One last Trip

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 13, 2012

Chapter 7


I lost Sam when his mother called him. He stayed in the trailer for at least half an hour. Finally, he emerged.

"We need to leave" I said when he came out. Something fishy was going on. As I was waiting, quick memories of middle school and being a teen flashed into my head. Something was not right.

"What do you mean?" he said.

"Look at us!" I said. "Neither of us are really Nine!" he just cocked his head.

"You really don’t remember being an adult? You’re supposed to be twenty." I said.

He just sighed. "You might be right." he said. "I know a way out of here."

I was surprised he believed me so quick, but I took it. We needed to get out of this campground.


We walked for only ten minutes and I was already exhausted. I remember being able to walk much farther than that. Something is up.

"How much longer?" I said.

"Just over this ridge."

As we walked over, I noticed we were on the opposite side of the lake. "we should take off our swimsuits, put them on the side so they think we went the other way"

In a normal circumstance, this would be awkward. However, it did not bother me in the slightest. Maybe just because we were younger so there wasn’t much to see anyway.

I took off my swimsuit, butt naked. It felt so much better. Like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I remembered why I was here, and immediately remember my age so I wouldn’t forget again.

"I’m Thirteen." I said to myself.

"Hey." smiled Sam. "Bet I cannonball better than you."

I knew we should be going, but having my clothes off freed me. I jumped in the lake, making the biggest splash I could. Sam just stood there.

"You coming?" I said.

He frowned.

"Sam?" I said again, this time a little worried.

"I’m sorry." he said. "They said... They said I could be an adult again.. If I did this to you. If I didn’t let you rebel"

Now I was really worried. I looked for a place to get out, but the ridge spanned the entire side of the lake. I just held onto the side.

"Please." I said. I grew angry. He was going to be an adult and I was going to be stuck eating paste! I tried to think of something to intimidate him.

"Hey, your a stupid!" I said. That was the best I could think of? I remembered my trick to remember how old I was.

"I’m Eleven years old" I told myself. Was that right?

I decided to start swimming to the other side. It got harder and harder.

"I’m ten years old" I said, remembering the morning. That must be be my age. Or was it nine?

"I’m nine years old."

I was almost to the shore when I saw Matty. He was playing in the dirt, making a poorly constructed sandcastle. He called out "Awex!" Mom looked over at me.

She quickly jumped in the water and swam to me. She went so fast, it amazed me.

"Your Naked." she said. "Are you my little naked boy?"

I wanted to yell, scream, do anything, but I just said "Feels good on my weewee"

My front teeth popped out. They were replaced with baby teeth. There’s today mouth followed. My legs began to fatten. My ’Weewee’ had shrunk. I watched as the last hair returned to my bare limbs. I began to have trouble swimming, but mama held me u

I tried to get out of her grasp, but she held me in the water, growing every second. My speech began to slur.

"You could have been the older brother...." she said. "But you had to go and meddle... Now your going to be just a baby"

She dunked my head under the water. I knew this was the end of my life as an teenager. It had just begun, and now it was over. My thoughts of algebra, girls, my life, all vanished. One by one, they were replaced with thoughts of nap time, pajamas, diapers, mommy, and my much older brother, Matty.

"Mam... Wil I evah be thir.... " I couldn’t remember the number. I knew it was thirteen, but that number just seemed so foreign to me.

"Of coarse you will be three some day!" said mom.

’Five years old’ I told myself. "Four......three......"

I began to giggle as mommy moved me about the water. She held me above the water. I was naked, but that’s ok! I don’t need to have clothes on, I’m little. She tickled my toesies and boy am I ticklish! My final thoughts of middle school were replaced with preschool. I forgot about algebra, lockers, and the bus... I remembered what I thought to be the real truth, of barely knowing 2 + 2, using cubbies, and nap time, and playtime...

’Im two... One...’

My bladder filled, and emptied just as quick. I was naked, and peed right in the water. Mommy helped me aim my peepee so I wouldn’t hit anyone. When she touched it, I felt something was wrong, but I didn’t really care, because she’s my Mommy.

I was really giggling now, because that is so silly! Matty joined us and the three of us swam together, mom tickling our toes and telling us what good little boys we had been.

My teeth went up into my mouth, and I could no longer do more than make gurgling noises and smile. I no longer had control of my limbs

When the word ’4 Weeks’ stuck into my head, mommy lifted both of us out of the water. She brought us to shore where daddy was waiting with towels. He had cooked hotdogs, and cut them up for Matty. I wish I could have some, but mommy fed me my formula.

I envied Matty, for being able to toddle around and speak, even if with small words. I knew he would always be older than me, always better. I thought this in my baby way of thinking things, though, so it did not really register.

Matty was naky too now, and running around pretending he was a famous athlete. He soon grew tired, and mommy put me and him in for our nap. I saw on the table something that said the numbers "2010 and 2012", but I didn’t know what they meant.

My crib was ready for me when I got into the RV.

I saw a teenager walk by, who somehow I knew as Sam. He was thirteen of fourteen by now, the antidote working like a charm. I didn’t know of this, however.

Mommy out diapers on me and pull-ups on Matty and closed the shades. I thought of how someday I could be as old as Matty is, and walk and talk. But that thought soon went away, as I shut my eyes. I thought of mommy, and daddy, and wished to myself that someday, I might be 13, just like Sam.




End Chapter 7

One last Trip

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 13, 2012


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