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A Time To Change

by: youthmaster Last updated Nov 28, 2015

Quick Note: Ok! So for right now, I am going to take a break from my "The Dead Age Backwards Story." At least until I can figure out how to continue that story. Now Onto The Summary Of This Story Summary: What if you could gain any power (within reason), but you must give up your current age, and revert back to a five year old? Would you take up that offer? Well as for these characters, they certainly have.

The Dead Age Backwards

by: youthmaster Last updated Nov 23, 2015

Charles Smiths has been dead for quite some time now. In fact he died at the ripe old age of 89 in 1869. But during the year 2013, Charles and a whole bunch of other people have come back from the dead. Only now they find their rotting corpses to decompose and regress! The year is now 2089 and a now thirteen-year old Charlie is going to be given a chance of a lifetime. Regain his life and age normally again. Or See how far back he can go.

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