Not Quite a Ruin Day

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 23, 2024

All Kevin White-Dove wanted was to spend a day with his lovely wife. But something will happen during this outing that will change many things for the married couple and maybe grant something Kevin had secretly longed for.

Chapter 1
Part 1

Not Quite a Ruin Day: Part 1

Kevin White-Dove wanted to surprise his wife of 12 years with a romantic day out. So, to that end, he took a day off from work but made the excuse that he had to do something at the office so he could leave without suspicion. He then spent the next hour making sure things were in order.

When he returned home, it was he who got the surprise.

“Wow!” Kevin said when he got a good look at his wife.

Lisabeth giggled as she looked herself over. She didn’t go with anything too formal or fancy; she wore a one-piece red dress that stopped just above the knees and was very form-fitting. She also wore a tan cardigan and a comfortable pair of red flats.

“You like?” she asked flirtingly, running a hand through her shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair.

Kevin, unable to speak, nodded his head rapidly. Lisabeth giggled and got beside her dazed husband. She then led Kevin down to the first floor and out the door.

“How?” Kevin asked, finally finding his voice.

Lisabeth gave her husband a coy smile as she looked him over. Much like she did, Kevin didn’t go with anything fancy. He wore a button-down navy blue shirt, black dress pants, and comfortable loafers. The only thing she had a problem with was Kevin’s hair; all he did was comb his red hair.

However, after Kevin had set this up, Lisabeth could forgive her husband for this small oversight.

“You, Mister White-Dove, aren’t as sneaky as you think,” Lisabeth said playfully, latching onto her husband’s arm, “I found the ticket when it dropped out of your wallet when you left for work a few days ago.”

Kevin gave his wife a suspicious look, and Lisabeth just smiled innocently.  The 35-year-old just shook his head and decided not to question it as the married couple went to their car. He opened the passenger side door, and his wife got in. Iisabeth buckled up as Kevin got into the driver's side and started the car.

“What’s the plan anyways?” The 34-year-old asked her husband.

“Nothing too fancy,” Kevin replied, “I was thinking about a light lunch, a walk through the park, and a movie of your choosing.”

Kevin stopped at the end of his neighborhood and looked around. Once he saw no on-coming traffic, he turned right.

“And then ending the day at your favorite restaurant with a romantic even dinner,” Kevin finished, looking at his wife with a charming smile.

Lisabeth couldn’t help but smile a flattered smile as a faint blush spread across her cheeks.

Unknown to the married couple was the person following them on a bike, their face covered by a helmet.


“...And that’s why they called him mud,” Kevin said, finishing his story.

Lisabeth laughed softly as Kevin smiled lovingly at his wife. With a sigh, he looked around and took in the atmosphere.

There weren’t many people in the small diner the couple had decided to dine at, and Kevin was pleased with that. Even better, things had gone off with little problem, and lunch was very enjoyable. Now, the couple was just waiting on the check so they could be on their way.

Kevin smiled at Lisabeth but frowned when he saw a purple light shining behind his wife. The light faded after a few seconds, and the young man blinked one, two, three times, then rubbed his right eye.

“Kevin,” Lisabeth asked in concern when she saw her husband’s behavior, “Is everything okay?”

“...Yeah,” Kevin replied hesitantly and tried to flag a waiter to see about getting their check quicker.

Lisabeth looked at her husband, confused by his behavior. She might have inquired about Kevin’s behavior more if she hadn’t suddenly felt a tingle go down her entire body. She also felt lightheaded, causing her vision to blur for a second, and she moaned lightly.

It was Kevin’s turn to be concerned as he noticed how his wife was acting. “Are you okay, Lis?” he asked.

Lisabeth shook her head, rubbed her eyes to get them to focus, and looked at her husband. She tried to smile as she reached out to grab Kevin’s hand but frowned when she noticed something.  The sleeve looked ill-fitting.  She couldn't help but stare at the sleeve, noting how it slipped past her wrist ever so slightly.

Lisabeth found that odd, as her favorite outfit had always fitted her like a glove. She stared at it for nearly a minute when that tingling feeling happened again, and she moaned.

Kevin stared at his wife, confused about what was happening with her. He suddenly gasped as he jumped to his feet and stared at his wife. If he looked closely, he noticed that Lisabeth was thinner and slightly shorter. He also saw other things, like the light wrinkles forming under Lisabeth’s eyes, were gone.

The man suddenly gasped as he realized what was happening to his wife. Lisabeth was younger; Kevin figured she was around 24 to 25 years old at the moment and, from the looks of things, was still getting younger.

Kevin wasn’t the only one to notice what was happening; Lisabeth also figured out what was happening to her and was close to freaking out. Her breathing was quick and shallow, and her eyes were darting around.

Kevin also looked around, and what he saw surprised him; there were at least two others close enough to them that they couldn’t miss a woman steadily growing younger. However, the people only reacted when Lisabeth moaned and then went about their business.

Even the waiter didn’t notice Lisabeth’s state; he just set the check on the table and headed to serve another table.

The fact that no one noticed her condition didn’t give the regressing woman any peace of mind. She looked at Kevin, and the man saw just how scared she was.

“K-Kevin,” Lisabeth stammered, voice creaking, “W-What’s happening to m-me?”

Trying to control his panic, Kevin got out of his chair and hurried to his wife’s side. He got down on one knee and took Lisabeth’s hand. He resisted the urge to frown as he noticed how different his wife’s hand felt compared to over an hour ago.

“Don’t worry,” Kevin said reassuringly, looking at Lisabeth with a smile, “I’m here.”

Lisabeth calmed down slightly as she bathed in her husband's presence. Kevin, meanwhile, was studying his wife. He was amazed and frightened at the pace at which Lisabeth was regressing.

It hadn’t been even two and a half minutes, and Lisabeth had already slipped from her mid-twenties and was rapidly approaching her teen years. The changes also started to become more noticeable; Kevin could feel his wife’s hand thinning.

Lisabeth’s figure was also thinning out, causing her form-fitting dress to start enveloping her body. Her face was also losing some of its sharp features, and freckles were appearing around the inner area of her cheeks.

“...I’m scared,” 17-year-old Lisabeth said in a tiny and fearful voice.

Kevin looked at the woman…no, he realized she wasn’t a woman anymore. Lisabeth was now a scared girl caught up in something she didn’t understand. And what that girl needed now was someone to comfort and reassure her that she wasn’t alone.

So, Kevin stood up, causing the fourteen-year-old to look at him in confusion. He gently picked up his wife, her feet easily leaving her footwear. Kevin hugged the girl close as he took the seat she had occupied and kissed her on the forehead.

Lisabeth, just 12 years old, blushed heavily and looked around her. She couldn’t help but feel some childish embarrassment from such displays. But, feeling her body shift in her husband’s lap reminded her of what was happening, and she snuggled into Kevin’s chest.

Kevin ran a comforting hand through his wife…no, through his little girl’s hair as he watched her continue to grow younger.

At this point, Lisabeth was ten and had lost the last of her adult features. Her feet slowly approached the inside of her dress skirt, and he could see baby fat growing around her legs.

Kevin couldn’t see his girl’s hands as they disappeared into the cardigan’s sleeves. However, he saw Lisabeth holding her chest, tears threatening to fall at any time. Seeing this, Kevin hugged his little girl closer to his chest, and it wasn’t long before the now seven-year-old was silently crying.

Kevin sat there for the next few minutes and let his former wife cry. He also ran his hand through her hair and saw it brightened to a near-blonde color.

“Is everything okay with your daughter?” a waiter suddenly asked, getting Kevin’s attention.

Kevin looked at the server and noted that he was just looking at Lisabeth with concern, oblivious that a seven-year-old was wearing an adult outfit.

“...Yes,” Kevin replied awkwardly, moving to get his wallet.

He took out a hundred-dollar bill and picked up the check. The waiter looked at Lisabeth one more time as he took the items and left. Kevin watched the waiter disappear into the back and sighed.

“No love me anymore because I’m not a grown-up,” he suddenly heard Lisabeth say sadly.

Kevin gawked at his former wife and hugged her with both arms. “No!” he exclaimed urgently. “Adult or child, I will never STOP loving you, Lisabeth White-Dove!”

Lisabeth gasped softly and looked up at Kevin with fresh tears. Kevin, for his part, smiled with fatherly warmth.

“...Really?” the former adult asked with childish hope.

Kevin’s smile grew warmer as he reached out and gently wiped her tears away. “Really, Princes,” he replied with love.

Lisabeth smiled as a small blush crossed her cheeks. Suddenly, her face twisted sourly, and she huffed as she crossed her arms. Kevin nearly laughed at the cute sight.

“I’m no princess!” Lisabeth proclaimed rebelliously.

Kevin stared at his former wife, eyebrows raised. He suddenly grinned in a fatherly, teasing manner.

“Oh, is Little Lissie too much of a tomboy to be called princess?” Kevin asked teasingly.

Lisabeth…Little Lissie simply turned her nose up in a childish manner. Kevin saw this, and his grin grew.

“Well, Princess,” he proclaimed loudly, “That's your name from now on!”

“D-a-a-addy!” Little Lissie screeched.

Suddenly, the two eyes snapped open, and they stared at each other in shock. It wasn’t long before Little Lissie saw sadness building in her daddy’s eyes.

Thankfully, the waiter returned with Kevin’s change and distracted him before things became too awkward.

Kevin then picked up Little Lissie and left; he needed to get his wife-turn-daughter some clothes.

Unknown to the White-Dove family was the figure watching them. The figure was rubbing a purple oval stone in their left hand. Across from the figure was a baby boy, barely eight months old, lying on a leather jacket, balling his eyes out.



End Chapter 1

Not Quite a Ruin Day

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 23, 2024


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