A Slow Descent

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 7, 2012

Chapter 10
Patient 532G

PATIENT NOTES: Brandon Fredricks, Regressor in age, monitored FEB 12th - FEB 29th, 2012

Notes: Dr. Emma Hendrix

Being honest, I didn’t believe it until I saw it. Brandon Fredricks, my former Teenage patient, is now not even 8 years of age. He is quickly depleting in memory. I will update my findings here.

FEB 14th, 2012

APPROX AGE: 7 yrs. old, child

Brandon has started bed wetting again, and has rapidly started losing teeth. In this recording, you can hear a lisp he has taken up in his regression.


"Mawm, can you get me a apple off the ’frigerator?"


FEB 17th, 2012

APROX AGE: 6 yrs. old, young child

Brandon is still conscious that he is really a decade older, but he got very upset today. He attempted to add a simple equation (2+8, I believe) and couldn’t figure it out for a bit. This really disturbed him, and he’s been pouting about it.

FEB 20th, 2012

APROX AGE: 5 yrs. old, young child

Brandon is still holding in there. He truly is very strong willed. He has regrown all of his baby teeth, and wets the bed frequently now. He stands at 3’ tall. He has finally forgotten how to read, and write.

FEB 25th, 2012

APROX AGE: 3 yrs. old, Toddler

Brandon has begun to run around naked. He doesn’t seem ashamed anymore, but he still remembers. Today, he said "I still Six-Ten" and tries to drive around toy cars. He did start to pee everywhere while he was naked, and he got very embarrassed, so we’ve had to put him in a diaper.

FEB 29th, 2012

APROX AGE: 2 yrs. old, Toddler

Brandon has stopped speaking English entirely. He only speaks baby gobble now, and has stopped growing down. This has lead us to believe he has finished regressing. He is no longer able to stand up, he can only crawl.

We have sent him home to be with his parents, now. They seem to be a bit melancholy about the whole situation, but I think they will get through.

A colleague of mine has watched a similar case, Alex Gavin, who regressed much faster than Brandon did. The parents are now aware of each other, so I think those two boys will get along when they are old enough again.

The parents have also taken down all of the babies’ teenage stuff from their rooms, and replaced it with nurseries.

They have good intentions. They said as a statement that they are going to be better parents this time around, to avoid any repeats.

That’s a good goal.

Hendrix, out.



End Chapter 10

A Slow Descent

by: Voltaire | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 7, 2012


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