The Dreams in my Aunts' House

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Chapter 4
Escape from the Witches' House

Chapter Description: Is that true? My aunts had become witches? At least I still have someone at my side. Together, we must escape from those horrid witches and find a better place. [Final chapter]

Next morning when I woke up I was again in the middle of the bed cross. For some reason, I was under the sheets, hugging Aunt Clara’s naked body, and she was still sleeping. It was still dark, so I huddled on her warm body; I realized I had regressed even a little more; I was an 8 or 9-years-old; and it felt fine.

I heard sleeping sounds coming from the other beds; probably my other aunts were still sleeping too. I stack my cheek to my Aunt’s, wanting to feel her feminine face next to me. I thought I was becoming more dependent of women, just like a kid, and more than naughtiness I felt needs of being caressed. I closed my eyes to sleep, and as I started dreaming, I asked myself if the things I had seen last night had been real or only a wicked dream... I only hoped Aunt Betty to be alright.

Sunshine entered by the window and soon my aunts and I started to wake up; I was still cuddled against Aunt Clara’s body, and she was half-asleep, caressing my hair with her closed eyes. Her smile made her rude face look almost maternal. Minutes later, Aunt Cherry crawled under the sheets and gave me a good morning kiss; I grinned, satisfied, feeling her gloss lips in my tender cheek. My other Aunts started to reanimate, and I could know they all were still sleeping under the sheets, and judging by what I could peek, they were fully nude.

As Aunt Cherry hugged me against her chest, I was still lying on Aunt Clara’s body; they both started caressing me. I couldn’t believe in what my life had become; the aunts I had always hated were now like my mothers or wives, and I was so glad of being the center of their attentions. Their smell was sweet and enervating, and while Aunt Cherry nuzzled on my nape, I dared to rest my hand on her breast. It was solid yet soft; I felt the warmth of her heart beating; it had been a discovery for me, knowing that every woman, even my aunts, had such a tender heart.

The first in breaking the silence was Aunt Clara; she hugged me from my back, wrapping her arms around my belly, and started to rock me as a cradle. She covered my head with kisses once and again, while whispering incoherent phrases, like she were talking to a baby; the sensation was very relaxing, and I could not believe it was my cruel aunt who was doing that. Then, she sat me on her crossed legs, caressing my head while exchanging suspicious looks with Aunt Cherry.

When I took a look around, I happily found that Aunt Betty was still in the bed, laid half-asleep as her other sisters. My first thought was attending at her place, to ensure she was alright; I started to convince myself that what I saw last night had been only a dream. I started to crawl towards her, desperate for being with her as soon as possible, but Aunt Clara’s hand took me by my ankle.

“Ehh-ehhp, Theo”, she said, joyfully, “where do you think you are doing?”.

She then held my hips with her hands; I stood without daring to move, as she was behind me and started touching my buttocks with her open palms.

“Mmmmh...”, she said slowly, like talking to a baby in a someway sinister way, “what a pretty tushy I see you have, boy”. I could notice her lustful look, even from behind.

She then wrapped my little buttocks with each hand, and after massaging, spreading and then joining them together, she tapped twice my surfacing crack with her fingertips. After that she let me go and I crawled to Aunt Betty’s bed.

I found her under the sheets, laid mouth down with her back exposed; I hugged her back as soon as I came, without even caring about how naked I was. Aunt Betty got up, a little surprised, and looked at me; I smiled at her, glad for seeing her. Aunt Betty got a little blushed, but she turned round and quickly took me by my waist, placing me inside the sheets and letting me rest on her chest. She did not show glad to see me, and I noticed she was nervous, but she treated me well.

Grinning, Aunt Clara asked her:

“It seems Theo likes to be with you; so, why don’t you give him the breakfast?”

Aunt Betty blushed, but agreed, and she took my head to her breasts, whose I was anxious to feed on. I covered her hard nipples with my lips, deeply aroused, and then I started to suckle on her hot milk. The other aunts giggled at her, getting up quickly, and contemplating the scene, finding it so funny. Aunt Betty’s hands were trembling, but she did not stop caressing my head dissimulating.

I spent the whole day in bed, being spoiled by my naked aunts. I grew exhaust of receiving all their hugs, kisses and caresses, but I loved looking at their plumps bodies and feeling them next to me. When I was hungry or thirsty, one of my aunts took me to her breasts, where I enjoyed drinking her tasty milk, while being caressed by their fine and long fingers, breathing the relaxing scent of their hairs and nuzzling at their fleshy love handles. Twice, when I was feeding, one of my aunts came to offer me an extra pleasure, and putting her gloss around my glans, she performed on me a delicious session of oral sex; I felt like in Heaven when she started to introduce and take out my little penis from her big and wet mouth while scratching softly my buttocks. The other sisters fotly kissed my testicles at the same time.

When I was tired, I huddled on one of my Aunts’ butts and started to sleep on those spongy pillows. And I played to spank them when they asked that to me. By the end of the day I came to sleep between all them six, in a group hug totally centered on me. I was really in Heaven.

Night came and I slept with my Aunts at my feet, everybody around with a big smile. But then, I felt like being pinched by something. When I opened my eyes I could see Aunt Betty on front of me; she was standing on the floor, wearing her regular olive vest, pantyhose and high heels. I looked at her in the eyes and tried to ask her, when she put a finger on her mouth:

“Shhh, don’t wake them up”, she whispered. I agreed and then she ordered: “We’re leaving, Theo”.

I didn’t know what she was planning, but I obeyed only for being with her. The room was so dark, with only Aunt Betty enlightened by the full moon shine. My other aunts were sleeping over my feet and next to me, but Aunt Betty took the most care of getting me out of the bed without awaking her sisters; she took me by my armpits and lifted me up so slowly; my aunts’ heads slipped and laid on bed, but they didn’t wake up. When I was out of the bed, Aunt Betty held me on her arms; I could notice that I was now even younger; I was half her size.

“What’s happening, Aunt Betty?”, I asked her quietly, when we were going out of the room.

“We gotta go in this right moment”, she said, hurrying to go to the room where I had first landed.

There, Aunt Betty took a little pair of briefs out of one shelf and made me sit down on the bed hastily. I raised my legs and she quickly put me the briefs on. She was nervous at the edge of crying, and I felt sad only by seeing a that though woman in that situation.

“Don’t you realize, Theo?”, she said, “don’t you see what they are doing to you?”.

I did not understand and stood quiet, but then she stepped back and pointed me with her finger.

“How old you used to be? You were twenty!”, she explained, desperately. “Three days passed, and now you are now not older than six!”.

I started to feel bad by realizing my drastic changes. What was happening to me? I started to feel nervous too.

“Clara, Cindy, Cherry, Martha, Lana... They became witches by an unknown way!”, she said, hysterically, “they had been suckling on your life all this time!”.

I was breathless. Were my kind aunts waiting for me to die?

“You’re getting younger as they more powerful”, Aunt Betty explained, making me out of the bed and taking me to the closet. "Their plan is keep on feeding on you until you disappear completely". I was really afraid now.

“I accepted to help them with their plan; in other way, they’d have killed me or something worse”, she said.

Then, I started suspecting even from Aunt Betty.

“But... Aunt Betty... you are saving me!”, I sighed.

Aunt Betty’s rude face went even a little harder.

“That’s because... I don’t want you to die”, she answered, serious. “I... I like you, my dear nephew”, she finished, caressing my cheek.

I remembered what I had seen last night, and now I was sure everything had been real. Now, I trusted on Aunt Betty with heart.

“Here”, Aunt Betty said, opening the closet. “This is the only exit”, she continued. The closet was nothing but a fa�ade; it was a secret passage that led to a kind of tunnel.

“Quickly!”, she ordered, taking my hand, “Let’s hurry; they will realize what is happening soon!”.

I took her hand and we run through the tunnel together. The tunnel was tight, and it was almost totally dark, with only a few grim torches lightening our way. But I felt courage by being with Aunt Betty.

“This is a long tunnel”, she said, and the cave repeated with an echo. “We’ll have it hard to get the exit; they have power over this tunnel and they could teleport on front of us when they want.”

Was she telling the truth? Everything seemed to be taken from a fantasy story, were my aunts really powerful witches? Well... they had regressed me...

We ran for about ten minutes when we saw a light source from the surface, far away.

“Is that the exit, Aunt Betty?”, I asked, excited. In my now high-pitched voice, it sounded rather pathetic.

“No, it’s not. But we’re reaching the middle of the way”, she said.

At that right moment we started to hear whispering echoes in the air, like ancient and grievous voices.

“Don’t listen!”, Aunt Betty told me, “They’re them! They’re trying to charm you!”

I made every possible effort for not paying attention to those voices, but they filled the tunnel like wind in a cave.

“We’re almost in the middle!”, Aunt Betty says, with her breath accelerating, “beyond that point they cannot fully take presence, hurry, Theo!”.

I was tired enough, but my legs didn’t stopped moving; I felt my heart pounding so fast.

They light from the ceiling had started lightening my aunt’s body, when some wicked, green and horrid hands materialized from the floor and the walls.

“Watch out, Theo! They’re their actual hands! They’re trying to catch us!”, my aunt said, turning to me. But in that very moment, one of them had grabbed her by her ankle, almost making her fall to the floor. I kicked the hand, that was wearing bracelets and rings on her fingers, but it could easily take an Aunt Betty’s shoe off.

“Don’t worry! Let’s continue!”, she said, tireless.

But after that, about five hands appeared from the wall, grabbing my Aunt’s body. I could evade them, but they were numerous; they were grappling Aunt Betty from her arms, top and legs. Desperately, I attacked them my biting, and some of them started retiring, with some of my Aunt’s clothes. A long arm surged from down the floor, just under my Aunt’s legs, and pulled her pink satin panties off; as I kicked the last one that was grabbing one of her legs, my aunt could escape from the terrible grapple.

But there were more of them; fortunately I could evade them all, but Aunt Betty had to leave behind more clothes in order to keep on walking. Desperately, she struggled against the witches’ hands, and they left her with no more than her skirt, vest, shoes and even her bra and panties. And I knew she used to wear her panties over her pantyhose, so she could stay with the latter on, as her only clothing.

“We crossed the middle!”, Aunt Betty said, when we could run free again, “But don’t trust! Their hands won’t be able to catch us, but we have to survive until the end.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about, until from behind something slapped me on the buttocks, with such strength that made me coil!

“Awww!!”, I screamed, while rubbing my red buttocks over my brief

“Don’t stop running!”, Aunt Betty said, holding me by my hand and accelerating, with her bare breasts bouncing all the way. Suddenly, another hand materialized and spanked her in her hard butt, making her coil just like me; and it produced a strange sound when her lycra pantyhose was slapped.

Beyond, we could see a light far away, and the self tunnel started being a little more lightened.

We were almost exhausted, but we managed to survive more other spanks, the witches’ attempted to grab our from our genitals but with the help of the other, we were almost getting out of the tunnel. The witches’ appearances were less often, and we started walking to recover, more than running.

“We are almost out!”, aunt Betty sighed, totally exhausted.

“And then... what?”, I asked, worried, “where are we going to appear?”

Aunt Betty didn’t answer. She just tried to recover her breath.

Finally we arrived to the tunnel exit. Our eyes were hurt by the sunlight, so bright, and what we saw beyond was beyond our imagination: the tunnel finished at the top of a mount, and down there was a fairytale landscape: blue sky, a large forest that expanded to the horizon, trees and animals, and sweet rivers. The tweet of the birds made us amaze.

And then, we took a look at the other, under the bright light. Aunt Betty blushed and covered her breasts as I looked at them. I was now nothing but a mischievous 6-years-old boy, wearing a white brief for only clothing; and she, an adult, 36-years-old woman, wearing nothing but her, a little torn pantyhose. Fortunately for her, it was a black one, with enough support to hide her vulva and

buttocks partially, so I couldn’t look at them but blurry.

“Theo... what we did on the Aunts’ house... it was nothing but an error...”, she said, nervous and stammering.

I looked at her nervous eyes, so innocent, and gave her the best of my smiles.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Betty”, I told her in clear voice, “I like you very much too”.

Aunt Betty lost her speak, visibly nervous and blushing too much. Now she looked so cute to me.

“Oh, no!”, Aunt Betty exclaimed, suddenly worried, “I forgot this whole mountain is under their power! We have to get away or they could catch us!”.

It was a very bad new; we were still on danger. And we would have to climb down one hundred meters to escape. But then I noticed on front of us there was a way leading to a high cliff: the top of the mountain.

Again, we went running, and then we climbed the cliff hardly. Aunt Betty was going first, but with her tight pantyhose, it was so hard for her climbing up.

“Theo! Please, give me a push!”, she said, trying to get on a highest rock, and I had to push her big hard butt with all my strength in order to help her getting up of it. After that, she had to pull me up to get at the same level and the process repeated.

Finally we were on the top of the mountain. And what we looked there was chilling. The mountain was actually a waterfall, with a very long stream of water running down and crushing at the feet of the mountain. There, it started forming a river. We had to escape anywhere, and for bad luck, that was our only resort.

As we were just on front of the fall, Aunt Betty turned to me and said me: “We have to jump down together; then we would be able to have a chance of surviving without hurting”.

Actually, I knew we were going to survive, since I could see an extensive bed of soft weed at the bottom of the fall; that would be enough to muffle our fall. I was so happy for us to be saved; so, I decided performing a last mischief.

“Yes, Aunt Betty”, I answered, “Don’t worry, we’ll be alright; let’s start at count of 3”. I also refused her to take my hand, arguing that we’d be able to synchronize perfectly with the count.

We both took stances from diving leaps when counting 1, and I giggled about her spongy armpits and giggly breasts; soon, we were going to be safe, but she didn’t know anything.

“We have to leap so high in order to survive”, I advised to Aunt Betty, and she agreed, with her face showing afraid of the leap. Then we counted 2...

She held her breath, looking somewhat ridiculous with her cheeks inflated, and when we counted 3, she leaped up to dive into the waterfall. But I didn’t do the same; instead that, I took an advantage when she leaped to take her by her pantyhose, and she actually jumped out of them, ripping them away when she dived into the waterfall and performing the diving fully naked. I could giggle at her fearful face and then saw her, a little hairy, adult vulva passing on front on me when she fell to the bottom of the waterfall to an uncertain fate.

But I knew she was going to be right. Laughing, I saw her falling at the bottom and then saw her head rising from the water; she was confused, but I was sure she had not suffered any damage. I looked her down and it seemed she saw me too, since she nodded with her head, telling me not to dive yet. I laughed at that and threw her pantyhose remains away. Then, I snatched my briefs off quickly and threw them away; finally I took a diving stance and dived into the waterfall, equally naked.

I landed next to my Aunt, splashing a lot, and the weed muffled my fall perfectly; it had been funny and comfortable.

Rising out from the water, I saw my Aunt 4 meters away, maybe worried for my health, but I grinned at her and head towards her place swimming in butterfly style. Her hair was so funny, and she indicated me to get away by her gestures, covering her breasts with her hand and with her eyes and mouth wide open. She was so cute to me, and I accelerated the swimming, leaning my little butt out of the water in order to tease her.

Finally I reached her and stood close to her. She turned round, trying to cover.

“Umh, Theo...”, she said, stammering, “yeah, I see you are right, but... no! Don’t get closer!”

She had saved me and I was glad with her. I was in love with her. I swam to her side and wrapped my arm around her waist, underwater.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Aunt Betty”, I told her, looking her in the eyes, while she blushed and tried to evade my sight. “We are safe now... and now we’ll be only me and you...”

She couldn’t say anything, maybe so surprised by my sudden romantic attitude.

“Is it OK if we swim to the shore?”, I asked her, leading her by the waist. She agreed and started swimming towards it, shy, while I was still holding her.

The water was fresh and delicious, the ambient full in green in life; it was our perfect locus amoenus.

Gradually, my Aunt got costumed to my wrap, and she assumed a butterfly swimming position just like me. Quietly, we swam together in butterfly, naked underwater, with me at her back, leading her by the waist, to the shore of the river, what was a grassy land.

Aunt Betty lied down on the grass, tired of the escape, and could finally breath freely. I took a look at the tan, strong, curvaceous and broad, body, what had been my salvation. I crawled towards it, fully grateful, and started to kiss her whole face repeatedly, even her lips. She moaned in love, and then I lied on her chest; she wrapped me by the waist with her arm, in a lovely embrace. I rested my ear on her heart, hearing her accelerated heart beat, and feeling her breathing; as they went lower and calm, we rested fully and slept together on that river shore, like a new Adam and Eve.

When we woke up it was morning and beyond the shore we could see a little wooden cabin, like the ones you find in fairytales. Aunt Betty took me on her arms and we walked to the cabin, getting inside it. It was a rustic yet beautiful house; it was empty, but it had all the accessories, kitchen, some food stored in boxes, bed and bathroom.

There, Aunt Betty cooked and passed a whole day in the rocking chair, I in her arms, watching the beautiful landscape. When night came, we laid down on the close, together and intimately close.

At that night I started thinking everything that had passed. Maybe after all I had always loved my aunts secretly, but I didn’t want to realize. But now we were all alone; and nothing stop us to accept and love the other.

The next morning I started lying mouth down on my Aunt’s lap. Nothing better to start the morning than a lovely spanking in my tushy by my dear Aunt. She had found a gorgeous Snow White dress in the closet and she looked precious wearing it; I really loved being spanked by such an elegant lady. I crouched down raising my butt and she spanked my buttocks just like they were bongoes.

The witches never came to bother us again. I hoped not aging anymore and being always a cute boy to be liked by Aunt Betty, and maybe some time in future assisting our wedding wearing only a black bowtie, to be with Aunt Betty forever.

[size=4]THE END[/size]



End Chapter 4

The Dreams in my Aunts' House

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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