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A LIttle Squirt Should Do

by: Guyver54 Last updated Jan 17, 2009

Does a six-year-old girl and her uncle have an answer for her overworked Mother?

CAAR Stories

by: Guyver54 Last updated Feb 13, 2016

One-shots and short stories about different cartoon/and anime character changing either or "real" people changing into character and gaining the ability to change their age

Growing Down isn't So Bad: TG Editon

by: Guyver54 Last updated Dec 1, 2015

As hard as this may sound, but this morning I was just a normal 19-year-old boy named Kenneth Turner Jr. This is my story of how I became who am I today. And would you believe I had a one heck of a ride, one that I strangely enjoyed.

My Big Sister is such a Baby!

by: Guyver54 Last updated Jan 21, 2014

Hello, my name's Annie, and this is my story of how I handle by bratty older sister when she finally gets on my last neve. "Inspireed by an old BoJay Work"

Not Quite a Ruin Day

by: Guyver54 Last updated Apr 23, 2024

All Kevin White-Dove wanted was to spend a day with his lovely wife. But something will happen during this outing that will change many things for the married couple and maybe grant something Kevin had secretly longed for.

Special Report: The Light of Regression

by: Guyver54 Last updated Dec 8, 2014

Repost and slightly altered after it was taken it was lost a while ago, detailing a mystrious object that goes around turning adult into children, and the live it changes

The Cold Room

by: Guyver54 Last updated Sep 8, 2008

When a person, who says, she from the Health Department, come to a gym famous for never having a repeat customer, just what secret will she uncover?

The Little Guards

by: Guyver54 Last updated Jun 5, 2024

While practicing for the upcoming Battle of the Bands finials, the Rock band WarGuard-X has a run-in with all too familiar stone. Now, can this upcoming band pull themselves out of this problem and find a way to wow people with their music?

The Price of Vanity

by: Guyver54 Last updated Mar 30, 2009

An old rich woman is obessed with regaining her youth, and a mysterious herb might by the answer. But it the price to high?

Wishing You Well

by: Guyver54 Last updated Aug 31, 2023

While on a vacation with her family, a young woman wishes for a connection with her baby Sister. Maybe a mysterious object she finds in the forest may help close the gasp.

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