A LIttle Squirt Should Do

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 17, 2009

Does a six-year-old girl and her uncle have an answer for her overworked Mother?

Chapter 1
A Little Squirt Should Do

A Little Squirt Should Do

Victoria Jones sighed she closed the door to her small apartment building. Casting her tired brown eyes down, she had a frown on her face as she thought her life over.

Victoria was in her late 30th, 39 to be truthful. She’s taller then most women as well, about 5 feet, 11 and half inches. She has long cherry blonde hair that reached down to her neck, kept in a small ponytail. Her womanly figures were clear through her gray waitress dress, though one could easily see the small lay of fat that was starting to form on her stomach. One could also see the thin wrinkles forming around her eyes and mouth. Her skin though, was paling then most women her age, almost a sickly white.

Victoria once belonged to a raising firm, and was climbing the ladder there quickly. But things quickly went down hill. A jealous co-worker, who believed the Victoria had cheated her out of a promotion, had frame her, by claiming that Victoria had stole a large amount of money. Victoria had tried to claimed her innocence, but she was fired when that money had turned up in her bag a day later.

Things didn’t get better after that.

Victoria had, in a drunken state, an one-night stand with someone. That stand had resulted in her giving birth to a baby girl nine mouths later. Not one to give up on new life, she kept the child, despite the fact it had made her life that harder.

“Speaking of my child,” Victoria muttered tiredly.

The tired mother then walked into the kitchen, where she heard voices coming from. She walked into the area to find her six year old daughter, Sarah Jones, talking to her older brother, victor Jones, at the kitchen table.

Sarah was the spiting image of her mother. She has the same cherry blonde hair, cut short, and brown eyes. Her chin, though was a little wider then her mother’s. Victoria thinks she gets it from the man she had that one-night stand with. Sarah, like her mother, was taller then most her age. She was about 3 feet, 11 inches tall. Currently, the child was wearing a single piece pink summer dress, and a pair of sandals.

Victor on the other hand, didn’t even look close to his younger sister. He has black hair, which was long and kept it in a small ponytail. He has deep red eyes that could piece one deeply. His face was also narrower, with a small chin. And while the older Jones was 42, he look closer to 32, as he didn’t have a wrinkle to his face, and his hair was still full and shiny. He was currently wearing a pair of summer pants, a sleeveless shirt, and a pair of sandals.

When they saw her, niece and uncle stopped talking. Victoria tried to smile her best, but it came out more tired then she would have liked.

“Umm, Sarah, why don’t you go washed up for dinner,” Victor said calmly. “And remember, a little squirt should do.”

Sarah nodded, and jumped down from her chair. The child gave her mother a loving hug as she passed by her. Once Sarah was out of the room, the mood in the room changed instantly.

Victoria walked up to the table and saw a letter near her brother’s right hand. Even though she hadn’t read yet, she knew what was on it. Victor saw that she was looking at something, and followed her eyes. He sigh when he saw the notice near his hand, and looked back at his little sister.

“Your landlord dropped that off about a hour ago,” Victor said calmly.

Letting out her own sigh, the tired mother took the seat her daughter was in a few seconds ago. She has been pulling odd shifts at the small diner she works in, but it doesn’t help matters, she didn’t make enough money to make rent.

“Listen, why don’t you move in with my family?” Victory suggested kindly. “I know you could use all the help you can get.”

Victoria looked up at her brother. She was flatter by his offer; she truly was, but still...

“...Thanks Victor, but I don’t want to trouble for you and your family.” Victoria said tiredly.

Victor sighed as she looked at her. Truthfully, this was a talk to two had a lot lately. Victor was offer to help his sister, but she would refuse each and every time. She was just too impendent for her own good.

“Listen, Vicky, you been pulling odd hours since you get that job. You’re over worked, tired, and barely making ends meet. Plus, you rarely get to spend time with your own daughter. I wouldn’t think any less of you if you decided to live with my family until you can get back on your feet,” Victor said kindly.

Once again Victoria was flattered by her brother’s concern. Still, she couldn’t in all honesty took Victor’s offer. It just didn’t feel right to her.

“Just remember, my doors always open if you need it,” Victor said kindly, sensing his sister’s feelings.

The older Jones then got up, and begin walking to the exit. He stopped and looked when his sister called his name.

“Victor. What were you and Sarah talking about before I came in?” Victoria asked curiously.

Victor just smiled in a mysterious way as he said,” Oh, I was just telling her about a science experiment, that’s all. It’s so simple, even a four year old could get it. Well, have a good night, Vicky.”

Victor then left his sister’s place. Victoria didn’t like that smile her brother gave her. Usually when he smiles like that, it didn’t mean anything good. Still, she couldn’t afford to sit there and think it over. She still had a hunger child to feed.

So, Victoria sighed as she got up. She then set about making dinner. To her surprise there was chicken her fridge, no doubt from her brother. Still, she hadn’t had a good meal in a few days, so she took the chicken, and begin to cook it.

As the tired mother was busy with dinner, she didn’t know that her daughter was coming up behind her. The six year old had a squirt gun in her hands, and smile just like the one her uncle was wearing when he left. When Sarah was directly behind her mother, she begin squirting her with water.

“AAAGGG!! SARAH!! STOP IT!! But the child didn’t stop until the toy was completely empty, and her mother was soaked head to toe.

Victoria felt like a drown rat as she looked at her giggling daughter. She put he hands on her hips when glare at her daughter in a firm motherly fashion.

“Alright, young lady, you have five second to tell me why you felt like you have to give me an early shower?” Victoria said firmly.

Sarah didn’t answer her mother, she kept giggling. Victoria frown at this. She didn’t know what was so funny? She was about to scold her child some more when a strange feeling suddenly came over her.

To Victoria, it felt like she was in a hot bath. A warm feeling washed over her body, making her feel like a million bucks. It was a feeling she hadn’t had in such a long time, that she got lost in it. She closed her eyes to enjoyed the feeling she was having. She was unaware of what happening as she let this soothing feeling ease the troubles of the day.

Sarah watched in pure amazement at the changes that was happening to her mother.

The light wrinkles on Victoria’s face quickly smooth out, as her skin regain some color. Her hair also got back a shine that was lost some time ago. Her figure also begin changing as well. It lost the small amount of body fat that has began to form, and her breast got a little pecker.

Sarah was in awe. Where a 39 once stood, now there was a beautiful 36 year old. And she was still getting younger! Victoria was oblivious to this, as she was still lost in feeling the regression was giving her.

As the mother lost another few years, taking her down to 33, her face softened slightly, and her figure began to press less against her dress. Her hair also brightened, going from a cherry blonde, to a brighter shared of blonde. Her skin also got back more color, giving it an almost healthy look.

Soon, Victoria went from 30 and then to 29. Her figure shrunk just a bit more, causing the sleeve of her shirt to hang around her arm. Her skin also regain a healthy glow after this, and her hair brightened once more. The watch she was wearing on her left wrist dropped to the ground with a small thud, as it no longer fit on the shrinking wrist.

Sarah started to giggle as she saw that her mother looked a little stupid in a the dress that was quickly become too big for her.

As Victoria continue to grow younger, dropping from 29 to 25 within a few seconds, her face soften even more. Her figure shrunk a little more, causing her sleeves of her shirt to start to slide down, and the skirt of her dress begin to sink. Her hair also begin changing around this point. Black highline, which had all by disappeared, were starting to appear throughout the regressing mother’s hair. It was becoming slightly darker, but not noticeable yet.

Sarah’s giggling begin to grow louder, board lining on full-blown laughing. It was this laughter that brought Victoria back to her senses. She opened her eye, narrow them into a glare, and put her hands on her hips, as she glared down at her daughter once more.

“And do you find me soaking wet so amusing, young lady?” It took only a second for Victoria to realize that her voice was different, almost younger sounded.

It was around this time, that she also realized something. Her dress didn’t fit like it did a few minutes ago, and it should be clinging to her body because it was soaking wet. She looked down and saw how ill fitting her dress was. The skirt was lower then it should be, and her sleeves were starting to slide down her shoulders slightly. Even her arms didn’t fit into the mouth of the sleeve anymore.

Stunned, she tried to move forward, trying to get to a mirror in the living room. She nearly fell onto her face. Luckily she was able to catch herself by grabbing the counter. She looked down to see her shoes were falling off of her feet. She decided to take them off; as they would hurt her more then help her. She was surprise when she easily shook them off of her feet. She then walked into the living room with her daughter behind her.

As she made the short walk into the living room, she continue to get younger, quickly dropping to 21. Her face soften considerable as her figure shrunk even more then before. The sleeves of her dress were now sliding down the edge of her shoulders, exposing her chest a little. Her breasts also started to get smaller at this point, not by much, but just enough to give her a petit look. Her hair also darken some more, becoming more noticeable.

When Victoria reached the living room, she went for the couch, where a nightstand was located that had a mirror on it. She took the object without a moment hesitation and looked into it. She nearly fainted when she saw the face of a 21-year-old woman instead of a 39-year-old woman.

As she continue to say into the mirror, she saw herself get even younger, dropping from 21 to 17 quickly. Like before her face softened, and her figure shrunk, causing the sleeve of her dress to slid down more, and her skirt got just a little closer to her knees. Her hair also darkened, almost taken on a dirty blonde color. And though it was hard to spot, she could see a trace line of baby fat on her face. She also started to get shorter around this time. She has gone down from 5 feet, 11 inches to 5 feet 3 and half inches.

“What’s happening?” Victoria asked, taking note of her high sounding voice.

“Silly mommy, you’re getting younger,” Sarah replied gleefully.

Victoria looked her daughter, a realization drawing on her. It was whatever Sarah had squirted her with that was causing this sudden regression. It just has be! Still the information didn’t stop the regression, nor did it cause her to take any actions against the one who caused this in the first place.

Victoria continue to grow younger, dropping from 17 to 14. Her figure shrunk some more and her breasts went down considerable, going into a near training bra size. Her face softened considerable, as a large amount of baby fat grew in, and light freckles began to appear around the rim of Victoria’s cheeks. Her hair darken considerable, with thick blonde highlights in her otherwise black hair. She went from 5 feet, 3 and half inches, into 4 feet, 7 inches.

Sarah, smiling gleefully, walked up to her mother. Suddenly Victoria didn’t feel so big around her anymore. In fact, she didn’t even feel like a mother at the time. Instead, felt more like a big sister, looking down at her kid sister. That thought alone sent shivers up the mother’s spine.

Victoria’s regression continue like a mad storm, taking the poor thing from 14 to 10 within the blink of eye. It was around this point that her figure basically vanished. Her curves, sharp legs, and long arms were covered in baby fat, and her arms and leg shortened considerable. The freckles grew, spreading across her cheeks, and connecting at the nose. Her hair darkened almost to near black with only thin blonde highlights to show that she ever had blonde hair in the first place. She shrunk from 4 feet, 7 inches to 4 and half inches tall.

“But I’m the mommy,” Victoria said fearfully. She gasped when she heard how high her voice sounded.

Sarah must have found her mother’s high-pitched voice very funny because she started to laugh again. Victoria didn’t find it funny at all; she was close to tears. She was also noticed that she was nearly the same height as her daughter. This scared her very much as she saw the gap closing very quickly.

Victoria’s regression spell end around here, as dropped from 10 to 4 within 2 and half minutes. The baby fat on her body grew considerable as her arms and legs become very short and stubby. The blonde highlights in her hair became nearly invisible. One would have to look real close to see them. Her freckles grew some more, covering her entire cheeks. Finally, she shrunk from near 4 feet, to 3 feet, 3 feet and half inches. Somehow her dress was still on her, though it looked like it would fall down at any time.

With her regression over, Victoria felt like crying. Unfortunately, this experience was over just yet.

The former adult felt her dress suddenly come to life. She looked down and watched as the dress start to shrink. The apron merged with the gray dress as it faded into a more light blue color. The sleeve torn themselves from the body of the dress, and basically continue to tare themselves into smaller pieces until they vanished into thin air. The neck opened up, forming into a half square shape. Finally, flowers appeared on the dress and it shrunk to fit the former adult perfectly.

She also fit her underwear changed as well. Her bra basically merged with her dress, as she felt her panties thicken considerable. A quick check had confirmed that they were now training pants for girls.

Her transformation now complete, Victoria was in shock, and fear as she looked at the summer dress that was formed from her work clothes. The dress look new, and had no stains on it. She slowly touched the dress and notice how soft it felt, nothing like the wore out and tatter dress she was wearing 20 minutes ago.

This was too much for Victoria to handle. She fell to her knees as she begin crying into hands.

“Don’t worry, Vicky,” Sarah said kindly. The now older girl went over to her regressed mother and pull her into a loving hug. “I’m know what would cheer you up. Let go play with my dollies!!”

At the manage of dollies, something within Victoria changed. Child-like impulses begin to surface, wrestling with her adult mind.

Did she just say dollies, the Child Vicky asked gleefully? No, I’m not a child. I’m a grown-up. I have dinner to make. But dollies are fun! No, I have to support my only child. But dollies...

Victoria was brought out of her mental argument when she felt Sarah grabbed her by the hand began leading her to her room.

“Don’t worry about dinner, Uncle Vic is coming back with some,” Sarah said cheerfully. “So let got play with my dollies!”

It was at this point that the child Vicky won over the adult Victoria, and Vicky smiled happily.

“Yeah!! Let Pway!!” Vicky yelled happily.

And So, mother and daughter turned sisters played with dollies all night. Even when their uncle Vic came back with dinner, the new sisters continue to play, making up for lost time.

It wasn’t long after that that Vicky and her big sister Sarah moved into their uncle Vic’s house. And while a part of Victoria still was in Vicky, she was very happy to finally be spending time with Sara. Though, she does wonder where her big sister got that magic water that make so happy from?

The fountain in uncle Vic’s back yard, with the security fence around it, seems highly suspicions.


Okay, if any of this seems familiar, this is because this story is inspired by, but not base on, my favorite BoJay’s work. Also, I know I have problems with my spelling, and grammar. I’m really trying to work on them.



End Chapter 1

A LIttle Squirt Should Do

by: Guyver54 | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 17, 2009


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