Not Quite a Ruin Day

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 23, 2024

Chapter 3

Not Quite a Ruin Day: Part 3

Kevin pushed his daughter behind him when he saw who spoke. Jennifer Moore, age 32, smiled at Kevin with a narcissistic smile. Kevin narrowed his eyes at his co-worker and studied her, taking in her body language. At the same time, Little Lissie peeked out from behind her daddy’s legs and glared at the woman jealously.

Jennifer has a body that would make most heads turn. She has wide hips, slender arms, and legs, as shown by her tight leather pants, black crop top, and tight leather jacket. Her breasts were at least D-size, and from the way she moved, it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Jennifer kept her raven black hair short and styled it so that she could easily cover one of her red eyes if she wanted. She had a beauty mark under her left eye and a small but noticeable burn scar on the left side of her forehead.

“What are you doing here, Ms. Moore?” Kevin asked politely but eyeing her suspiciously.

Jennifer continued to smile as she stared at Kevin longingly. Then, she looked at Little Lissie, and her look turned predatory. The former adult shivered from the look, and Kevin felt it. He put a comforting hand on his daughter’s hand and took a second to give her a reassuring smile.

“Again, Jennifer,” Kevin said coldly, dropping formalities and looking back at his co-worker. “What are you doing here?”

Jennifer looked back at Kevin, her smile turning seductive, and tried to get closer. Kevin wouldn’t have any of it; he took a step back and held up a hand in a ‘stop’ gesture. Thankfully, she took the hint and stopped her advance, smile still in place.

“I’m not asking again…Jennifer,” Kevin said in a low and threatening tone.

Jennifer sighed a dramatic sigh and looked at the Indian/Italian man. Kevin couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable from the look his co-worker was giving him. It made him think about an animal in heat.

“Why deny it anymore?” Jennifer said narcissistically, her smile turning erratic. “With that woman out of the way, you’re free to embrace your true feelings!”

Kevin didn’t like Jennifer's behavior. He pushed Little Lissie further behind him and kept his eyes firmly on his co-worker. He also raised his hands as if expecting a fight.

Jennifer didn’t notice this and began acting like a schoolgirl confessing to her first crush. She placed her hand on her slightly red cheeks and looked at Kevin Lovingly.

“I knew the first time you saw me that it was love at first sight!” Jennifer exclaimed, her voice getting erratic. “So why deny your feelings any longer?”

Kevin stared at her coworker, feeling lost, confused, and uncomfortable. But his feelings didn’t matter, not when he felt his daughter shaking more and heard a whimper. He dared a look, offering Lisabeth a fatherly smile, telling her he was here. He patted her head reassuringly, and that calmed her down slightly.

Kevin took a quick breath to study his nerves and looked back at Jennifer. It did not comfort him to see his co-worker not move.

“What are you talking about?” the accountant asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

Jennifer’s smile became more erratic, and she took a step forward. This time, Kevin stood and prepared to act if his co-worker tried anything funny. She suddenly stopped about 2 feet in front of Kevin and spread her arms wide.

“Why, I removed the only thing keeping you from expressing your true feelings!” Jennifer exclaimed happily.

Kevin’s discomfort was growing as the wheels turned his head. He stared at the woman, still in the arms-open position like she expected him to jump into her arms at any moment. He slowly looked at Lisabeth, and the former adult looked into his eyes, both thinking the same thing.

“Are you saying you’re the reason Lisabeth turned into a child?!” Kevin exclaimed, more with anger than anything else.

Jennifer lowered her arms, and her smile turned narcissistic as she looked at Kevin lovingly.

“Yes!” she replied happily. “I did it for you. After all, you fell in love with me when you first saw me!”

Kevin gawked at his co-worker. Since he worked with this woman daily, he was well aware of her narcissism. He also knew about Jennifer Moore before he joined the firm, having been warned about her by his friend, the one who told me about the job in the first place.

But, standing before her, Kevin realized the depth of the woman’s narcissism. To make matters worse, she turned his wife into his daughter under some disillusion.

Kevin’s eyes widened as he realized what his train of thought actually meant. His anger flared as his eyes narrowed, and his mouth opened with a snarl. Kevin clenched his fists so tight he could feel his nails pressing dangerously against his skin.

Kevin suddenly blinked when he felt something pressed against his legs. He looked down and saw how scared his daughter was, looking fearfully at Jennifer. Kevin sighed when he realized getting angry over a settled matter would do more harm than good.

Kevin took a few calming breaths and looked at his co-worker. Jennifer hadn’t moved an inch, continuing to smile with narcissism.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Moore,” the man said calmly and professionally, “But I simply don’t feel that way about you.”

The woman's smile finally slipped from her face, and she stared at her co-worker in confusion. She tried to get closer as if she wanted to say something, but Kevin wouldn’t let her.

“Now,” Kevin said calmly, “My daughter and I are trying to have a day out. And the movie she wants to see starts soon. So, good day, Ms. Moore.”

Kevin held out his right hand, and Little Lissie took it, eyes never leaving Jennifer. Kevin also kept his eyes on his co-worker as he slowly backed up. Jennifer, for her part, just stood there, looking like a dear caught in the headlights.

Kevin was about to turn away when he saw Jennifer’s face twisted in shock and anger. She looked at Little Lissie, and the former adult flinched at the anger she saw on the older female’s face.

“You vile temptress!” Jennifer screamed angrily.

Little Lissie started shaking as she clenched tightly to her daddy, scared by the sudden outburst. Kevin was also startled but kept his composure and patted his daughter on the head. He kept his eyes on his co-worker as she jabbed her hand into her jacket pocket.

“You have your claw in Kevin, even at that age!” Jennifer screamed frantically, taking something out of her pocket. “Let's see you work your vile seduction when you’re a drooling BAAABBY!”

Kevin gasped when Jennifer aimed an oval stone at them…a purple stone. He realized what was about to happen and moved quickly, surprising everyone in the immediate area.

The Indian/Italian man wasn’t fast enough, and the stone began to glow. Kevin took the brunt of the light as he got close to Jennifer. He grabbed the woman’s wrist and forced the stone into the sky. He then covered the stone with his free hand and squeezed Jennifer’s wrist with his thumb.

The narcissistic woman groaned as she felt the stone slip from her hold. Kevin took the stone from his co-worker and backed away from her.

For a moment, things were still; Jennifer stared at her co-worker in disbelief, like she couldn’t understand why the man she thought loved him would suddenly attack her. The shock was too much for her, and she suddenly fell to her knees, her expression blank.

With his coworker temporarily out of action, Kevin checked over his daughter and himself. He looked at Little Lissie, saw she was still seven, and sighed with relief.

Next, he took out his phone and used the front camera to cheek himself over. Kevin made a face as he studied his facial features; not much had changed. The only noticeable thing was his hair was a little thicker.

Kevin figured he was about 27 or 28 now and pocketed his phone. He looked at the stone and wondered if he could use it to restore Little Lissie to normal. He ran his thumb across the stone’s surface, and suddenly, it flashed.

Kevin moaned as information rushed into his head like a river during a raging storm. Thankfully, it didn’t last more than 10 seconds, and he quickly shook his head to clear it. He looked at the stone and scowled as he realized the stone only made people younger, not older.

“B-But, you love me…” Jennifer mumbled in disbelief.

Kevin gave his co-worker a look and sighed. “I’m sorry, Jennifer, but I don’t,” he said calmly.

Jennifer looked up at Kevin and shook her head, still refusing to see reason. Kevin sighed again and looked at the stone in his hand.

“You know,” Kevin said, looking at his co-worker. “It was always said that a person's upbringing affects how they act for their entire lives.”

Jennifer looked up at her co-worker as Kevin aimed the youth stone at her. She gasped but didn’t try to run; the light shone from the stone and bathed her.

“I don’t know what caused you to act this way, but maybe being raised a second time will humble you in your new life,” Kevin announced.

Jennifer just sat on the ground and angrily crossed her arms over her chest. She looked at her former crush in anger as Kevin noted the changes already taking hold.

The first thing Kevin noticed was Jennifer’s figure; it was slimming down even though she was just a few years younger. He watched as Jennifer’s hips deflated and her lips became less full. Her cheeks also fell slightly, and her eyelashes fell off.

“Huh,” Kevin commented, “Guess the rumors about Jennifer having work done weren’t just rumors. Hey!”

Kevin looked down when his daughter slapped him against the thigh. He couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw the cute scowl Little Lissie was giving him and patted her on the head.

He then returned his attention to the woman in front of him.

Kevin cocked an eyebrow when he noticed that Jennifer’s chest was still large despite rapidly approaching her early twenties. He watched as his co-worker’s body continued to slim down, causing her outfit to balloon around Jennifer.

The change happening to Jennifer was becoming noticeable; her chain pushed in slightly as her cheeks puffed out. Her long neck pushed in ever-so-slightly, and her nose pushed in. Her shoulders started to go inwards, and she began shrinking as she slipped into her teens.

Strangely, the beauty mark disappeared after she reached her teens, but the burn mark remained. Even stranger, her breasts had only started to change.

“Whoa,” was all Kevin could say. “Those were real, after all. If I were a betting man, I would have lost some money. Again, Lissie!”

He looked at his former wife with a glare when Little Lissie slapped him on the thigh again. The former adult had a hint of jealousy in her eyes and a faint redness to her cheeks as she looked away after a second of glaring at her daddy.

Kevin sighed and looked at Jennifer. He couldn’t help but cocked an eyebrow when he saw that his ex-co-worker was around 16, and her breasts were still big. He did notice that she was shorter, maybe about an inch or two, and her shoes looked close to falling off.

“No fair, no fair!” the current teenager whined sullenly, her voice higher.

Kevin could only watch as Jennifer’s shoes dropped to their sides as her feet left them. Her pant legs began to droop as she shrunk more. She suddenly stood up, and her pants and silk panties fell to her ankles.

Thankfully, the 13-year-old Jennifer took a seat after freeing her legs and used the sleeves of her oversized jacket to cover her lower half. The former adult’s chest quickly deflated when she reached 12 and then 11. Baby fat was building on her exposed legs and around her cheeks.

The burn mark started to fade as Jennifer slipped into single-digit years. Kevin couldn’t help but wonder why Jennifer had a mark at such a young age.

“No faiw!” Jennifer whined again.

Kevin saw that Jennifer was five and decided that was good. He ran his thumb against the stone, and it stopped glowing. He stared at the stone for a second and then returned his attention to Jennifer.

He saw that the former adult was suddenly self-conscious, using her jacket to cover her body as she weakly glared up at her former co-worker. Jennifer was also shaking, either from the change or the weather, and Kevin frowned as he realized what that meant.

“I'm Sorry, Little Lissie,” he said apologetically, looking at his daughter. “It looks like we can’t make the showing for the movie you wanted to see. We need to get your new sister something to wear.”

Little Lissie looked at her daddy, a hint of maturity in her eyes, and she nodded. She then looked at Jennifer and walked up to her. Jennifer looked at her with an angry pout.

Lissie suddenly grinned, and she lunged forward. She got Jennifer in a headlock and began nugging her.

“Stop!” Jennifer screeched, trying to push Little Lissie off of her.

Little Lissie just laughed at Jennifer’s attempt to force her off. But, being two years older, she was stronger, and the five-year-old couldn’t free herself.

Kevin watched this with a smile, only to frown as he looked at the stone in his hand. This thing was powerful, maybe too powerful. Not only could it make someone younger, but it also indirectly affects those around it; no one paid attention as a well-endowed woman was reduced to a child.

It was a scary thought that Kevin held so much power in a stone that easily fit in his hand.

“...Too much power,” he muttered, letting the stone drop to the ground.

He slammed his foot down on the stone with all of his weight. He removed his foot and was satisfied that the stone was now just small chunks.

Kevin looked back at his daughters and saw that Little Lissie was still giving her new sister a nuggie.

“Okay, princess, that’s enough,” Kevin told his oldest, “We have a lot to do if we want to catch the last showing of “Despicable Me 4” later.”

Immediately, Little Lissie stopped picking on Jennifer and let her go. She looked up at her daddy with a smile, and Kevin couldn’t help but feel a warmth spread through his body.

“I’m pwincess!” Jennifer suddenly declared selfishly.

Kevin couldn’t help but chuckle a bit as he bent down and picked up his newest daughter.

“Sorry, Little Jenny,” he said in a fatherly tone.  "But Princess is your older sister’s nickname. How about I call you kitten?”

The newly named Little Jenny scowled cutely at her new daddy, and Kevin laughed at the sight. He offered his oldest his hand, and Little Lissie took it as Kevin made his way to his car.

Kevin reflected on the day’s events as he helped his daughters into the car. It may not have been what he had planned, but in the end, Kevin couldn’t deny that the day wasn’t completely ruined, especially since he had two cute daughters by his side.

As the White-Dove Family left the park, the chucks of the youth stone shook and began gathering together.



End Chapter 3

Not Quite a Ruin Day

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 23, 2024


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