The Dreams in my Aunts' House

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


Coming home

This is how my aunts caught me and gave me a welcome punishment. How they did that to my body?!

Sep 22, 2014


A fun night

My mean aunts have regressed me to the 12 years old, what can I do? I am now filled with fun needs and when they start ignoring me, I'll have to make whatever it takes, in order to attract their attention and win their affections.

Sep 22, 2014


The longest day

The relationship with my aunts is turning more myserious and dangerous... wait a minute, am I getting even younger?! PD: vended should not read this episode ;D

Sep 22, 2014


Escape from the Witches' House

Is that true? My aunts had become witches? At least I still have someone at my side. Together, we must escape from those horrid witches and find a better place. [Final chapter]

Sep 22, 2014


Sep 5, 2010

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