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One-shots and short stories about different cartoon/and anime character changing either or "real" people changing into character and gaining the ability to change their age

Chapter 1
Hot and Cold Princess Intro

Chapter Description: Disclaimer: I don't own the image or the character appearing in this story. The character belongs to Nintendo and the company who owns the image. Story: after a frustrating night of work, I woke the next morning changed in a while I didn't think possible. Now, with my cousin help I will try to find out what happened to me last night that gave me a interesting out look on my life

Hot and Cold Princess


Being born in the early 1980s, I was exposed to cartoons as they were just starting to reach a point where they were gaining a bit of fame. I never truly grew out of liking cartoons even during my teen and young adult years, in the 1990s era when certain people tried to make cartoons more then just children entrainment.

I think it was around this time that I decided on one goal, to become an animator and work on a project that will one day rock the world and be remembered long after my grand-grandkids are dust in the wind.

Yeah, yeah, I know dreaming big always leave people small, or that’s what my dearly departed grandmother use to tell my relatives and me. I think she use to say that, to try and make sure we never get our hopes to high. I think she also said that to because she didn’t want us to pursue something she considers uselessly, like animation, but that didn’t stop me from looking into the trade.

I can admit, no matter how shameful this may sound, but I hadn’t gotten far with my trade. The best I got is working on those short animated promos on TV. But I wasn’t discouraged, hoping that my unique brand of animation would get noticed at one point and that will launch me into the big times.

Indeed, I was actually working on a project that would lead to a massive change in my life.

See, I have been task with making a promo for a new kind drug that was suppose to make one feel and look younger. I don’t know why the company that makes the drug would want an animated promo, but I’m not complaining it is work.

So, to see what best work with the task I was given, I was looking for any cartoons that dealt with age changes. This was a harder then I first thought…since places like YouTube was cracking down on licensed product being posted without the license holders permission, they have been taking down those video within a few days after they learn of the illegal post.

Still…there’s always more then one way to find something. And thank to the recently created “black” sites, sites that illegally post video and other products I had plenty of things to work with. These sites are eventually close down but that didn’t matter at this time; I had burn through several episodes from difference cartoons, and I might have had something to work with…if it wasn’t for one small problem.

“Apply two drop into each eyes and you should see results in three to six hours,” I frown as I read the instruction on how to use the drug. With a heavy groan I toss the sheet onto my desk. “Whoever heard of a supplement that need to be apply through the eyes and not eaten? It just doesn’t make any sense!”

With a frustrated sigh, I got up from my chair and began to pace in front of my computer. I normally I wouldn’t have problems with such a simple task, but the uses of the drug was really doing a number of me. I mean, what kind of drug are these people trying to sell?

And as things aren’t bad enough I wouldn’t have the outline for the promo done before the deadline, which happens to be in about six days.

“It just doesn’t make sense!!” I suddenly screamed as I slumped back into my chair.

I stared at the paused video and couldn’t help but smile at the image on display. It was the episode from that old “Super Mario Brother” cartoon show, where the princess is turned into a baby thank to the villain messing with the fountain of youth. It was this episode that started my path into my current career choice, and I’m regretting that move right this instant.

I sigh as I looked at the frozen video, which was pause at the moment when the princess fell into the fountain. To me, there was a hidden message in the episode, one that states that life is hard no matter the age. I often try to make my point by saying that the Mario bros and their friend had to work to keep the regressed princess out of danger, a fit made that much harder since the princess had a gain mischievous nature that she when she was turned into baby.

Unfortunately whenever I bring this up, my theories are laugh at, and most just tell me the same thing…that the episode was made to be a parody to that old move which was release before the show.

“Man, I wish at times I can go back to simpler time, even if for a short period,” I muttered to myself and chuckled when I realized what I just said. “Man, I must be tired if I’m saying stuff like that.”

I was about to turn off my computer and get some much needed rest, only to frown when I heard my computer’s fan began to go into overdrive. I became a bit panicked as I thought my 10-year-old computer was about have a meltdown, something I have feared for a while.

I went to turn off my computer when the screen began to glow with an eerie blue light. I really wanted to turn off my computer, fearing that something was terribly wrong, but I find myself unable move as the light quickly got brighter. The last thing I remember before blacking out was the video starting up and a strange feeling of wetness washing over me.

(The next morning)

With a heavy moan I slowly made way back to the living world. I slowly opened eyes and winced when I realized how bright it was. I felt like I been on one major bender, but that couldn’t be possible; I don’t like drinking that much and only do it during special events.

As my eyes come into focus I noticed I was on my bed, uncovered and the lights are on from my late night studies. With another moan I got of bed and made way to the can. If I had been more aware I might notice that something was wrong with my body. It felt smaller and I stumble in whatever footwear I was wearing.

Whatever was wrong with me didn’t stop me from reaching my bathroom, and turning on the sink so I can splash some water on my face in hopes that it would wake me up. The cold water did the trick and I felt myself awoken from whatever stupor I was in. I looked in the mirror as I reached for a towel.

I suddenly stopped at I got a good look at myself. I could only gawk at the person in my mirror. Instead of a thirty-six-year man with golden brown hair and lime-green eyes, I saw a twenty-six-year girl with red hair that reached down past her back, and have crystal blue eyes and full lips. I notice that this girl wore a simple grown of two different shades of pink and a blue orb sewed into the blouse of the dress. I looked down and needed to lift the skirt to see the pink shoes with the noticeable heel on them. I let the skirt go as I looked back at my reflection and notice the crown on the top of my head and the large round earrings.

Stunned I lowered my arm and the girl in the mirror did the same. It didn’t take me long to figure what, no matter how impossible it seems, happened to me.

“I turned into an exact copy of Princess Toadstool,” I whispered, not so be so surprised when I heard my voice.

No, I was wrong, I realized. I wasn’t exactly like the cartoon character. I realized that my figure lack the cartoon-ish design that most female cartoon designs began to have around that time. My figure was more realistic and I would dare to say closer to Princess Peach’s figure.

Before I go on with my unusual tale I believe I should clear the room a little. See, I consider the princess that appears in the show to be a different character then the one figured in the games. So I guess you could say I was like a merger of the two similar but different characters.

But I think I’m getting off track here.

I stared at my own reflection for nearly thirty minutes, doing odd things like lifting my arms and doing some poses. I even felt my new breasts which was a bad idea. The feeling I got from them shocked me out of my state of awe and I panicked. I began splashing cold water on my face, hoping that I was just in a really vivid dream.

I don’t know how long I did this for but I some point I felt a tingle go through my entire body each time I splashed myself with water. I didn’t stop even I felt something in my body began to change. I finally gave up when I realized, much to my horror, that I was completely awake.

With a dejected sigh I reach for a towel to dry myself off, only to once again stop when I saw myself in the mirror. My eyes widen as I saw the sixteen-year-old girl with her slightly shorter hair tied into a ponytail. Stunned, I took a step away and looked down at my grown.

I noticed how outfit had not only been altered to fit my smaller body, but it design was more in line with that I sixteen-year-old I have become. The skirt was much shorter, stopping a few inches below my knees and rim of my skirt was cut in a triangle pattern. My shoes were basically unchanged, so I just looked at the top of my grown, taking in the changes.

The top wasn’t all that different, only instead of the puffy, short sleeves, the sleeves run down pass my elbows. My shoulders were exposed slightly, but thankfully my chest was still covered enough that no one could look down my grown if they were close enough.

I just become a girl and I don’t like want go through the embarrassment of someone seeing down my grown. I think I would probably die if something like that would to happen.

I felt a shudder go violently down my spine as I realize how I was thinking at the moment. I was so weird out by this, but I pushed all of this into the back of my head and finished noting the changes to my gown. The only other change to my outfit was the orb in the chest of my grown. It has been replaced with a simple sew-on pattern that looked like a mushroom seen in the games.

Like, I don’t know how long I just stood there like some old guy just looking at myself. Like, I wanted to do a total flip out, but only one thing kept stinking in the front of my mind.

“OMG, I, like, become a total hottie!” I gasp as I heard my younger sounded voice.

I began to panic again, but I totally stomp that panic in the face, and instead choose to do something else. I turned to leave my b-room and did a face plant with the floor.

“OMG, who knew walking with heel, was, like, the hardest thing in the world,” I muttered as I picked myself up and crawled to my room, totally not in the mood to have another meeting with the floor.


Thirty-five minutes later I was sitting on the edge of my bed, watching as my cousin, Bruno Kane, paced in front of me and writing down things with a digital pad. He would look at me with a curious eye and all I could was gave him an awkward smile. What can I saw, the guy was totally weirding me out.

But, as he was giving me the once over, I was totally checking him out. Bruno or Burrito I used to like calling him when we were kids was big boned, giving a bit of a chucky look, and like wearing thick cloth even during the hot summer days. That’s why I totally call him Burrito. Like old me, he has golden-brown hair and lime-green eyes.

I admit, with a shudder, that Burrito did look somewhat hot, even with his fat appearance. It’s just too weird as I realized that I would totally date him…if it wasn’t for one small fact.

I tried to stomp that thought into the ground when Burrito spoke, causing me to let out a nervous laugh. I guess I didn’t realize just how lost in my thoughts I was until he said something. My coz just looked at me with a raised eyebrow, meaning that he knew I wasn’t paying attention.

“So, as I was saying,” I nearly winced when I realized he was using a tone that, like, was totally scolding me. I want to give my brother-like figure a piece of my mind, but the look he was giving he was totally freaking me out. So I kept my mouth shut. “I believe before we proceed I would like to get my notes in order,” Burrito said, looking at his pad, and giving me the break I needed to take in some air. “At approximately 2:45 this morning, you were on one of those illegal posting site-”

“,” I interjected with throughout thinking, causing Burrito to give me another scolding glare.

“As I was saying,” Burrito said in a tone that told me to clam up, “You were on an illegal posting site when your computer began to act strange. The last thing you recall was a bright up, and upon waking nine hours and 29 minutes later, you found yourself as a 26-year-old copy of Princess Peach-”

“-Princess Toadstool,” I interrupted again, again without thinking, causing me to send a sheepish smile at my cousin when he glared at me.

“-After you noticed the alteration, you proceed to panic and began splashing water on your face, and upon returning to your sense you came to the realization that you have been further altered, leading to your current appearance,” Burrito said calmly, to which I nodded.

My coz looked at me in a curious way before sighing and began pacing again. He’s totally going to put a hole in my floor if he keeps doing that. He stopped his pacing after a minute and took a seat at my computer. I want to tell him off, saying my computer was, like, off-limits, but that glare from kept me glued to my bed.

“Well, I am officially perplexed,” Burrito sighed heavily. “And it looks like the site was taken down sometime during the early morning. There’s no way to know which episode you were watching when the event occurred.”

“Oh,” I said suddenly, perking up at the thought of helping, “It was “Two Plumbers and a Baby”, my totally favorite episode of all time!”

The look Burrito suddenly gave me caused whatever hopes I was building to jump out the window and run for the mountains. I squirmed myself into my bed as much as possible as Burrito got up and got in front of me, glaring at me like I was a child.

“And you didn’t think this information could have been usefully 35 minutes ago?” Burrito asked in a very stern and scolding tone, one that made me feel small.

I began to play with my fingers, looking at the sheet of my bed as I tried to come up with something. This was a habit I had when I was a sixteen-year-old, and seems like it returned now that I was a sixteen-year-old princess. This habit had the unfortunate side-effect of sending my coz into one of his long-winded rants.

“Do you realize how just time we could have save if you only told me that sooner? Instead, you have me spinning threats, trying to find some common ground to link these seemingly unconnected events. Are you should a child that you didn’t think that something so important was worth sharing,” Burrito’s voice was rising with each word and by the end he was nearly shouting right in my face.

“I-I’m a child,” was the only thing that came to me.

Burrito looked at me with a slight shocked expression as my words seems to have some effect on him. He held the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath, slowly titling his head back. I relax when I realized my coz was trying to calm down.

“Look,” he said calmly, “I didn’t mean to snap, but spontaneously changing into a cartoon-character-based-on-a-video-character isn’t something to take lightly. And when you realized that your own bodily age can be changed, we can’t withhold even the smallest piece of information.”

“Sorry,” I said meekly, fidgeting in my spot.

Burrito just sighs and said, “It’s okay, but come with me.”

I just blinked as I got up and walked with my cousin out of my room and into my small kitchen. I watched as Burrito took out my two-feet measuring cup and filled it to the top. He then walked over to me, hanging the cup over my head.

“Umm, what are you doing?” I asked awkwardly.

“What need to determine if water is truly the trigger to your age alteration,” Burrito replied calmly, and before I could protest dump the entire thing on my head.

I gasp as I felt that tingle from earlier and watched as Bean get a bit taller, with a look of awe on his face. I looked around, taking in how everything was different. Everything just seems so much taller then was a second again. I then looked at Bean again, and felt something swell up inside of me.

“Was that, like, needed or something?” I asked in a condescending tone, crossing arms over my chest.

Bean blinked, probably taken back by tone of voice. Heck, I might have been surprised by my tone…if I wasn’t in full on brat mode.

“And another thing,” I said, putting my hands on my hops. “What makes you think you can come into my place, and like, totally boss me around. You’re lucky I don’t tell mom and Aunt Cassie on you.”

Bean continued to stare at me like I was crazy or something. I, on the other hand, had gotten really bored with looking at Bean’s stupid face.

“Well, I think I’m going out,” I said condescendingly.

With a turned up nose, I strolled pass my still stun cousin. Suddenly, Bean snapped around and took a strong but gently grip on my right arm. I sent a glare his way, but the look he gave me caused whatever rebelliousness I had to go out the window.

“And where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Bean asked in a parental voice.

“Out,” I said with an angry frown. “I was thinking of getting a new plushie. Got a problem with that?”

“Having a 14-year-old dressed like a cartoon character going out, you bet I do!” the dork said sternly.

I growled as I felt my anger return and I tried to wrestle myself free, but Bean was just far too big for something like that to happen. Still, that didn’t stop me from fighting as he lead me back into my bedroom, and give me a look that told me to sit down or else. Since I knew he wasn’t in the mood for much and since I know what he could do me, I took my seat grumbling under my breath.

“Now that we know that water is the trigger that activates your age alteration, we need to determines just far that alteration can go,” Bean said calmly as he grabbed his dork toy and began writing things down. “We should also determine if any of liquids triggers your alteration, and just how it actually affects your mind.”

Bean looked at me and I suddenly felt a shiver go up my spine. I knew what that look meant, there was a hunger building in my cousin, and he wasn’t even going to fight it. Instead he would indulge this hunger until he was satisfied, which could take a while. I hope whatever changed me had also taken care of that nasty scar on my back, from one of Bean’s “hunger” attack from when we were kids.

Yeah…I’m not going to like where all of this is going, and worse of all, the rebelliousness I was feeling earlier was now complete gone, and that meant I was at the mercy of my cousin, and that made so afraid that I think I can put a yellow spot on my panties…if I’m wearing such things.



End Chapter 1

CAAR Stories

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2016


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