The Little Guards

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 5, 2024

While practicing for the upcoming Battle of the Bands finials, the Rock band WarGuard-X has a run-in with all too familiar stone. Now, can this upcoming band pull themselves out of this problem and find a way to wow people with their music?

Chapter 1
Part one

The Little Guards:

Part 1

“...And I will SOAARRR!” Gloria Rokks finished on a high note.

The 18-year-old redhead, feeling a surge of affection, couldn’t help but bow when she heard thunderous cheering. Gloria’s green eyes looked at her “audience,” and her heart swelled with warmth at the sight; four girls, two at seven, one at six, and the youngest at five, were all fangirling at her and her band, WarGuard-X. Immediately after Gloria’s band finished their number, the youngest, Jenny White-Dove, ran over to Gloria’s twin brother, Glenn. Gloria studied the youngest of her mother’s babysitting charges. Jenny wore a single, long-sleeved pink dress with a skirt that reached to her knees. She wore pink high-tops and a bracelet with costume rubies on it. Finally, she had flower hair clips in her raven black hair.
“Hi, Glenn,” the five-year-old said in what she thought was a seductive tone, but it sounded more cute to the rock band.

With a brotherly smile, Glenn patted the little girl on the head.  In a display of innocent irritation, Jenny puffed out her cheeks as her face slightly flushed.  The moment was fleeting, and Jenny's smile returned as she hugged the guitarist’s leg.

“Ha! We haven’t even won yet, and you already have a stalker,” Martin Rokk, age 20, snarked at his cousin. “How does it feel, man?”

Glenn glared at his cousin, but the muscled, dirty-blonde-haired boy just whistled innocently while twirling his drummer’s stick in his right hand.  The redheaded boy sighed and looked at the final member of their band, Amanda Booker, checking over her base guitar when he heard her muttering something.

“Hmm, I think I might need to replace this cable,” the premature white-haired girl mused to herself, holding the item in her right hand, “I think the sound is coming out distorted.”

Gloria ignored the pin of envy she felt when she looked at her foster sister, whose figure was better than the older girl.  Instead, she shook her head and walked up to her foster sister, patting the youngest member of their band on the shoulder.

“I know you have a good ear for these things,” Gloria said supportively, “But trust me, there’s nothing wrong with the sound.”

Amanda looked at the older girl with a hint of doubt but nodded after a moment of thought.  Gloria smiled at her foster sister and then walked in front of her band.  She took a moment to study the band’s appearance.

The members of WarGuard-X were dressed in similar outfits.  They wore black jeans with a patchworked X on their right knees and boots, knee-high for the girls and ankle-high for the boys.  The boys wore sleeveless black tops with an X on the front and stud wristbands.  The girls were wearing t-shirts with their stomachs exposed and stud wristbands.

Tying the look together were sleeveless jackets with studs on the back in the form of an X.

After she had finished her quick study, Gloria addressed her friends and bandmates.  “Now, I know we have gone over this before, but this is the finals of the Battle of the Bands Weekend.  We should consider ourselves lucky we’re in the finals.”

Gloria was interrupted when Martain scoffed and aggressively hit one of his drums.

“Please,” the drummer said confidently, “We've seen the other finalists, and there's nothing to worry about, especially if you let me take the mic.”

The sister and brother gave their cousin a deadpan expression.  Martin just smiled confidently and struck a drum.  Gloria sighed and was about to continue with her speech.

“Mindy!  Heather!  Lissie!  Jenny!”

The rock band and little girls looked to the opened garage door as Brady Rokk stepped into view.  Gloria and Glenn got a lot from their mother, from the same eyes, hair, and skin tone.  About the only thing the twins didn’t gain from their mother was her height; Brandy stood roughly at 5 feet, 5 inches, while her children stood at nearly six feet even.

The babysitter smiled as she took in the scene and then looked at her charges.

“I hope you four weren’t bothering them while they practice,” Brandy said warmly but sternly.

“Mom, it’s fine,” Gloria said dismissively.  “Their cheering is pumping us up for tomorrow.”

Brandy gave her oldest a look and said, “Be as it may, it’s almost time for their families to pick them up.  So they need to head indoors and get ready.”

Brandy looked at the little girls, and Mindy, Heather, and Lissie smiled.  The two seven-year-olds and one six-year-old began walking to the house, but Lissie stopped and scowled.  She looked and saw her little sister still hanging onto Glenn’s leg.

With a sigh and an eye roll that didn’t belong on a cute little girl, Lissie walked up to Jenny.  She grabbed the five-year-old by the shoulders and dragged her away, kicking and screaming.  Lissie stopped at the end of the garage and offered Glenn an apologetic smile.

The rock band watched as the kids disappeared into the house.  Once he was sure the kids were gone, Martin looked at his bandmates.

“I know I say this a lot, but those squirts sometimes creep me the F out,” the drummer mentioned off-handedly.

Gloria gave her cousin a glare and then addressed the group.  “How about one more song, and we call it a day?  We can’t risk tiring our voices out too much.”

The other members of WarGuard-X nodded and then got into position.

 Once everyone was ready, Gloria said, “Let go with ‘Where Have All the Heroes Gone.’  It is the one we’re playing for the battle, after all.”

The others nodded, and Martin raised his sticks.  He tipped them together, counting down, and slammed them on his central drum.  Glenn started with a guitar riff, and Amanda soon joined him.

Gloria nodded to the song's beat, eyes closed as she envisioned herself in front of a crowd cheering her on.  She heard a note from her brother and opened her eyes…just in time to see something flying straight at her.

“AAAHH!!” the vocalist shrieked and dropped to the floor.

Everyone stopped playing and watched as something flew over Gloria’s head.  The object was heading right for Martin, but he dropped his drumsticks and caught it mid-air.

“Gloria!” Glenn screamed, hurrying to his sister’s side.  “You okay.”

The red-haired girl didn’t answer, her eyes small and unfocused.  Glenn saw his sister’s state, frowned, and shook her lightly.  Gloria took in a sharp breath and slowly let out.  She slowly stood up on unsteady legs, and Glenn supported her.  Gloria looked at her brother with a smile, but it came off as forced.

“...I’m fine,” Gloria replied slowly, then took another breath.  “Now, what was thrown at me.”

“Dudes…” Martin said in awe, “You really need to scoop this out.”

Curious, the other band members gathered around.  They couldn’t help but gawk and gasp at the purple oval stone in Martin’s hands.

 “...Whoa,” Glenn said, touching the stone gingerly, “Why would someone throw something like this?”

“Maybe it’s just glass,” Amanda suggested, lightly running her fingers along the side.  “It can’t be anything natural, given how smooth it feels.”

Gloria scowled as a bad thought crossed her mind.  She snapped around and hurried to the edge of the garage.  She looked around the edge of her home and growled when she saw no one.

“If someone threw that at me,” Gloria growled, “Then they have a world of pain coming when I find them!”

Gloria returned her attention to her bandmates and saw them still marveling over the stone.  She growled again and marched over to them.

“Okay, everything,” The vocalist commanded, “Enough gawking at the thing that I nearly took in-whoa!”

Gloria touched the stone, and it suddenly started glowing. The teen became transfixed by its glow, marveling at its brilliant light.  The marvel grew as the light did, bathing everyone in its warm glow.  

Just as quickly as it began, the glow faded, and the band stared at the store for a few more seconds.

Gloria was the first to snap out of it and shook her head quickly.  She looked at her bandmates and frowned.

“Okay, everyone!” she said, getting her friends out of their daze.  “We’re burning daylight here!”

Hearing Gloria’s voice somewhat snapped the others out of their daze, and they looked at her half-heartedly.  The vocalist saw this and glared at her mates.  

That was all the others needed to snap them entirely out of their daze, and they quickly returned to their spots.  They picked up their instruments as Martin put the stone down at his foot.

Gloria stepped up to the mic stand and frowned, looking down at her jacket. She saw it sliding down her right shoulder. She took a second to fix it and wondered why that happened, as every band member’s jacket was customized to them perfectly.

She filed this development into the back of her head and grabbed the mic as the song began.  Gloria tried to get into the beat of the music but found it hard as she thought the mic felt different in her hands.

Still, she tried to focus as she heard her cue to sing the song’s lyrics.


Martin tried to press the foot panel and found that he needed to lean down slightly to reach it.  Meanwhile, Amanda and Glenn found it hard to keep their hands in the correct position; their guitars had suddenly gotten bigger.

Even Gloria was having trouble.  She stepped forward and tried to strike a pose but nearly tripped; her boots suddenly became larger on her feet and felt heavier.  She glanced down at her feet quickly, made another note, and tried to continue with the song.


Gloria tried to take a step back and go into a twirl, only to trip when her pants dropped to her ankles and tripped her up.  She hit the ground with a grunt and moaned as she felt pain shoot up her butt.

With another moan, Gloria rubbed her butt and froze.  She didn’t feel a rounded and plump rear but something small and nearly flat.  Curious and a little afraid, Gloria put her arms in front of her and gasped.

Instead of long fingers with calluses from years of holding instruments, Gloria saw short, near stubby fingers.  If the singer looked hard enough, she saw small traces of baby fat emerging as her digits got slightly smaller.

“What’s happening to my muscles?!” a high and whiny voice suddenly shouted.

When she heard her cousin's voice, Gloria forgot about her worries and pulled her feet free from her pants and boots.  She got to her feet and turned around, gasping at what she saw.

Instead of two teenagers and one young adult, she saw a mix of kids of different ages.  Gloria looked at her brother and figured Glenn was about thirteen.  Her brother stared at his guitar, treating it like a beast about to attack.

Gloria heard a noise and looked at the drum as Martin came out from behind them.  The singer couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her, ignoring how her voice sounded when she saw her cousin.

Martin was 11 and on the verge of crying as he stared at his beanpole arms. He tipped his chest, which was just as skinny as his arms and legs, causing Gloria to laugh again.

Martin heard his cousin and gave her a weak glare.  Gloria ignored the glare and turned her attention to her foster sister when she heard Amanda mutter something.

At age fourteen, Amanda was the current oldest of the lot.  To her credit, she wasn’t in shock but instead was studying herself as her body changed.  Gloria was also studying her foster sister’s body and couldn’t help but feel a pin of childish jealousy go through her.

“I didn’t have that kind of body when I was that age?” The singer said sourly.

Gloria must have said it louder than she realized because the boys looked at Amanda.  Martin and Glenn blushed as they noticed the still-developed figure the foster child had.

Soon, the three were transfixed in watching their band member change.

Amanda’s height was the first thing they noticed; she had lost nearly six inches as she inched closer to single digits.  However, Amanda’s outfit was mainly in place because of her early development.

As Amanda went under 11, the changes really started; the first thing they noticed was her chest quickly shrinking and her thighs beginning to deflate, causing her pants to fall to her knees.  The rock band watched as their friend’s legs became less sharp and shortened.  Amanda’s rear also pushed in, and her hips lost fat, leaving the girl’s entire lower half skinny.

As Amanda finally passed from her double digits, her breasts disappeared completely.  The others watched as their friend’s face puffed out, baby fat emerged, and her eyes grew slightly.

Finally, Amanda stopped her descent, and everyone grew quiet, but not for reasons one might think; Gloria, Glenn, and Martin all stared at their friend’s hair, which had remained white.

Nearly after two minutes of stillness, Amanda, who was now seven, blinked twice and slowly looked up at Gloria, who was now five.  

The singer came out of her stupor when her foster sister looked at her, and she blinked.  Gloria slowly looked at her brother.  Despite everything, Gloria noticed that her brother was now older than her by a year.

Glenn didn’t notice that he was now a six-year-old as he blinked and looked at his cousin.  He couldn’t believe Martin was now the youngest among them at four.

The band members continued to exchange looks, both in awe and in fright, as it slowly dawned on them what had happened to them.

“YAAHHHHH!” the former teenagers suddenly screamed.

The former teenagers might have continued screaming if the sounds of footsteps didn’t get their attention.  They looked and saw Brandy come running in view.

“What’s with all the-” the babysitter’s words died in her mouth as she looked at the sight before her.

The 48-year-old gawked as the group of children looked at her with wild, fearful eyes.  Brandy’s mind started slowly as she looked at her daughter with shallow breath.

“...Gloria?” Brandy asked breathlessly.

The five-year-old became shy under her mommy’s eyes, blushed, and hugged her jacket tight as she nodded.  Brandy looked ready to faint as she studied the rest of the kids.

“How did this happen?” she screamed at the only thing that came to mind.

“If I may,” a calm voice replied, “I may have answers for you, Miss Rokk."



End Chapter 1

The Little Guards

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 5, 2024


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Great Story

Star Regression · May 13, 2024

I like it when both sexes are degraded. Childhood and keep remembering hehe, I hope for the second part :)

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Great Story

Star Regression · May 13, 2024

I like it when both sexes are degraded. Childhood and keep remembering hehe, I hope for the second part :)

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