The Dreams in my Aunts' House

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I am 20-years-old and I consider myself a full grown adult, but now I'm forced to spend a whole week with my six hateful paternal aunts. But it seems they have prepared for me a revenge that I will never be able to forget.

Chapter 1
Coming home

Chapter Description: This is how my aunts caught me and gave me a welcome punishment. How they did that to my body?!

I was born being part of a big family; both my mother and father had at least seven brothers each, and I grew surrounded by them. Of course, like in every big family, you don’t have necessary to like everyone, but I used to get along not so well with my aunts. I have always been quiet by nature, a little lonely, a little sociopath and sarcastic, while they were straightforward, scandalous and active.

The problem was bigger with my paternal aunts. They constantly made mock of me by my shyness and lack of friends, maybe in a familiar, light way, but that used to upset me. So, I usually felt angry at their presence, even some few times we could spend a good time together.

Well, with the passing of time I became into an adult, so I had little time to spend with the family, and since I had moved to a far away city, I freed myself from meeting my family again.

I really didn’t care about their lives, in the same way I hoped they did the same. I was a 20-years-old university student, so I knew they would understand I’d had to make my own way apart from them.

But in vacations, one day came when I was asked by mom and dad to visit my paternal aunts for attending my youngest aunt’s marriage. I really wished to stay with them the less time possible, but my parents reserved for me a ticket for a flight that would happen seven days before the marriage. My parents would come two days before the marriage, but they offered paying my ticket; so, because I didn’t want to pay my own travel, I had to take the plane and prepare myself for a whole week with my aunts and cousins.

I arrived at Sunday night to my aunts’ house; actually, it used to belong to my parental grandmother, but since she died (I never knew her) my aunts used it as their headquarter. Every Sunday they take their children there and spend together some sister time, bleh, women stuff and then. So, I was certainly not pleased with the idea of spending the time with them and my little cousins.

When I came, the house was dark from the outside. So a little intrigued, I approached and knocked the door. I waited about 10 seconds and nobody came to open. I knocked again for about 5 seconds and nothing. I used my phone to call my aunts and nothing happened.

Was something wrong with the address? No way! And it supposed my aunts were waiting for me. Well, as I had nothing against passing the night in any other place, I turned round to call to a...

Suddenly, I heard a wood crack behind me and before I could react something pulled me by my shirt’s neckline in direction to the house. I felt like I was being dragged at great speed... and everything surrounding me was darkness. 3 seconds after, when I calculated I had advanced 20 meters or so, it stopped. I stood sitting on the floor; I was quiet now, but everything was still dark.

When I tried to get up, I hit my head against a sort of ceiling; it was a narrow space, so I had to maneuver to put on four and start crawling. What the hell was happening? Had I fainted without noticing? Had I been hit by a car and died? Was I blind now? I tried to speak, but I had the strange sensation that nobody would hear me (or better, nobody I’d be happy to see would hear me), so I decided to keep a low profile and started touching the floor to explore the place and look for a possible opening. It was somewhat scary, but calm at the same time, and I spent about 5 minutes for crawling less than two feet.

I stood another minute in the same place, trying to get my sight further to find a source of light, or hearing a sound, but I just couldn’t. I was totally disoriented, and I guessed I had to keep on crawling before finding an exit.

But when I took my next crawling, the floor suddenly collapsed with me on it. I fell hardly on a bed, losing conscience by an undetermined time. When my dizziness dispelled, I opened my eyes and saw the light; I felt like I was being held by something, and I heard some strange feminine giggles.

As the objects defined in my sight, I realized I was really into a bed, and a couple of women were holding me. And around me there were all my paternal aunts. What I first recognized were their voices: I had 6 aunts, most of them between 46 and 36 years old (Clara, Cindy, Martha, Cherry and Betty, in age order) while my youngest aunt (Lana) was 32.

Listening to their joyful voices, while I was in such uncomfortable situation, made me got upset, and I was about telling them to shut up, when I realized my real position: I was laid on the bed, being held by back by Aunt Clara, and at my feet was aunt Martha. I turned to look at them, surprised, and they grinned at me, funny, with a quiet and shameless smile; Aunt Clara was wrapping me by my chest, while Martha had her hands on my waist. To further surprise, Aunt Martha, with a big smile in her face and about laughing, started to pull my pants down, for the others enjoyment.

“What do you think you are doing...?!”, I tried to shout, but I suddenly had lost my voice. I noticed that my shoes had been removed, so aunt Martha could easily take my pants off and threw them away.

“That’s enough...!”, I tried to say, again, but I was still mute; I struggled to try to break Aunt Clara’s grapple, but I found she was much stronger than me (actually, I’m thin and feeble, and she has always been stronger than me).

Now I was flashing my briefs to my other aunts, who watched the scene interested. I shook my legs to force Aunt Martha to get away, but I couldn’t kick her. And despite my struggle, it was extremely easy for Aunt Clara pulling my t-shirt up and removing it. As Aunt Clara’s hands were busy with my shirt, I took advantage and slipped through it, getting up and standing sit on aunt Clara’s legs (that she had crossed).

Now, I had only my white briefs and socks on, and my only thought was standing up and running away from those crazy women. But as soon I could kneel and tried to stand up, Aunt Clara’s hands took me by my ankles and made me fall down. Now I was laying on my chest, with my rear dangerously exposed.

Quickly, Aunt Martha hugged me by my waist, while Aunt Clara held my legs. I was totally immobilized, with all my aunts laughing at me. Still laughing, Aunt Clara snatched my underwear with her hand and rapidly pulled it down.

I tried to bend myself in order escape, feeling totally vulnerable with my buttocks exposed to her; I even felt her warm breath over my bum, making me chill. And when I tried to look at my forward, my sight was blocked by Aunt Martha’s soft breasts. She hugged me placing my face between her boobies, what started to asphyxiate me.

I reinforced my struggle until, at certain point, Aunt Clara held me down, and my lower body hurled impulsed to the front. Now I could heard even crazier laughter of my aunts, because I was bend with my butt aiming to my aunt; for my bad luck, she had kept on holding my underwear, and when my rear launched forward, she finished fully taking my briefs off and holding them on her hands. Now my aunts’ laughter was louder and naughtier at the same time.

I was totally shocked: I had imagined experiencing embarrassing situations with my aunts, but nothing compared to my current situation, because I had been totally stripped by my aunts, I was totally naked except for my white socks, I had my face stuck between Aunt Martha’s breasts and my buttocks fully exposed to aunt Clara.

After a few seconds, Aunt Clara, still giggling, gave me a spank on my bare buttocks, and after that she got up. Aunt Martha released me from her grapple too, and I could breathe free again. It took me some seconds to recover; I was still laid face down on the bed, trying to hide my privates, but after some seconds listening my aunts’ chuckles and whisperings, I adventured myself to look them at their faces.

When I rose my sight over the bed, there were my six aunts standing on front of me, with her arms crossed and legs spread, looking down at me, smiling serious but with a funny expression. Most of them were wearing female vests, pantyhose and high heels (while Martha and Lana had jeans and t-shirts, and regular heels). I was nervous and some afraid, intrigued by her strange behavior.

“Welcome back, little nephew”, said my aunt Betty. Her expression left me cold; they looked all that self-confident and imposing, that I couldn’t say anything to defend myself or complaint about their treat.

Aunt Martha walked to the front. Martha was maybe the more mouthful and shameless of my aunts; she loved to play tricks to me and then make mock of it. She had a paranoid side too.

“Glad you have come”, she said, smiling, “hope you have liked your welcome”.

What could I say? Absolutely nothing! What were they planning to do with me? Then, Cherry, the most serious and quiet of my aunts (and with the one I get along best) walked on front of me, with her arms crossed still.

“You had us too abandoned”, she said, “at least did you think about us these years?”

After that, Aunt Clara, the eldest, walked to the front. She was the most pragmatic of the sisters, yet the most ignorant, and nothing seemed interesting to her more than meetings and parties; she had not much sense of humor, but loved to talk and laugh nineteen to the dozen. As all my other aunts, she had light tan skin and dark brown hair. Although she was the oldest, she didn’t look so old; she was short and a little plump, with expressive big eyes.

She finished my “welcome” speech, saying:

“We have missed you, but now you are going to have what you always deserved”.

Now I was totally sure: it was like they were willing to take revenge on me once for all. I felt doomed at her only sight, and nervous, but when my aunts started circling me, their attitude was not really intimidating. They approached to me like I was a little dog, such was her confidence that I couldn’t try anything against them. I felt like something in me was changing... even my body felt littler, like if I had wanted to disappear in that right moment.

Some of my aunts kneeled on the bed and crawled upon it, and I couldn’t react when Aunt Cindy took me by my hips and lifted me with such easiness as she was lifting a girl.

Maybe it was such easy because Cindy is the heaviest of all my aunts: she is really fat, and as Clara, has curly short hair. She deposited my in Aunt Clara’s lap, who was sat on the bed. She held my waist with one arm, and joking, started to spank me with my other aunts watching, between laughs. After two not very strong slaps, I had just accepted that I would not be able to escape, and I stop trying: I was only hers. Soon the other sisters joined the spanking, all around me sit in the bed, spanking me while joking:

“oh, you never got a strong bum, nephew”

“men must endure whatever coming from a woman”

“didn’t your mom used to spank you when you were a kid?”

And such.

Even their spanks were not too strong and they put more effort in smiling and clapping my butt as soundly as they could, instead really trying to hurt me, after some seconds, the amount of swats was that much that my buttocks were red, and I had to shook my legs only to endure the incoming pain. But this time my aunts were calm yet funny, and soon the spanking finished.

“Well, I think the punishment for our boy is over”, aunt Clara said, tapping my butt with her fine hand. “How do you feel?”, she asked me straightforward, with a smile and expressive eyes.

“It hurted...”, I just could say; her expression left me breathless.

“Ok”, she said, “go on”, finished, swatting my ass once again to indicate me to get up. Of course I couldn’t, but I crawled away from her lap, maybe even flashing my butthole to her, but she didn’t say anything and limited to chuckle again.

I was about coming down from the bed, when aunt Martha caught me by my waist again: “eeh-eeh-eep!” She said, “where do you think you are going?”

Aunt Martha could easily lift me and then carried me away from the bed. On her arms, I could inspect the whole room: it was a big room, more like a hall, with three or for more beds placed side-to-side, a TV set on a furnace, numerous chairs, a table center and a couple of sofas. The floor was covered by a grayish rug. I saw a changing table too, maybe for aunt Cherry’s little children, but no children were around.

Aunt Martha sat in a quilted chair and sat me down on her lap, embracing me by my waist.

“Oh, I forgot”, she said, taking her hands to my feet, and then she took my socks off and threw them away. Their sisters followed her and sat on the sofas to talk, putting little or no interest in me.

I felt somewhat embarrassed about being captive of one of my aunts. But my situation was not that bad; they were not making mock of me, at least. I had now no clothes at all, but it was nothing compared to the previous punishment. My aunts were talking and joking, you know, those women talks about families, persons, husbands and so on. Spending my time in that way was not what I had planned, but I knew I couldn’t rebel or say anything or maybe they’d implement another punishment, so I grew indifferent.

But after some minutes I realized the absurd of my situation: I was a naked 20-years-old boy sitting on the lap and being embraced by my 43-years-old aunt. How ridiculous! What embarrassment! And they didn’t even pay attention to me.

“What have I said...?” I had a time to reconsider the situation. How could that be humiliating since none of my aunts actually cared about? But when I thought about my position again, I realized something else: how could I recline my forehead and rest in Aunt Martha’s breasts? Martha has always been a short woman and I am a skinny and tall boy!

What was happening?? When I started to tremble, anxious and upset, my aunt noticed that and turned to me, caressing my cheek with a big smile. As she was bowing, I could only see her big mouth smiling to me, actually, and her earrings hanging above. . What was happening to me?? Further away I could see a little mirror over one desk. I stretched my neck to see me reflected... but what was reflected on it was not me... or maybe yes? Was it a picture of me when I was younger? Because I looked like a 12-years-old kid! I turned to see my arms: they had gone even skinnier, and my body was shorter too; I had almost no body fur.

Were they really my aunts or some wicked witches had replaced them? What had they did to me?! I was confused, while all my aunts around me were smiling calmly and talking without paying any attention to my current problem.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 1

The Dreams in my Aunts' House

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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