The Dreams in my Aunts' House

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Chapter 2
A fun night

Chapter Description: My mean aunts have regressed me to the 12 years old, what can I do? I am now filled with fun needs and when they start ignoring me, I'll have to make whatever it takes, in order to attract their attention and win their affections.

After one hour talking without stop, Aunt Martha finally got tired and let me get down.

“Ooohh”, she exclaimed, “you’re still heavy, boy”, and put me on the ground, spanking me softly to indicate me to wander.

My other aunts laughed mildly and then I was free. But free for what? I had no clothes on, and I was now trapped into a 12-years-old version of my body.

OK; I was a naked boy on front of my mean aunts. But this time I was not worried about hiding my little weenie from my aunts, since I didn’t even feel it was my body! So, I stood a few minutes on front of them, wondering what I should do.

My aunts’ expressions were of fun at looking at me, as I was totally disoriented now, scarcely starting to realize my new situation. But, even they were funny about that fact, they only continued talking. I thought it was a good idea coming back to the other room to pick up my clothes, but then I realized they were not going to fit on me. And judging my aunts’ current attitude, they were not worried about me standing naked.

A little later, I felt a touch in my neck.

“Would you like to watch TV?”, asked my Aunt Cherry, caressing my hair. “I can turn it on for you”.

Watching TV in a moment like this? Well, I had to distract myself from my current problem, so I nodded yes. Aunt Cherry turned the TV on and then handled me the remote. I stood still, looking at the remote in my hands.

“Sit down, Theo”, Aunt Betty said.

It was reasonable, so I did it. I started to zap channels, maybe for watching a reality show or a movie, an MTV program at least, but I couldn’t access those channels. Yes, maybe it was the children TV and my aunts had blocked every interesting channel.

I zapped quickly and I stopped at Cartoon Network. How that show was named? Ben 10? Well, I got suddenly interested on the characters and animation from that show, and I sat down on the rug, to watch it.

Yeah. Naked, watching TV under my aunts’ skirts. I turned left and right and only I could see were their legs on pantyhose, coming out from their skirts. Some had their legs crossed, and apparently they were not worried about what I could be doing. So I concentrated on the show. It was a funny episode, and next that came another one (hate program slots by Cartoon Network; but...)

No great thing happened; my aunts continued talking, occasionally laughing. I didn’t care ea shit what they were talking about. Often they got up and went to the kitchen to have a drink of beer, soft drinks or cocktails. I watched about 1 hour of TV; I concluded it was a good show, but being sat down on the rug made me uncomfortable after some time. I turned round to see my aunts; they were ignoring, just in the same way they ignore their children when they put them to watch TV.

Was it a good idea to lie down on the rug and expose my bum to them? Because they were barely attentive at what I was doing, I dared. So, I spent an hour more, laid on the rug watching some more programs. I crossed my legs, maybe lifting my butt a little after some time. And my aunts didn’t even noticed what how I was placed.

Nick at night was about beginning when a hand wearing a bracelet and some rings came down next to my shoulders and took the remote. I turned to see it, and it was Aunt Betty’s; she turned the TV off.

“It’s late night, and we should go to sleep”, she said.

I felt annoyed again; they used to watch their soaps or turn the TV off when I was most interested in watching a program. But there was no place to complain. Aunt Betty has been always the most authoritarian from all my aunts. She’s one of the youngest, but her body is bigger than their sisters’. She’s not fat, but tall, broad-shouldered, and has thick and strong arms and legs. Her breasts and butt, by the way, are bigger and more solid than any other of my aunts’, even she have had some babies, like the others. And she always has on its face a petulant expression.

For the case, I was getting sleepy, so I didn’t say anything. My aunts started to get up, yawning and stretching their body, and when I did the same, aunt Martha wrapped her arm around my hips.

“Come, I’ll take you to the room”, she said, indifferent.

I pushed her arm away, getting angry.

“No!”, I exclaimed, “I know where it is, you don’t have to treat me like a kid!”.

More than feeling warned, they laughed at me, especially fat Aunt Cindy, who giggled a lot. They didn’t have intention of humiliating me with that laughter, that’s only that for some reason they found so funny how I had yelled at them.

“Ok”, Aunt Clara said, raising her shoulders, “so you can lead us to the room?”, finished, funny, and causing more giggles from her sisters.

“ Of Course!”, I said, and walked to the front of the group, determined. “Here”, I said, walking out of the room.

My aunts giggled more.

“let’s follow the skinny boy!”, Aunt Martha said, giggling.

I marched straight to the place, with my aunts giggling while following me (Were they laughing at my buttocks again?!) I had seen the other beds, and opened the door, that was half-open.

“We arrived”, I said”, opening the door wide for my aunts to enter. They entered, still funny and giggling. Then I myself went inside and closed the door.

It was such a big circle of about five beds placed side by side, forming a “U”. There was too in the room a window with a curtain, a couple desks to put glasses of water and such, a couple lamps and a closet. I contemplated wide open the bed circle, strangely seduced by it, was I having an idea?

My aunts sat down on the edges of the bed, and after resting a little, they kept on conversing.

Wasn’t it time to sleep? That was what they said, but apparently they still willed to chat. My aunts only dimmed the light of the lamps, creating a demi-dark surround with the titillating orange light, that combined with their speaks, was not a good background to start sleeping.

I climbed one of the beds, with no worry of exposing my butt to my aunts in the process, and laid mouth down to sleep. A lot of thoughts came to my mind, and ten minutes later, started attending what my aunts were talking for. It was the same as always: their daily life, anecdotes, talking about other families and other families... well, it was not interesting to me, but I started to like their way to talk, very expressive and graceful. I thought it was strange I had not realized about their talking skills before.

Yes, and they talked more for about thirty minutes. I came with the conclusion that I was not going to be able to sleep while they were talking, so I decided doing something else, maybe for get tired and sleeping soon, maybe for attracting their attention, so they’d realize I wanted to sleep.

Only what came to my mind was related about what was my first idea when I looked at the bed “U” first. I feel a little embarrassed to say, but what I wanted to do was tumbling on the bed; yeah, as ridicule as it sounds. I was really willing to perform some somersaults or barrel rolls, and jumping on the bed.

I crawled down the bed, and looked at my aunts’ group. They didn’t care what I doing. Would I be able to grant my wish? The beds were king size, and they were sitting on the inner edges. I was first interested in rolling along all the U, starting by one tip and finishing standing down the other one. This time my aunts were very serious. Would a naked boy rolling on the bed bother them? I was a little afraid about interrupting them, but maybe their seriousness was a lack of interest in other things. So, far from make me afraid, I grew a little excited about performing that feat.

I stood on front of the first bed and took a deep breath. Aunts talking as always, so I had to be quick. Quickly, I laid my arms on the bed and then my head; taking a little impulse, I performed the first roll, with my head as the axis.

I was still on the first bed; then I had to roll again quickly to reach the second one. An adrenaline discharge came to my body when I finished the second roll; since the third bed was horizontally-oriented, I’d have to perform one and a half rolls to enter the fourth, and then turning, because fourth was aligned with the fifth one. It was really funny! The mattresses were soft and spongy, so I didn’t hurt at all; it was the opposite: I gained more impulse and experienced a sweet sensation on my back and head every roll I performed.

Hastily, I finished all the rolls, and landed standing on the other tip of the U, as I had expected. It had been a lot fun, and I felt excited by the amount of energy I had released; my heart beating increased and I breathed a little accelerated.

Feeling as an acrobat, I raised my arms at the finish. Nothing happened. I turned to see my aunts, and they were just like before: talking each other as I had didn’t do anything.

At first I was a little annoyed that nobody paid attention to my feat, but then I felt glad that they hadn’t bothered. That meant I had chance of keeping on playing around on the beds.

I crawled up again and crawled once and again crossing the U, occasionally, tumbling and performing more rolls. I couldn’t help start giggling, excited (why was that so fun?!), and gradually my aunts starting to pay more attention.

I saw their serious faces often flashing with a shiny smile when they saw me crawling away on the bed. It was funnier to me that they were laughing at my little butt, and for some reason was glad for that; maybe because they used to made mock of it, but now they were having fun by looking me playing around joyfully. I started enjoying being naked; I felt free and accepted, and even liked, by them.

Their conversation grew brighter at my look and giggling; they started to talk about their children and other sweet things. And when I passed by their side, I noticed how they turned to see my butt getting away. Was I getting naughty? Was that the usual behavior for a pubescent boy like I was now? Was it normal experiencing that with women from my family? I didn’t care at all, I just had fun.

It became a game for me; I started taunting them by swaying or shaking the butt when I passed by their sides. Some of them laughing, and even gave me a little, naughty soft swat on my tushy. Excited by their contact, I giggled too and accelerate to escape from them. The slaps on my cheeks increased, and since now my butt was now spongier and more resistant, it was not a punishment but an incentive for me to keep on playing around.

Gradually, my aunts started paying a little more attention to my butt than their conversation. I became a little more exigent, and the spanks were my fuel. When one of my aunts didn’t spank me, I stopped to her side, raising and shaking my butt until she gave me that caressing swat, and then I accelerated to escape and receive a more spank from other aunt. A pleasing erection came to my penis by all that playing. Later, they were enjoying the game that much, laughing a lot.

Usually, the swats were sometimes replaced by a playful swift caress with their fingertips on my crack. As the game increased in naughtiness, I thought it would be funny to show my asshole to my aunts, and so I did, crouching down and opening the legs to spread a little my buttocks; my aunts found that so cute too, and more swats came to my tushy, even reaching the perineum zone, what stimulated even more my erection.

Then, I stood on the bed, swaying my hips in order to make my little genitals bounce; that was so funny for them, and I walked away on the bed, only to return later and give them more show. Was I being too naughty?? That didn’t worry me! They were charmed by my acting and even applauded me, exhausted like little girls.

When the game came to its climax, I decided to lie down on the lap of my aunts, and as they were aligned, I came down from the bet to lay face down on Aunt Betty and Aunt Cherry’s laps. They pleasantly surprised when I did that, and I grabbed from Aunt Betty’s soft skirt, giggling and swaying my ass, asking for more spanks. Cherry and Betty did, for the others enjoyment, and after some funny spanks,

Aunt Betty took me with her arms and turned me round to lay mouth up. I did, spreading my legs, and she took and lifted them up, like putting me on a diapered position, for then giving me more soft swats in the buttocks. I shook my legs in enjoyment, while my Aunts found very funny how my erected penis was hanging up. While I was laid in Aunt Betty’s lap, Aunt Cherry hugged me by my chest, pressing my face on their soft filled breasts. I looked her up, smiling, and what I could see through the little space her breasts left, was her face, giggling so pleased, with her little curly hair and her earrings hanging.

Then, exhausted from all the playing, Aunt Cherry sat me on her lap, caressing my head, while the other aunts smiled enjoying the scene. After that, I delighted when her feminine hands, with long fingers and red-colored nails, caressed my face sides; I gently kissed her fingers, grateful. I couldn’t believe I had that much fun with my aunts, I felt happier than ever in my whole life.

After resting a little, Aunt Clara, who was the aunt that got less fun from all them (even she got a much), said, between smiles. “Ok, ok, too much fun, I think it’s the right time to go to sleep. Aunt Cherry carried me on arms and laid me on the bed, but I was less sleepy than before. My aunts started taking their clothes to put the sleeping clothes on, and I , suddenly interested, her feminine plump body, and took special attention to their lace panties and bras.

My aunts didn’t wear pajamas, but everyone had her different sleeping clothes. Aunt Clara, Lana and Cherry wore only her panties for bottom, and colorful t-shirts for tops, and their hairs tied in a ponytail. Aunt Martha wore the same, with the difference that instead wearing panties, she decided for some reason to put on the male briefs I had left behind.

I almost lost my breath when I saw Aunt Betty undressing from behind. I fell in love with her broad back when she was taking her top off, with her short (not even reaching her shoulders) but high, 70’s style straight shiny black hair; and wondered on her tallness and strong limbs. She took quickly her bra and pantyhose off, becoming for me a woman monument, as she was only wearing her white panties on her dark tan body. She had decided sleeping only with her panties on, and I felt the urge of being with her.

So, I came down from my bed quickly and run to hug her hips when she was just about lying in the bed.

Her rude face took me by surprised; she turned to see me, annoyed, and told me: “No, boy, you are going to sleep with Aunt Cindy tonight.”

Then, she took me by my armpits and took me where Aunt Cindy was. My fat Aunt Cindy was laid on her bed, with the covers only covering her lower body, leaving her enormous breasts exposed. She had decided sleeping all naked, to pass less heat. As Aunt Cindy opened her arms, Aunt Betty delivered me to her.

Cindy nuzzled her cheeks against mine and opened the covers to get me inside. I was a little sad from Aunt Betty’s reject. I rested my naked body against the fatty Aunt Cindy’s one, and she let me sleep on the hole between her armpit and forearm, holding me tight. I rested my head above one of her breasts, that granted me a very comfortable pillow, and Aunt Cindy closed her eyes, wrapping her arm around my hip.

Lights were turned off, and this night the spongy and soft body of my fat aunt was enough to keep me hot. I felt calm by smelling her sweet scent, as I received her skin warmth, and when she slept, I endured her sound snores by playing with her emerald earrings. Soon I fell asleep, wondering how kind of day would be the next one.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 2

The Dreams in my Aunts' House

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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