguely. But I was still in the water. I had to get out.

It changed to 2008 and then to 2009. I could no longer read the paper. I shrunk down in size, and my limbs grew plump. I began to lose my adult memories again. I knew that this was the final point of the process.

I tried to think of cars and girls and sex, but I couldn’t even remember what that meant. Those thoughts were replaced with thoughts of Barney, training pants, mommy. I could no longer remember what I was supposed to be doing.

I did remember the last line I read before I was mentally three forever.

"The best part, Mrs. Anders, is that you can bring them back every year, and keep them like that forever"

Mommy was holding me now.

"Ma?" I said. Mom held me. "Can I be big ’gain?"

"You are big!" said mommy. "You three years old this year!"

"I’m twee?" That sounded like such a huge number.

"Yep." said mommy.

I was contented. Mom told me that she would be enrolling me in preschool first thing when we got home. I get to go to school like Alex! I let my final thoughts of knowledge melt away and closed my eyes.



End Chapter 6

One last Trip

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 13, 2012


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