The Dreams in my Aunts' House

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Chapter 3
The longest day

Chapter Description: The relationship with my aunts is turning more myserious and dangerous... wait a minute, am I getting even younger?! PD: vended should not read this episode ;D

I suddenly woke up, feeling like I was hit by something. When I opened my eyes, aware, I could see my aunts’ giggling faces above me, partially blocked by their loose big breasts. I realized my position: I was at feet of the bed, in an odd position, with my head resting on the floor and my feet still hanging from the bed where Aunt Cindy was still asleep between the sheets. At my sight level, there were the bare feet of four of my other aunts: Clara, Cherry, Lana and Martha, and their feet were shaking in laughter. I was barely incorporating to lie on the floor, when Aunt Martha released a loud giggle and rested her foot on my head; it was apparently so funny for my other aunts, who nearly died laughing. It was early morning and the chatter and the fun had only started.

As I could assume a crawling position, I escaped from Aunt Martha’s foot and crawled towards Aunt Lana’s feet, whose bright red toenails had caught my attention. As soon I came, I bowed down, still kneeled, and started to kiss her tan feet. Aunt Lana shivered in giggles, and swatted my butt to make me go away.

After that I visited Aunt Cherry’s feet, that were plumpy, white and cute, white very short toes, and started smooching them starting by the fingers to the plants. Aunt Cherry was pleased for my serving and she raised her foot for I could kiss it fully, and I kissed affectionately even her ankles; she kept on talking, as usual, even I’m sure she appreciated my services. Aunt Clara was a little more serious, yet smiling, and when I finished with Aunt Cherry, she called me:

“Hey, lad, come here; I want to rest my feet”.

I crawled on front of her in the same instant, and she raised her legs and rested her ankles in my back, crossing her legs. She didn’t thank me, not at least. I stood kneeled and with my hands on the floor almost 20 minutes, and Aunt Clara’s feet were a little heavy.

I tried to not thinking about that, and I took advantage of that time to inspect my aunts’ bodies more carefully. They were wearing the same clothes they wore to sleep (that’s t-shirts and panties, and their jewelry), still in barefoot.

Aunt Lana was the youngest, next to marry, sister; of course, she had the best body of all them, as she had not been pregnant yet. Her body was slim, not thin, with only a little fat; her face was too beautiful, especially because she was maybe the only of my aunts that still used to make up. She had firm breasts, long legs and long curly hair, and she was the most tan of my aunts.

Aunts Clara and Martha were almost the same fat, but Martha was slightly broader and a little shorter, with plump short legs, while Clara’s were well-built. Aunt Clara was tanner than Martha. Aunt Clara’s looked a little angry almost always, while Aunt Clara’s expression always used to be the one of a little girl; well, a vulgar and scandalous 43-years-old little girl. Clara’s hair was short and curly, while Aunt Martha’s hair was longer and a little less curly, tied in a ponytail usually, with some locks of curly hair hanging by the sides of her face. I slightly preferred Martha than Clara; even she spoke constantly in toilet humor and used to grumble at me sometimes, she was almost always in good mood and used to joked with me in annoying ways, like spanking me when I was older, that for now I started to consider funny. And that included the fact that she was wearing my briefs in that moment.

Finally, my favorite aunt, Aunt Cherry, was the slimmest next Lana; she was a little taller than my other aunts, and she had the clearest skin of all them. She used to look serious, a little worried, and she never yelled or criticized me. She was wearing silver satin panties, and in my opinion, her breasts were firmer yet smaller than her sisters’, who at their older age had developed big and fat, loose breasts. As I said you, her feet were plump, although her legs were feminine and fleshy, in perfect shape.

But, where was Aunt Betty? I peeked above to see her still in her bed, wearing nothing but her white panties on, sleeping calmly, with a loud snore. She was lying on her side, partially covered with the blankets, and I could admire once again her broad and strong back. I felt like falling in love with her, and I thought it was lamentable that she had not wake up to play with me.

After 20 minutes, Aunt Clara grew tired of her legs position and put her feet down on the floor, letting me rest and giving me an incentive spank. I continued crawling between my aunts’ legs, and they tickled me with her toes, being very attentive to me; at some point I had laughing that strong that I lied on the floor mouth above, rocking while giggling. My aunts were equally funny, and they rolled me with her feet and continued tickling my groins and armpits with their toes.

A few minutes later, Aunt Clara got up, and she ordered:

“Girls: time to make breakfast, I’m hungry.”

My other aunts got up at her order, and I stood kneeled on the floor, watching at their legs going away. I was left alone in the room, except for Aunt Cindy’s and Aunt Betty’s presences. Aunt Cindy’s huge body was still dozing under the sheets, and I got up and walked towards Aunt Betty’s bed. When I rested my hands in the edge of the bed, I found that compared to the night before, my height was a little lower; had I maybe regressed a year more?

I got deeply aroused when I could inspect Aunt Betty from near; she was still sleeping in the bed, and I could peek her big hard breasts resting on the mattress. I was alone, what should I do? I really wanted to play with her. Or something further, maybe? I didn’t know what to do or what I was actually feeling, and trembling, I dare to climb the bed, just to see her closer. She was snoring lightly, with the half of her face resting on the mattress. I didn’t know why, but her unattractive and rude face, in that moment was the most charming thing for me. But I had not the courage to wake her up, and trembling, I deposited a gentle kiss on her temple, with all my admiration.

In that moment, one of my aunts shouted from the kitchen:

“Theo, breakfast is ready! You can come!”

Fortunately, her shout didn’t awake my aunt, or I’d have been in a big trouble. Fearing somebody caught me, I quickly climbed down from the bed, and 1 second after I had reached the floor, Aunt Martha entered in the room.

“Oh, there you are, come!”, she told me, extending her hand for I pick it. Aunt Martha took me by my hand to the kitchen, where my aunts had the breakfast ready.

I had never taken breakfast being naked, but my aunts took that so natural. They all sat down to the table, eating their respective breakfast. After a few minutes, Aunt Cindy came to the table, as naked as I was, and after that Aunt Betty. I ate cereal, juice and fried eggs for breakfast, but then I started to realize something was lacking.

“Aunt Clara, where are the other children?”, I asked.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, Theo”, she first advised me, and then answered: “they are with their fathers, naturally. We decided taking the home for a sisters’ week before your Aunt Lana’s wedding”.

That explained something, but I still didn’t know exactly what they were planning, neither how they had regressed me to this point. But maybe It’d be better reserving the question for a better moment.

After breakfast, my aunts sat to talk and they turned the TV for me. I found funnier playing with some cars from my cousins. I played to make them race all around the hall, running before them with my bum aiming to the air. After one hour, I rested lying the rug and Aunt Martha said:

“Slacking time is over; time to smarten up, girls”.

“Who’s next to take care of the boy?”, Aunt Betty asked.

“Cherry is”, Aunt Clara answered. “And it’s my turn to bath her.”

I learned my aunts used to bath each other, and the first turn to being bathed was mine and Aunt Cherry’s.

Aunt Clara took me by my hand to the bathroom, where Aunt Cherry was already naked in the tub, standing stood for us to come. I had an instantaneous erection when I could see Aunt Cherry’s full body; it looked firm and impeccable, with her wide hips and love handles adorning. And she looked so elegant too, especially because she kept her jewelry on, and for her beehive hairstyle, that fit excellent to her jet black hair.

I could think in that only for a moment, since Aunt Clara took me by my armpits and deposited me in the tub; Aunt Cherry took me by the shoulders while Aunt Clara made the water start flowing.

I was blushed, some embarrassed; yes, I was now a little younger, 11-years-old, but I was still too old for being bathed by my aunt. We stood on the tub as she soaped me, washing my full body, from the armpits to the buttocks, without displaying any exceptional emotion. Of course, I had my boner aiming to her all the time, for being more embarrassed, but when she bowed down to wash my thighs, she didn’t care at all, soaping and rubbing my penis and scrotum too quick to be aroused. After that, she passed her soaping hand by my perineum, reaching my buttocks and fondled them to wash them so clean.

Through all the process, she was being at the same time, bathed my Aunt Clara, who stayed stood outside the bath, with her clothes on; I almost felt envy of my Aunt Clara for having the privilege to bath my dear Aunt Cherry. My aunts were sorta synchronized, so when Aunt Cherry had finished bathing me, Aunt Clara had did the same to Aunt Cherry.

After that, Aunt Cherry sat on the tub, pulling me down for I do the same. Aunt Clara was the one tasked of washing Aunt Cherry’s hair, just in the same way Aunt Cherry was rubbing my hair with the shampoo. She made me sit down on her lap, as she was sat on the tub bottom with her legs in lotus position. For height purposes, I could have rested my head between her big breasts, if she had not been rubbing my hair. My buttocks were in contact with her knees, but fortunately we were underwater and I didn’t have to worry for covering my erection.

When the washing finished, she took me by my armpits and made me lie down on the tub, resting my head in her chest as she held it with her fine hands. It was a very relaxing sensation under the hot water; I enjoyed my aunt’s sweet smell, so clean and feminine, and rested my head in her little hairy arms, playing with her bracelets. After five minutes of soaking in the tub, Clara helped Aunt Cherry to go out and dried her up with a big towel. Aunt Cherry did exactly the same with me, and she told me she liked how clean now I was and that I smelled that good, after breathing the clean scent from my neck. Together, and now perfectly clean, we went out of the bathroom; I could see how Aunt Clara started to take her t-shirt and panties off, and at the door, there was Aunt Betty, waiting to bathe her sister.

Aunt Cherry and I walked naked by the corridor, wrapping our arms behind the other’s back, heading to the room again. I was happy on being her accompanist, and she seemed to like me too, since more than on my back, she rested her hand on my tender buttocks.

As we arrived to the room, Aunt Cherry prepared the bed for me to sleep, and then I climbed up it, lying down where she had prepared to me.

“Oh, you’ll like taking a nap”, Aunt Cherry said, covering my nakedness with the blanket, “you gotta be exhausted”.

I started calming when the warm blanket was laid over my body; it was soft and plushy. Actually, I was a little sleepy by the bath, adding the fact that I had not slept very well for all the reasons you may know. As I started to close my eyes, Aunt Cherry kissed me in my brow and caressed my hair, before going out of the room. I’d have sweet dreams by remembering her pretty butt crossing the entrance.

Some moans woke me up; I had slept about one hour. And I, freaked, found that my sight was blocked by enormous female butts. I took a look around and I noticed the beds configuration had been changed; now they were placed in cross form, with me in the center.

Around me there were four of my aunts: Cindy, Martha, Cherry and Clara, and they were totally naked, kneeled and bent down, showing their butts to me, with one of their hands covering her privates and leaning on the bead with the other one. I was very confused at first, since I had never thought about contemplating my aunts in that form; their butts were fat and fleshy, with their big buttocks a little spread, bouncing up and down and trembling like a gelatin.

My aunts turned to me looking back without losing their positions. By the movement of their butts and hands I realized soon that they were not covering their privates: they were actually masturbating on front of me.

That explained the moaning and their concentrated faces too. Aunt Clara was the first one in noticing that I had woke up.

“Oh, Theo, please kiss my butt now”, she told me, moaning.

I didn’t know what to do; I was too nervous. I felt even younger than before, like I was 10-years-old or so; maybe the bath had affected me too. I was costumed to my aunt yelling at me and sometimes telling me to kiss their asses, but now it was for real.

“Theo: Kiss my ass right now!!”, Aunt Clara repeated, noticing my doubt.

I quickly decided taking advantage; Aunt Clara’s butt was tan and a little loose, but not a bad butt, actually. I even remembered her wearing tight pants, what some time even aroused me a little or at least looked cute to me. I rushed towards her butt, hugging it with both arms and kissing it repeatedly. It didn’t smell bad, since I was sure Aunt Clara had just bathed a while ago; and I became fascinated by the touch. It was a very good butt, that I started massaging clumsily with my palms, still nervous, but willing to feel it in all its greatness.

It seemed Aunt Clara was enjoying it as well, because she started moving her fingers intensively, moaning more often and louder. By her only hearing and sight my other aunts got aroused too, and I was still caressing Aunt Clara’s butt, when Aunt Cherry asked:

“Theo! Here! I want too!”

I attended her instantaneously, wanting to give my love to her charming butt. Her butt was way better than Aunt Clara’s and I kissed it all around. Aunt Cherry squealed as she got even more excited, and she ordered me:

“Theo!! Feather it! Please! In my crack!”

I started caressing her crack lightly, with the edge of my hand; for that moment all my nerves were replaced by arousing, and I grew very exciting by touching her white and tender booty. I even nuzzled on her soft buttocks. She was coming to the climax when Aunt Cindy asked me, between moans:

“Theo! Here! Come to me!”

I had to leave Aunt Cherry for a while, as she seemed to be doing well by herself, and then I came on front of Aunt Cindy’s ass. It was huge as you can imagine, and I didn’t know how to start, because her buttocks bounce seemed to be strong enough to break my hand. But then I lift her butt with both hands and gave her a strong swat on it. Aunt Cindy’s hand didn’t ceased moving, and the spankings seemed to excite her the best; so, I spanked her butt repeatedly with all my strength, and then lifted her buttocks up once and again, to make them bounce even more. Her buttocks were that thick that I couldn’t even see her butthole. I was doing well with her when Aunt Martha called me:

“Theo! Don’t forget about me!”

I came to Aunt Martha’s butt and I hugged it with both hands, kissing it many times. Her moaning almost terrorized me, as she was reaching the climax.

“Yes, nephew!”, she shouted, “Keep on right!”

But then, remembering how she used to swat me, I spanked her with strength, once and again. She began to enjoy the spanks, swaying her hips while masturbating, and then I held her buttocks strongly, spreading and joining them once and again, what seemed to stimulate her much. I was not going to stop; I wanted to take a sweet revenge against her. When she was almost crying in climax, I kissed all along her crack, and she almost breaks down.

But then, Aunt Clara called to me again:

“Theo! Please! More spankings!

And a moment after, Aunt Cherry called me too:

“Theo! Massage my buttocks, please!”

And so on, I had no time to rest. Their butts were approaching more and more every time, and they were at the edge of collapsing in pleasure. I kept giving more spanks, kisses and massages at the highest rate I could manage, until they finally got the climax when I nuzzled on their butts and spanked their buttocks, and moaned in orgasm all them, writhing in pleasure like worms.

We were too exhausted of all the sex activity and I fell asleep again, with all them hugging me by my side, sleeping too.

When I woke up it was dusk, and I was alone in the bed. Again, I felt a little younger; Maybe I was now nothing but 9-years-old. I realized I was resting on Aunt Clara’s chest; she was wrapping my low back with her arm, and she had been the one that had waked me up. I tried to say something, but she put a finger in her lips:

“Shhh... your aunts are sleeping”, she whispered.

I start to feel an intense hunger, and she, like anticipating my thoughts, took me to her breast. She held my head with a hand and put her nipple between my lips. Soon, sweet squirts of some milk came from her tanned breast to my mouth. I swallowed it all, it’d suit perfect for my hunger. Since I was too big, I almost emptied her both breasts, and when I finished I felt again sleepy. I tried to rest my head in her chest to sleep again, but she held my head with her hand.

“Theo, don’t sleep here”, she whispered, “You’re going to sleep with Aunt Lana tonight”.

I had almost forgotten Aunt Lana; she had not been present in the masturbation session... neither Aunt Betty, where the hell was she?! Aunt Clara walked me by the corridor to a new room that I hadn’t seen in my life. That room was enlightened by reddish lamps, and it was full with sculptures. It had a fine rug on the floor and an enervating perfume filled the air.

“This is Aunt Lana’s matrimonial room”, Aunt Clara informed, “There, go and give a present to your aunt.”

A king-size bed was placed in the center of the room; it had sheets with red hearts drown, velvet blankets, and two big heart-shaped pillows rested at the top. And in the bed it was Aunt Lana; she was wearing only an open light shirt that allowed me to see her young woman breasts. The rest of her body was not bad either; she was very tan, with her nails and toenails painted in red, and her figure was slender and attractive. She had her eyes closed, and a smiling on her mouth.

“Come on, go!”, Aunt Clara whispered, giving me a swat on the buttocks.

What was she asking me? I was nothing but a little boy... what was supposed I would give her. I walked to the bed where Aunt Lana was lying, and when I contemplated her closer, she seemed even prettier than before. Her vulva was shaved, with only a light layer of fur adorning. Slowly, I climbed on the bed and I lied at her side. The warmness of her body made me arouse; I felt just like in home.

Aunt Lana’s arms moved slowly to hug me; was she sleeping? Was that a reflex? I let her take me to her chest, where I felt soft and secure. As she pulled me to the top, I necessary had to lie down just on her. Aunt Lana’s legs spread slowly, just like she wanted to lie down in-between. The position was perfect; for my height, I could rest my face between her soft breasts, and our genitals were perfectly aligned. Was I going to do it?

I took a look above, and Aunt Lana smiled big, with her eyes still closed, confirming me. I had nothing to lose, and as my boner grew with the sensation, I started slowly to penetrate in the cavity between her legs...

When I woke up again, everything looked blurry to me; I was moving, on somebody arms. I thought it was Aunt Lana carrying me on arms, but I couldn’t know certainly. Around me there were voices and other shapes; I guessed they were my aunts, but in darkness it was so difficult for me to know. Where was I going? I remember wallpaper with colorful drawings, and then I was deposited in what seemed to be a big cradle. How old was I know? That was impossible to know. I opened my eyes and looked above me; there were five female silhouettes, looking down at me. As I started to close my eyes again, they left the room.

Half an hour later, I woke up by my own will. I had to know what was happening. By my body, maybe I had regressed a year more; I managed to climb out of the cradle, and then walked carefully to the door. The ambient was cold, especially in my naked little body, and everything was silent. I came to the conclusion that they had taken me to the baby room. I peeked out by half-opening the door and I saw a dark corridor, with a light far away. Seemingly nobody was around, so I went out without making noise. When I finally came to the light, I found it was coming from a door that was half-open. I peeked carefully to see what was inside, and there were four of my aunts, forming a circle. They were fully dressed, wearing the same vests than the first time I met them. Later, the circle opened, and Aunt Clara came; she was taking somebody inside the circle, and I could recognize her clearly: she was Aunt Betty; both were wearing vests too.

The aunts started discussing:

“We told you early, Betty”, Aunt Clara said, “that you could be in, but only if you behave”.

Aunt Betty tried to fight back the grapple, but Aunt Cindy assisted Clara to control her.

“I told you I don’t think this is right”, she managed to see, while she was struggling.

“That doesn’t matter”, Aunt Lana said, “the question is if you still want to be one of us”.

Aunt Betty didn’t answer; the circle spread a little more and I could see a sofa in the center. Clara started to sit in the sofa, while Aunt Cindy submitted Aunt Betty, forcing her to lie mouth down, on Aunt Glory’s lap.

“Let’s see if she regrets!”, Aunt Clara said, and spanked hardly Aunt Betty over her skirt; the sound was too loud. Aunt Cindy was grappling Aunt Betty from her upper body, so she had no chance of escaping. I asked myself what could be the reason for they were punishing her. Aunt Clara spanked Betty twice again, and she shouted in pain; the spanks were that hard that her legs, covered in the pantyhose and wearing black high heeled shoes, didn’t stop shaking. My other aunts were looking down at her, with the arms closed and legs spread, in approbation.

“Please! Stop!”, Aunt Betty asked, desperate.

“I think I can make her change in opinion”, Aunt Clara said, and lifted up Aunt Betty’s skirt, exposing her panties (she was wearing her panties over the pantyhose). Aunt Lana helped Clara to remove Betty’s panties, and then Clara continued the spanking. For Aunt Betty’s screams, I could guess they were too strong. After four swats more, Aunt Martha and Aunt Cindy started to strip Aunt Betty down, with Martha taking off her skirt and bottom, and Aunt Cindy her top. Once she was left in pantyhose only, Aunt Clara fondled her privates, rudely, while pulling her hair up.

I felt really bad; Aunt Betty was crying as Aunt Clara was taking her pantyhose away. Finally I could contemplate Aunt Betty’s great butt, but it was in bad conditions: it was bright red and some inflamed for all the swats. Aunt Clara spanked her butt once and again, with my other Aunts watching, until Aunt Betty couldn’t cry anymore. Aunt Clara threw her to the floor, while my other aunts surrounded her, saying her things that I couldn’t understand.

Finally, my aunts headed towards the door, while still Aunt Betty was crying on the floor. I hurried to escape and return to the baby room. I didn’t want to think what they could make me if they catch me. I could run away without being noticed; then I climbed the cradle to feign sleeping again.

It had been a very powerful impression looking at my rudest aunt totally defeated and humiliated. What were my aunts planning? I would have to wait until tomorrow to know.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 3

The Dreams in my Aunts' House

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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